145 collocations for stuffing

" Patsy tittered and stuffed her handkerchief into her mouth.

'For thee we dim the eyes, and stuff the head With all such reading as was never read; For thee explain a thing till all men doubt it,

What is the best material for stuffing ballot-boxes with? Answer.

The nerveless left hand of the mountaineer, which had barely possessed steadiness to light a match, was far too inaccurate to handle a fork; and Bull saw his uncle stuffing his mouth with his fingers and daring the others to watch him.

I'm very sorry, Madam, but the one in the middle is stuffed, poor fellow.

The slighter and less solid his materials are the more room they take up and make him swell the bigger, as feathers and cotton will stuff cushions better than things of more close and solid parts.

Season and stuff each bird with chopped oysters well seasoned, and sprinkle with parsley.

At present all we have discovered are some bones, with which we stuffed our pockets.

He stuffed a piece of paper in Graham's shirt pocket as he exited.

Afterward, filled to repletion, with the sense of perfect contentment a good dinner brings, the two young men stuffed their pipes and puffed strata of smoke toward the log rafters of the room.

" "You stuff all the papers back in the sack.

He stuffed the letter into his tunic pocket and I went back to the corner by the front door.

Even in school the teacher too often proceeds to stuff the child with information before first awakening interest in the subject.

and the young tyrant, giving the boy a vigorous kick or two as he rose, stuffed the book into his own pocket, and walked off.

Racey stuffed his tobacco-bag into his vest pocket and knelt beside the body.

While he ran he stuffed the money into his inside coat pockets.

If it hadn't been for the broom handlejust the end of it stickin' up"he shrugged his gaunt shoulders as he stuffed the tobacco into the bowl of his pipe"I'd been dead!"

Yet, after much labor, he managed to stuff a roll of the blankets into the corner and then shift himself until his back rested against this support.

"I," said one of them; "but how shall I take him back?" "Carry him back after you have stuffed his ears with wool so that he shall not hear the angels worshipping the Lord.

He pulled the boy across the table, and after one of the inhuman monsters had stuffed a filthy rag into the poor lad's mouth to smother his screams, Kansas Shorty, as the jocker of the lad, gleefully assisted by the others in his savage task, pounded poor Jim until he became unconscious.

But with envy they excited curiosity also; and if you wish the copy again, which you destined for him, I think I shall be able to find it again for you on his third shelf, where he stuffs his presentation copies, uncut, in shape and matter resembling a lump of dry dust; but on carefully removing that stratum, a thing like a pamphlet will emerge.

Now, to stuff our minds with what is simply trivial, simply curious, or that which at best has but a low nutritive power, this is to close our minds to what is solid and enlarging, and spiritually sustaining.

"We dragged the feather-beds up to the window," said Billy, "and mother stuffed a pillow or two in the cracks.

With three leathern belts, one my own and two borrowed, we made fast his feet and arms, I stuffed a kerchief into his mouth, and bound his jaws with another, but not so tight as to hinder his breathing.

"Put the boy on the billiard table and stuff this blanket under his head," I said, grabbing the article mentioned from the top of a bundle near by.

145 collocations for  stuffing
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