132 collocations for strangled

Alas for those who break faith with Divine Science, and fail to strangle the serpent of sin, as well as of sickness!

A smirking servant smiled When she gave him her child to keep; Did she know he would strangle the child As it lay in his arms asleep? Liberty's cruellest shame!

"Nancy," said I, "this room would strangle a dog, and you might have known it, if you'd had two eyes to see what you were about.

They strangled Mrs. Alderdice's baby, killed Mrs. Weichel's husband, and took a great deal of property and stock from different persons.

It became an obstruction to progress, a strait-waistcoat which threatened to strangle the liberties of Europe, because it got into the hands of a "vested interest," the dynastic interest, which was hostile both to nationalism and democracy.

" "Not so; would you not as soon strangle this Rosecouleur for making love to your wife in public, as you would another man?" "Rather.

"A hardy act for any man, gentleman or otherwise, who had just strangled the life out of a fine woman like that.

Is then a man also unhappy in this way, not because he cannot strangle lions or embrace statues, for he did not come into the world in the possession of certain powers from nature for this purpose, but because he has lost his probity and his fidelity?

In blinding flame and strangling smoke The remnant through the batteries broke And crossed the works with Armistead.

"Kamarod!" came the strange, strangling cry.

Rab looked on concerned and puzzled, but ready for anything that might turn up, were it to strangle the nurse, the porter, or even me.

What gentleman strangles a lady? © 25Sep36; A99249.

Her poets and philosophers might sing of liberty and dream Utopian dreams, and here and there an experiment in popular government might be tried by some princeling who had caught the liberal fashion; but her political fabric, together with the rivalry between Prussia and Austria, kept her disunited and strangled all real hopes of reform.

The sultan got interested in these tales, and revoked the cruel determination he had made of strangling at daybreak the wife he had married the preceeding night.

But did he strangle the woman?

You know, I wouldn't want you to touch anything, because the room is exactly as it was when he was murdered!" Bobby experienced a swift impulse to strangle the brutal word in the detective's throat.

With a passionate determination to strangle such thoughts she held her breath.

And strangling a passionate sob, the lawyer sank again into his chair, covering his face.

Dom Manuel strangled the young clerk.

As Kali prohibited the shedding of blood, he trained his devotees to strangle their fellow beings without violating that prohibition or leaving any traces of their work, and sent out hundreds of professional murderers over India to diminish the number of heretics for the good and glory of the faith.

To outrage Right, to suppress the Assembly, to abolish the Constitution, to strangle the Republic, to overthrow the Nation, to sully the Flag, to dishonor the Army, to suborn the Clergy and the Magistracy, to succeed, to triumph, to govern, to administer, to exile, to banish, to transport, to ruin, to assassinate, to reign, with such complicities that the law at last resembles a foul bed of corruption.

Thou knowest that the king, my husband, was vexed to see thee the most amiable of mankind; and that for this reason he one night resolved to strangle thee and poison me.

The sheriff's assistants gave the rope a sudden pull, and in an instant the choking, strangling creature soared up in the air, gasping for breath with the water running in streams from her garments.

For love is a contagious infection; and loving Rudolph Musgrave so much, Patricia must perforce love any person whom he loved as conscientiously as she would have strangled any person with whom he had flirted.

Mr. Nisby of Opinion that the Grand Vizier was not strangled the Sixth Instant.

132 collocations for  strangled