33 collocations for stressing

But stress the fact that it isn't good business.

He stressed the words significantly while keenly watching for the gleam of interest in the faded eyes.

He stressed the need to return to organic farming which he said was the only sensible way of farming.

In effect there was a tendency for the late Latin writers to ignore those elements of structure and movement wherein poetry and oratory most differ, and stress unduly the elements of style wherein they have the most in common.

On discovering that he was stressing the newt note in this manner, he ought, of course, to have tuned out, even if it had meant sitting there saying nothing.

The instructor repeats much for the sake of emphasis; he multiplies illustrations, not important in themselves, but important for the sake of stressing his point.

Great as is Ben Jonson, he hampered himself by observing the classical unities and by stressing accidental qualities.

Drive stresses reliability of handicapped workers.

It stresses his loving delight in their company.

Their paintings did not stress details, but tried to give the spirit of a landscape, for in this field they excelled most.

It is important to stress the thymocentric significance of this glabrosity of the face.

Through storm and stress Time's challenge to the wilderness.

In the good old days, the pace was leisurely, stresses fewer and everything was rosy.

THE BEARING ON BREEDING Since the endocrine glands are so subtly sensitive and responsive to environment, and are at the same time so intimately concerned in the process of inheritancea law which sums up their influence upon resemblance and variation in animalsthere is no need to stress their importance for the practical science and art of good breeding, eugenics.

The despotic Yung-lo emperor had favoured the monk Tao-yen (c. 1338-1418) who had also Taoist training and proposed a philosophy which also stressed intuition.

It winked at petty theft, loitering and other little laxities, while it stressed good manners and a fine faithfulness in major concerns.

What was the use of stressing the affair, anyhow?

CHILDREN OF CONSOLATION By the red road of storm and stress Their fathers' footsteps trod, They come, a cloud of witnesses, The messengers of God.

" "On the other hand, Eleven"Victor stressed the numeral as if to remind the Irishman that even a Member of Parliament for Ireland held no higher standing in his esteem than any other underling in his association of anonymous conspirators"even

The poet also learned to avoid the danger of stressing trivial and impertinent pathos, and he rejected the elegancies of style that threatened to lead to preciosity.

They stress personalities, nations and empires.

In concluding our discussion of physical hygiene for the student, we cannot stress too much the value of relaxation.

She chose to think that the constable had asked her because this stressed the predominance of her father's blood in her.

They built a road and railway system and strongly stressed the production of sugar cane and rice.

Austin slightly stressed the pronoun.

33 collocations for  stressing