43 collocations for  swirling

43 collocations for swirling

Smooth, deep currents, cascades, falls, and swirling eddies, sing around every tree and leaf, and over all the varied topography of the region with telling changes of form, like mountain rivers conforming to the features of their channels.

The mighty flood ran free, tearing up trees by their roots as it ran, detaching masses of rock, dissolving islands into swirling sand and drift, carving new channels, making and unmaking the land.

He was a strong swimmer, but his full strength had not come back, and the fury of the waves was swirling trees like straws.

I reached the edge, and looked down; but could see nothing save a boil of dust clouds swirling hither and thither.

What Jinny took for stepping-stones were in reality the remains of a submerged forest, and no doubt, if John could have discovered their whereabouts, would have afforded him a tolerably secure footing, but they were indistinguishable now beneath the brown, swirling waters.

We marked with some apprehension the swiftness of the oily current which came swirling round the piers, and soon we found ourselves stuck fast about half-way under the bridge, apparently unable to force our boat another inch against the stream which boiled past.

For perhaps two miles, the painter followed the creektaking here and there from clear pool or swirling eddy a fish for his creel, and pausing often, as he went, to enjoyin artist fashionthe beauties of the ever changing landscape.

It depicts a peacock’s tail next to a human face, with swirling blue lettering listing the groups appearing at the Fillmore in a particular week in July 1967.

I watched the bird fly over the valley and swirl its way back toward me as if to respectfully say, "Thank you."

He swirled his wine before he sipped it.

Some artisans, by gently swirling warm, multi-hued glass together, created vessels that mimicked marble cake.

The river, extending in one turbid, yellow, swirling mass from the walls of the houses on the quay on one side, to those of the houses opposite, was bringing down with it fragments of timber, carcases of animals, large quantities of hay and straw;and amid the wreck we saw a cradle with a child in it, safely navigating the tumbling waters!

But as the song ramped up, the tune’s spacey synths began to expand from the top of the speaker and off the walls, eventually blooming into a cloud of swirling sound at the front of the room.

Not without a severe struggle did Jupiter Pluvius consent to turn off the tap, but at length the sun broke through the hanging clouds and sent their sodden grey fragments swirling up the Ferozepore Nullah to break in foamy wreaths round the ragged cliffs of Kulan.

They rolled down with gray, swirling edges, like smoke, and a storm enveloped us.

A blinding, swirling veil shrouded even the next building.

It beat upon it in wild, swirling gusts.

HONOLULU (AP) Heavy rain and wind gusts battered Maui on Sunday as Hurricane Douglas swirled off the coast of

They swirl butter into their coffee, load up on cheese and eat lonely burgers without their bestie: the bun.

* * * * * The blood-red sun went down behind threatening clouds on that terrible day, and the second morning came in with a wintry storm of icy winds and swirling snow.

But she was not terrified in the dark, swirling night of her destiny.

To the eye of the experienced fisherman, it is obvious that the St. Charles, with its sparkling rapids, and the deep, swirling pools formed by its numerous "elbows," must erstwhile have been a chosen, retreat of the noble salmon.

Not long after the above rumors first swirled, Joe’s representatives, through a Sean Ross Sapp, vehemently denied that the 40-year-old is among the superstars who may be getting suspended in the coming days.

Instead there was this grim, charred heap, with the light winds swirling the ashes.

Out on that swirling current, with the slimy vapors of the river rising to his nostrils and the eddies sucking and boiling all around, Rafael thought himself the victim of a weird nightmare and began even to repent of his rashness.

On a slope opposite, the queer, flat-roofed native village perched, and above it swirled a misty pall which hid all but the bases of the hills.

It is very simple: a tumultuous sky in the distance, laden with swirling clouds above brooding hills and a choppy sea, the water covering every shade of blue from the colour of a midnight sky to the silvery blue of rain on a summer horizon.

The windows, the music, the flowers, all were metaphors of her: and, as the organ swirled his soul along in the rapids of its passionate, prayerful sound, it seemed to him that Alice and he already stood at the gate of Heaven!

As it swirled down the wind in our direction the vigilant balloon guns again got its range, and, to the throbbing tune of their twin boomings, it ducked and dodged away,

The giants of the forest fell, groaning, into the boiling, swirling flood which leapt to catch them and swallowed them up with a hideous, hissing noise.

It brought her back to earth from a region of swirling vapours, back to to-day and Coloma.

" 18 Mo swirled special noodles around in her bowl.

Through the square opening thus discovered Sofia saw a ladder of several slimy steps washed by black, oily waters that sucked and swirled sluggishly round spiles green with weed and ooze.

Observe those whirling and swirling thought-forms as they are thrown off from that business-house.

It was a dayor rather a nightof late Octobera wet and windy night, when the autumn leaves were coming down in swirling hosts on the lawns and paths of Trianon.

Slipping from the heights, gathering in avalanches, it booms and roars like thunder, and makes a glorious show as it sweeps down the mountain-side, arrayed in long, silken streamers and wreathing, swirling films of crystal dust.

she replied, and continued swirling the stuff round and round.

Axe and spear, sword and pike and gisarm smote and thrust and swayed; stumbling feet spurned and trampled yielding forms that writhed, groaning, beneath the press; faces glared at faces haggard with the dawn, while to and fro, through swirling mist and acrid smoke, the battle rocked and swayed.

Arlen swirled the whiskey around in his glass.

In the opaque blur of swirling rain, his car had passed the corner of Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street at precisely half-past four that afternoon.

Quickly they settled upon the fields in swirling drifts, so that the land all about lay white as with snow.

Though Hazen pushed her, we were slow in coming to town and before we reached Hazen's office the swirling snow was whirling downa pressure of driving, swirling flakes like a heavy white hand.

And Millie only wished she could get near him to smash him up"the KAYSER would come short off."... * * * * * The lamp-lit cottage room faded; the sound of November winds and swirling leaves outside died away.