50 collocations for sufficed

Then might I descant at goodly length upon the Mine and Furnace, with divers and sundry other stratagems, devices, engines and tormenta, but methinks this shall mayhap suffice thee for the nonce?" "Aye, verily'twill suffice!" said Beltane, rising.

His wealth enough to suffice nature, and sufficient to make him happy, if he were sure of it, for he hath little, and wants nothing; he values himself higher or lower as his master is.

Onely the Trinity, that made it, can Suffice the vast-triangled heart of man.[70]

Nothing but a high sense of independence could have prompted this refusal; for, though no courtier, he was not wanting in loyalty; and the stipend would have been a welcome addition to an income which barely sufficed his own moderate wants and his liberal contributions to the necessities of others.

Gervas of Tilbury says, that in Henry I.'s time, bread which would suffice a hundred men for a day was rated at three shillings, or a shilling of that age; for it is thought that, soon after the Conquest, a pound sterling was divided into twenty shillings: a sheep was rated at a shilling; and so of other things in proportion.

Fear not for him, if human energy can suffice: faithful was he that drove, to his terrific duty; faithful was the horse to his command.

But they being an indolent race, who take little pains in sowing, while every one of our people consumed as much provisions in one day as would have sufficed an Indian for twenty, and besides having no longer any inclination for our commodities, they began to listen to the advice of the mutineers, since they saw so many of our men had revolted, and therefore did not bring such plenty of provisions as we needed.

" "A few days, it seems, would not suffice our cousin John's notions.

Deeper than ever the Adante dived, So write a book shall mean, beyond the facts, Suffice the eye, and save the soul besides.

To add to a sentence for a very venial offence for which a nominal punishment ought to suffice an extra fine or term of imprisonment by way of example or warning to others would be unreasonable and unjust.

"In sooth, the inland ponds of our farmer folk may well be called dulcis, and those other amara.[220] "A single fish pond suffices us simple folk, but those amateurs must have a series of them linked together: for as Pausias and other painters of his school have boxes with as many compartments as they have different coloured wax, so must they fain have as many ponds as they have different varieties of fish.

Seldom has a head circumscribed so much of the sense of Cosmos as this footed intelligence,nothing less than all out-of-doors sufficing his genius and scopes, and, day by day, through all weeks and seasons, the year round.

The heat and light daily lavished by that orb of incomparable splendor would suffice to warm and illuminate, quite as efficiently as the earth is warmed and lighted, more than two thousand million globes each as large as the earth.

To buy the gems of India's coast, What gold, what treasure will suffice, Not all their fire can ever boast The living lustre of her eyes.

Sir, I do say, she is no Merchandize, Will that suffice you? Gos.

Let these suffice my gratitude to fire, And with unfeigned praise my tongue inspire.

The faith that has carried them to national unity will suffice neither the Greeks nor any other Balkan people for the new era that has dawned upon them, and the future would look dark indeed, but for a strange and incalculable leaven, which is already potently at work in the land.

He who has sufficing ground and refuses to act is weak; but the ground that will satisfy the populace, of which the commonplace critic is the fair type, will not satisfy either the man of conscience or of wisdom.

All his acumen, though bent to the one point of roguery, had barely sufficed hitherto to commit murders and escape hanging.

Would God it had been cast a savage prey To beasts and birds: but lo, that dreadful thing Which e'en the tiger would not work, but to Suffice his hunger, that hath the tyrant king Withouten ruth commanded us to do, Only to please his wrathful heart withal.

LADY B. Nay, nay, one will suffice: the jewel if I save, Is all I ask.

Hide not those splendant lights: hereafter be A constant wife; it shall suffice for me. Kath.

But as not even this on account of the soldiers sufficed for the [lacuna] of senators [lacuna] kill [lacuna] no one, but putting some under guard [lacuna] of the knights and the freedmen and the Cæsarians and [lacuna] causing those who erred in even the slightest respect to be punished,

No allowance would suffice himthe more money he had, the more ways he would find of spending it.

But those to whom a hint suffices Mottoes find for all devices, See the knights behind their shields, Through dried grasses, blooming fields. TO A FRIEND.

50 collocations for  sufficed