607 collocations for sustained

Like them it can sustain life on mud juleps, but prefers "cluret."

Caesar, as he was sustaining great loss, determined to feign an assault.

In the first place, the prize-fighters seldom sustain serious injury.

Had I succeeded, you would have been acquainted, at least, with your mother's appearance, and need not have sustained this shock.

I put m' nephew an' m' umbrella away somewhere, an 've neverb'n able terremembersince!" Still sustaining his weight, the author of "The Amateur Detective" at first seemed nonplussed; but quickly changed his expression to one of abrupt intelligence.

He was followed cordially by five of Little Arcady's lesser citizens, who had obviously sustained the relation of guests to him at Skeyhan's.

Thus the hero, constantly loving and beloved by Ibla, incessantly deceived by the cunningly devised obstacles raised by his foes, sustained his reputation for greatness of character and strength of arm, submitted with resignation to the severest tests, and passed victoriously through them all.

The great plain of the Argonne is full of most wonderful ecclesiastical buildings and many magnificent cathedrals, townhalls and ancient fortresses were passed by the warring armies in their advance and withdrawal, some of these historic structures sustaining irreparable damage.

The sight of one of these frontier-houses, built of these great logs, whose inhabitants have unflinchingly maintained their ground many summers and winters in the wilderness, reminds me of famous forts, like Ticonderoga, or Crown Point, which have sustained memorable sieges.

The Roman legion was a most perfect organization, a great mechanical force, and could sustain furious attacks after vigor, patriotism, and public spirit had fled.

The South has driven to the war its whole white population able to bear arms, and when that force is exhausted, at least two-thirds of the adult males of the North and the whole black population will still remain to sustain the Government, and births and emigration will soon fill the vacuum.

He thinks, now Sir William is dead, that with your estate, and new rank, and local influence, you might be very serviceable in sustaining the royal cause; for, it is not to be concealed that this affair is likely to take the character of an open and wide-spread revolt against the authority of the crown.

From the time of their first squat upon the ground to the final breaking up of the council circle they sustained their characters with equal self-possession and address.

Nothing could be more impolitic than his appearance in a field of combat, where he well knew he must sustain an ignominious defeat.

Finally, there is one very generous tribute that our army would pay to the Germans in the field, and that is to the excellence of the leadership of Lettow, and the devotion with which he has by threats and cajolings sustained the failing courage of his men.

Still, the law might sustain your claim, should you choose to assert it.

Cut off from the world, with no bread to sustain the starving body, the heavy boot of a barbarian soldiery trampling their very soul, the dreamers of Palestine refuse to surrender, and amidst the clash of guns and swords they are battling for the spirit with the weapons of the spirit.

Biological evidence to sustain this view.

Indeed, these primary conditions of fertility and large habitability appertain to America, as a whole, to such degree, that, with less than half the extent of the Old World, it actually numbers more acres of fertile soil, and can, of course, sustain a larger population. 2.

Thus, though engaged with superior numbers, he sustained the furious charge of the legions and the horse.

But the men who have made and are sustaining this war, together with the men, civil and military, who have breathed its present spirit into the German Army, are really moral outlaws, acknowledging no authority but their own arrogant and cruel wills, impervious to the moral ideals and restraints that govern other nations, and betraying again and again, under the test of circumstance, the traits of the savage and the brute.

Naturally, it was the only way in which I could have sustained my position a moment; for even old Pepper could not have held me long against that terrific strain, without assistance, however blind, from me.

The world, for so it thought, 20 Owed him no service; wherefore he at once With indignation turned himself away, And with the food of pride sustained his soul In solitude.

But we sustain our spirits with the thought of the bloody murder that is coming.

She hated slavery, and she could not be made to see that the South was warring for liberty, not to sustain slavery.

607 collocations for  sustained