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1269 collocations for studied

But he disliked commerce, and finally persuaded his father to allow him to study law for two years at the University of Naples, during which period the lively and attractive youth made brisk use of his leisure time in that gay and romantic city, where he made his way into the highest circles of society, and unconsciously gleaned the material for the rich harvest of song and story that came with his later years.

I cannot tell how long I stood looking at her, studying the candid, sweet face, which surely had germs in it of everything that was good and beautiful; and sorry, with a profound regret, that she had died and never carried these promises to fulfillment.

She proposes to send her son, Prince of ASTURIAS, to Professor CASTELAR, to study modern history.

The discovery of stellar planets, at almost incalculable distances, still further changed the aspect of the heavens as viewed by astronomers, and when the capital discovery of Neptune was made those men of science were well prepared for studying its nature and importance.

He had met her at a studio at a time when he had thought of studying art seriously.

Francis Jeffrey had been a hack writer in London, had studied medicine, had sought unsuccessfully a government position in India, had written poor sonnets, and was now lounging with but a scanty occupation in the halls of the law courts.

This implied some skilful engineering, and Mr. Arthur Waring, having studied this subject fully abroad, came on from Boston, and took up his abode in Valley Mills village.

I run errands and when there is nothing else to do, I study a big invoice book, so as to get the names of things that are bought.

Gardiner suggests that it would be worth while to study the language of the dog.

There was such a chance to study character.

What for?" "To study my lessons and help get the breakfast.

But he had lifted his eyes, and seemed to be studying the man more than the metal.

In stories of all kinds, children study human life in all kinds of circumstances, nay, if the story is sufficiently graphic they almost go through the experiences narrated, almost live the new life.

But any priest or student who studies Steenkiste's work on the Psalms learns nearly all that is needed to recite his psalms digne, attente ac devote.

Mr. Mitchell, on relinquishing school-teaching, was appointed cashier of the Pacific Bank; but although he gave up teaching, he by no means gave up studying his favorite science, astronomy, and Maria was his willing helper at all times.

Thus far we have studied words as grouped together into phrases, sentences, paragraphs, whole compositions.

II've studied this wheat question.

The original was really the one which the artist designed and whose effects he studied; the counterpart was merely a resultant accident with which he was not especially concerned.

Hence his laudable anxiety to study the picture.

He may go only as far as Germany to study philosophy, or to the nearest mountain-top, and find there the thing he seeks; or he may go to the ends of the earth, and still not find it.

| | | | "The principle may be explained in a lineit is first | | learning the language, and then studying the grammar, and | | then learning (or trying to learn) the language.

Here they have been forming their Ententes and Alliances, carrying on their diplomatic cabals and intrigues, studying the map and adjusting the Balance of Powerall, of course, with the best intentionsand lo!

I found him busily studying a problem in chess.

His answer was, "Had you asked me about such things as temple requisites, I have learnt that business, but I have not yet studied military matters."

"While studying theology, you'd gone to sleep in bed reading the Decameron.

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