978 collocations for sweep

When Selene Coblenz, with a gust that swept the room, sucking the lace curtains back against the panes, flung open the door upon that chromatic scene, the two jets of gas were singing softly into its silence, and within the nickel-trimmed baseburner the pink mica had cooled to gray.

Scowl Austin, at the end of the line, had a corn-whisk with which he swept the floor of the box, always upstream, gathering the contents in a heap, now on this side, now on that, letting the water play and sort and carry away, condensing, hastening the process that for ages had been concentrating gold in the Arctic placers.

The officiating Druid was cloathed in a white garment that swept the ground; on his head, he wore the tiara; he had the anguinum or serpent's egg, as the ensign of his order; his temples were encircled with a wreath of oak-leaves, and he waved in his hand the magic rod.

His eye swept the horizon eagerly until it rested on the cloud of volcanic smoke billowing up across the setting sun.

Mr. P. does not wish to sweep his hand rudely o'er the tender chords of any heart, but he wants it known that he is neither to be snapped up by sharks in the sea, or by young women at watering places.

" I had not decided that even in my own mind, but the answer came promptly enough, as my eyes swept the faces fronting me.

The story is told that they had swept the gunboat's decks with her own rapid-fires, turned in.

Later victories that were to sweep the seas may be traced in part to him.

Down below us a sudden storm swept the valley.

" The little arm, soft and warm, crept closer around his neck, while the golden curls swept his cheek.

And so a whole nation is swept off its feet by a small section of it, and the insolence of a class becomes, as in Louvain and Rheim's, the scandal of the world.

I judged that the Mandinga was not set for Apollonario, but for the negress whose business it was to sweep the out-house.

We're all in the same boat," sweeping his arm around, "doing punishment for our misdeeds.

The Free Kindergarten is the mother of the motherless, the father of the fatherless; it is the great clean broom that sweeps the streets of its parentless or worse than parentless children, to the increased comfort of the children, and to the prodigious advantage of the street.

But by and by a great occasion arisesa revival which sweeps the country, a reunion of two long-divided parties, an Ecumenical Council, a Chinese persecutionand suddenly there arises before the mind's eye a glimpse of that Church which girdles the world, whose emissaries are in every country, whose voices speak in every tongue.

An unhealthy-looking lad was sweeping out the place with wet saw-dust, and a big, dark-bearded, flabby-faced man in shirt-sleeves stood behind the small counter polishing some forks.

The plan of invasion approved by Washington was, first, to sweep the line of the Richelieu by taking St Johns and Chambly, then to take Montreal, next to secure the line of the St Lawrence, and finally to besiege Quebec.

For every picture here that slept, A living canvas is unrolled; The silent harp he might have swept Leans to his touch its strings of gold.

It was not his fault, he arguedhe had meant to do rightbut gilt-edged securities were as waste, paper in the unprecedented monetary depression which was sweeping stronger men than himself to the verge of ruin.

He was sweeping the chimney with his long, beautiful tail.

History itself has swept the world far beyond one's dreams, and in completing them, I only ask that they may stand a further witness to the overwhelming majesty and influence of the Christian faith.

Horse and foot they thundered by until at last, amid a ring of cowering men-at-arms, Sir Pertolepe galloped, his white horse bespattered with blood and foam, his battered helm a-swing upon its thongs; grim-lipped and pale he rode, while his eyes, aflame 'neath scowling brows, swept the road this way and that until, espying Beltane 'neath the tree, he swerved aside in his career and strove to check his followers' headlong flight.

" The conscious waterman swept the water with a back stroke of his blade, and the light gondola whirled away into the centre of the vacant spot, like a swan giving a sudden glance aside.

For seventy-two hours I have been plying my knife, and look at those who have yet to come"he swept the circle of wounded with an outstretched bloody hand.

The Saint continued: "I am a new broom, and am expected to sweep clean.

978 collocations for  sweep