78 collocations for swim

We found the company belonging to the other boat busily employed in cooking a supper of venison and bear-meat, they having in the course of the day killed two deer and a bear that they found swimming the river.

"Many tried to ford or swim the stream.

" "The Major has given you a fine horse, and you'll soon find yourself at home in the saddle," said I. The command soon pulled out for the South Platte River, which was very wide and high, owing to recent mountain rains, and in crossing it we had to swim our horses in some places.

"And you not able to swim a stroke!"

He was not more than a quarter of a mile from home, and cold as it was, he felt sure that he could swim that distance.

Ere the leviathan can swim a league.

It is a jointed, queer-looking thing, very muscular and sudden in its movements, and given to swimming head downward with its tail out of water; the length of a man's top thumb joint it is, and moretwo inches, that is for those who have not eaten the Foodand it has two sharp jaws that meet in front of its headtubular jaws with sharp pointsthrough which its habit is to suck its victim's blood ...

There probably are no fish that swim the sea that are fonder of Folks than we Dolphins.

You know that it is just acting, and that the villain is not really going to swim the moat with his band of steel warriors, and burn the castle, and capture the duchess and marry her by force.

" "Ef we hed a lot of empty casks, we might float our wagons over and swim the mules; but we hain't got 'em, that's sartin.

[The SWANS are seen swimming down the brook.]

So sorrowful swim the dead!

So many people have expressed their intention to swim the Channel this year that there is talk of abandoning the tunnel scheme as likely to prove unprofitable.

Outrageous transport fires the greedy pack; These swim the deep, and those crawl up with pain The slippery bank, while others on firm land Engage; the stag repels each bold assault, Maintains his post, and wounds for wounds returns.

But lo! with graceful Motion there she swims, Gently moving each ambitious Wave; The crowding Waves transported clasp her Limbs:

Hang yourselves, this darkness shall convey me out of doors, I'll swim the Thames, but I'll attain Blackheath.

*** HENRY ELIONSKY, of New York, has succeeded in swimming seven miles with his legs tied to a chair and with heavy boots and clothing.

The room was so black with smoke, that they all looked as if they were swimming round and round in it.

And Miss Mimy always has a bottle of some new nostrum of her own stilling every time she sees any of us; we've got enough to swim a ship, on the top shelf of the pantry to-day, if it was all put together.

Some hoped they had perished in trying to swim the head-waters of some of the rivers; but they really traveled southward into North Carolinia, where they were safely concealed in the wilderness.

*** From the latest reports from Dover we gather that this year the Channel has decided to swim Great Britain.

The Ouzel seldom swims more than a few yards on the surface, for, not being web-footed, he makes rather slow progress, but by means of his strong, crisp wings he swims, or rather flies, with celerity under the surface, often to considerable distances.

" "Miles could do all that man could do, Neb, but he can't swim two hundred milesa

The buffalo remaining in the neighborhood during the winter were mostly old bulls, too lean to eat; and as the snows came on most of the antelope left for the rugged country farther west, swimming the Missouri in great bands.

I was suggesting, more to the alarm than amusement of the crew, that we might close the hatches, and either carry the regal beast away captive, or, at worst, dive and drown himfor he cannot swim very farwhen their objections were enforced in an unexpected manner.

78 collocations for  swim
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