478 collocations for survived

The doctors told them that if Deanie survived the shock and its violent reaction, she had a fair chance of recovery.

Shelley raises in his poem a very marked contrast between the death of Adonais (Keats) as a mortal man succumbing to 'the common fate,' and the immortality of his spirit as a vital immaterial essence surviving the death of the body: he uses terms such as might be adopted by any believer in the doctrine of 'the immortality of the soul,' in the ordinary sense of that phrase.

Actually, among the continental countries surviving the War, Italy is the country which has made the greatest efforts not to augment the circulation but to increase the duties; also because she had no illusions of rebuilding her finance and her national economy on an enemy indemnity.

It seems that Jezebel survived her husband fourteen years, and virtually ruled the kingdom, for she was a woman of ability.

Unable to survive his loss, she plunged a dagger in her own breast, and died at his feet.

She watched him with the sickening certainty that if he got away she could never survive the years of suspense until his inevitable return.

| Chaworth; survived his sons | | and a grandson, who died 1794; | | called "The wicked Lord").

Those who survived the one battle, wounded and fugitive, had been hunted down remorselessly like so many wild beasts.

Mercantile Safe Deposit and Trust Company (Surviving E of Henry L. Mencken); 12Nov73; R563979. R563980.

That Emperor, indeed, did not long survive his disaster.

Did not the Soldier tell thee that himself, And others who survived the wreck, beheld The Baron Herbert perish in the waves Upon the coast of Cyprus?

ANTIQUITY OF THE HOG.The hog has survived changes which have swept multitudes of pachydermatous animals from the surface of our earth.

The Norman prince did not long survive the marriage of Emma; and he left the inheritance of the duchy to his eldest son of the same name, who, dying a year after him without children, was succeeded by his brother Robert, a man of valor and abilities.

He married, September 17, 1710, Mary Drolenveaux, the only daughter of a burgomaster of Leyden, by whom he had Joanna Maria, who survived her father, and three other children, who died in their infancy.

I have no wish to survive this day's disgrace.

With melancholy forebodings he directed them to return to Irán, with his shubistán, or domestic establishment, and take refuge on the mountain Alberz, in the hope that some one of the race of Feridún might survive the general ruin which seemed to be approaching.

One wondrous evening before hope died utterly I survived the ordeal of walking home with her from church.

"If I survive the night, I shall never forget this service, my good Zadok."

But the farmers and it is a significant indication how powerful still in the Roman middle class was the spirit which had enabled them to survive the day of Cannaenever allowed the unsparing champion of reform to lack the support of their votes.

Relf survived his master for forty years, and kept up his interest in the breed to the last.

All there is certainty of is that Père Jerome's frame chapel was some little new-born "down-town" thing, that may have survived the passage of years, or may have escaped "Paxton's Directory" "so as by fire."

The brilliant development of the system of Islâm followed the establishment of its material power; so the rapid decline of that political power which we are witnessing makes the question urgent, whether Islâm has a spiritual essence able to survive the fall of such a material support.

As he has survived the events of the night of the 4th, and as he since escaped the denunciations, it can be understood that we will not mention his name here, and that we shall confine ourselves to terming him throughout the course of this story by his trade, calling him the "last-maker.

We have survived wounds, starvation, shell-shock, poison gas and fire, the diseases of war, the awful toil of the trenches.

To the later generations who survived the storms of revolution the period after the Hannibalic war appeared the golden age of Rome, and Cato seemed the model of the Roman statesman.

478 collocations for  survived