536 collocations for suppresses

That nobleman seized the opportunity, and, setting sail, quickly landed at Dartmouth with the Duke of Clarence, the earls of Oxford and Pembroke, and a small body of troops, while the King was in the North, engaged in suppressing an insurrection which had been raised by Lord Fitz-Hugh, brother-in-law to Warwick.

The Greeks themselves had been hired to suppress more than one Persian rebellion, and to foment these also.

But in the midst of my grief, at the prospect of our separation, I recollected that we were soon to meet again in the city; while Veenah's tears, for she did not attempt to disguise or suppress her feelings, seemed already to forebode that our happiness was here to terminate.

and you will see that the art of acting is to suppress emotions.

It could not therefore suppress the trade; but would eventually aggravate those miseries incident to it, which every enlightened man must acknowledge, and every good man must deplore.

" She tried to suppress a smile, but only half succeeded.

Indeed, with a free press, a large German population absolutely free from censorship or restrictions of any kind, and a Government which does not need to suppress facts for military or political reasons, we are in a far better position to learn the whole truth about Germany than are the German people themselves.

But in a very particular degree do I distrust my own abilities, when I find my opinion contrary to that of the noble lord who has now spoken; and it is no common perplexity to be reduced to the difficult choice of either suppressing my thoughts, or exposing them to so disadvantageous a contrast.

At the same time, while he suppressed disorders by vigorous measures, he took care to strengthen his power.

Congress derives its power to suppress this actual insurrection, from the same source whence it derived its power to suppress the same acts in the case supposed.

Often did the wondering lady observe the countenance of her husband with surprise, as watching the endearing sportiveness of the boy, his countenance, at first brightened by the smile of paternal love, gradually darkened to deepest grief, till unable to suppress his tears, he would cover the child with caresses, and rush from the room.

But it was impossible to suppress the opinions of the reformers, or to prevent the circulation of the Scriptures.

My fingers sought his face, and I could scarcely suppress a cry of surprisehe was not Estada.

This opened a new field to the zeal of the inquisitors; but the labor of suppressing a revolt so widely spread, so rapidly extending, and even infecting the Romish families with whom the imperfect converts were united, was more than the inquisitors could undertake without a more powerfully organized system of their own.

Is it not more advisable to suppress our passion, or to let it evaporate otherwise, than to discharge it in so foul a way?

Meantime Washington was laboring to strengthen his army, to suppress the mischievous powers of the Tories, to procure the establishment by Congress of a War Office and some permanent army organization, to quiet jealousies among his troops, and to provide for their wants.

The jury, to a man, glowed with enthusiasm, and from the audience rose one long and suppressed sigh of answering feeling, which was all the tribute he needed for his eloquenceor Carmel for her uncalculating, self-sacrificing deed.

Eve managed, by an effort of womanly pride, to suppress the violence of her emotions, and the meeting passed off as one of mutual surprise and pleasure, without any exhibition of unusual feeling to attract comment.

At school, and later on at the 'Varsity, he had consistently and steadily suppressed a truth from friend and foe alikenamely, that he was in his own country a prince.

Added to these evils, foreign governments were arming to suppress the Revolution, and war had been declared by the Girondist ministry, of which Dumouriez was war-minister.

The high-handed measures cause indignation, and the Governor-General is determined to suppress its expression.

" "No matter, Eveena," I answered in the same tone, the pain at my heart suppressing even the impulse of indignation, not with her, but with the law that could put such a thought into her heart.

" The expression of surprise and perplexity in her face, though half pathetic, seemed so comical that I with difficulty suppressed a laugh, because for her it was evidently no laughing matter.

Then suppressed laughter and the gurgling of the flowing enlivener.

(The Germans are the only people who suppress the word servantDienerbecause, of course, it is not true!)

536 collocations for  suppresses
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