50 collocations for succours

Chivalry is not dead, and at the least cessation of the stress of conflict the tendency to honour opponents, to fraternize with them, to succour the wounded, and so forth, asserts itself again.

He tarried not to succour his own familiar friend.

The sight of this beautiful girl succouring a man in the pillory so deformed and wretched seemed sublime, and the people were immediately affected by it.

" Then rose the hermit Ambrose to his feet and spake with eyes uplifted: "Now glory be to God, Who, in His mercy, hath made of thee a man, my Beltane, clean of soul and innocent, yet strong of arm to lift and succour the distressed, and therefore it is that you to-day must leave me, my well-beloved, for there be those whose need of thee is greater even than mine.

Come then, Giovanni, try To succour my dead pictures and my fame; Since foul I fare and painting is my shame.

It was odd that Dr. Rosethat Dr. Rose who had discovered and fought the hook worm among the mountaineers of the Southern Statesshould be succouring Belgium, and yet only natural.

often in these solitary journeyings have I exclaimed against the baseness of thy nature, when reflecting on the little paltry considerations which have smothered thy benevolence, and hindered thee from succouring an oppressed brother.

Perhaps it is such as those, who have succoured human beings they knew not why, simply from a divine instinct, from the voice of Christ within their hearts, which they felt they must obey, though they knew not whose voice it was.

Spending little on herself, Mme. de Bonfons gives away large sums in succouring the unfortunate; but she is very lonelywithout husband, children, or kindred.

Don Francisco Bustament is carryed aboord our Generalls ship, where he had a soldier like welcome; but he & all his company are put over to Port Reall upon the maine land because they should not succour the Citty.

Uther had no thought but to succour his city, and to rescue his friends who were shut within.

We find in it a coarse, dialect-speaking rustic, named Corin, who at one point succours Clyomon, and with whom Neronis, daughter of the King and Queen of the Strange Marshes, seeks service in the disguise of a boy.

Sick and without any work by which he could earn his living, precluded from seeking work among the printers, as his name was encircled by a halo which terrified the masters, Gabriel fell into such extreme poverty that the little help and succour his companions could afford were unable to relieve it, and he travelled from end to end of the Peninsula begging from his fellows and hiding from the police.

Lucius had chosen them from all their fellows, and laid his charge straitly upon them, to succour their comrades in their need.

He succoured in turn the Dauphin of France, the King of England, the Templars of Jerusalem, the General of the Parths, the Negus of Abyssinia and the Emperor of Calicut.

a Christian, who has shewn us, in the most signal manner, how practicable it is to follow, in succouring the distrest, not only the precepts, but the example of our GOD.

As they jingled and rattled away from the gate, a pardonable curiosity prompted the elderly gentleman to inquire the name of this beautiful Samaritan, clad in silks and satins, so ready to succour the fallen and give shelter to the homeless.

That sanctification means 'To love your neighbour as yourself, and to do to all men as they should do unto youto love, honour, and succour your father and mother'Shall I go on?

Men who have flattered themselves into this opinion of their own abilities, look down on all who waste their lives over books, as a race of inferior beings, condemned by nature to perpetual pupilage, and fruitlessly endeavouring to remedy their barrenness by incessant cultivation, or succour their feebleness by subsidiary strength.

On receiving this intelligence, Hugh, who happened to be at some distance, hastened with his cavalry to succour his footmen, and to recover the spoil: But happening to fall in with the Turks in a strait and craggy place, and rushing heedlessly among the enemy, unprovided with his armour, he was shot in the back by an arrow, which pierced his liver, and he died on the spot.

Quilon, the Rajah of, succours the Anjengo garrison; plundered goods from Anjengo sent to.

Quilon, the Rajah of, succours the Anjengo garrison; plundered goods from Anjengo sent to.

Lord Elgin's first feeling was that these disturbances in India furnished an additional reason for settling affairs in China with all possible speed, so as to be free to succour the Indian Government.

You see how Cinna, that should succour Rome Hath levied arms to bring a traitor in.

After much debate, the senate resolves to succour the Mammertines against the Carthaginians, and against Hiero, king of Syracuse.

50 collocations for  succours