14 collocations for sun

Love can sun the Realms of Night Orcus owns the magic might Peaceful where She sits beside, Smiles the swart King on his Bride; Hell feels the smile in sudden light Love can sun the Realms of Night.

This is the ship of pearl, which, poets feign, Sailed the unshadowed main, The venturous bark that flings On the sweet summer wind its purpled wings In gulfs enchanted, where the Siren sings, And coral reefs lie bare, Where the cold sea-maids rise to sun their streaming hair.

Thee Winter in the garland wears That thinly decks his few grey hairs; 10 Spring parts the clouds with softest airs, That she may sun thee; Whole Summer-fields are thine by right; And Autumn, melancholy Wight!

How many beautiful villas in which one could be happy sunning oneself among the lizards lie between this point and Florence!

None but the first number was ever completed, and perhaps we need not regret that no more followed it; but it is touching to see these two young men, both feeling their powers, confident in them, and sunning their halcyon's wings in the happy belief that they were those of the eagle, longing eagerly, earnestly, for the few poor guineas that they hoped from their work.

And thus whatever fate betide Of rapture or of pain, If storm or sun the future hide, My love is not in vain.

It imagines the Emperor transformed, not into a God, but into a gourdone of those "bloated gourds which sun their speckled bellies before the doors of the Roman peasants."

One of the high mountains of hope whereon I sun my fainting soul is the knowledge that you love no one else.

On the opposite side of the park across the half-acre of waving bunch-grass, a many-pronged old buck in his thin red summer coat lay at the edge of the quaking aspens, sunning the velvet of his tender new horns to harden them against approaching combats.

'Once in every hundred years, for one day only, I go to rest myself along the shore and to sun my limbs on the sand, that the tall ships may go through the unguarded Straits and find the Happy Isles.

The women go out early to seek for Bushman rice; they walk, sunning their shoulder blades.

Uster be nothin' but sun an' bushes onst.

The housekeeper who "sunned" the bed-clothes and looked with suspicion on a dark room had something else in mind; the sun "disinfected" the bedding.

The full day dwelt on her brows and sunned Her violet eyes, and all her Hebe bloom,

14 collocations for  sun