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15 collocations for « swishes »

15 collocations for « swishes »

  • The squirrel hops two feet at a time, often leaving a slight ruffle on the snow as he swishes his tail.
  • I watch him striding lank behind His clashing team, and know Soon will the wheat swish body high Where once lay sterile snow; Soon shall I gaze across a sea Of sun-begotten grain, Which my unflinching watch hath sealed For harvest once again.
  • Harpin Cust now leaned, gracefully attentive, on the back of the empty chair, absently swishing his little whisk broom.
  • One morning a flying-fish was bent on worrying me, swishing its flapping fins directly before my face, then darting upward, sending the spray cross-wise into my eyes.
  • And as she strolled about, swishing her foil, she mused aloud at her ease: "What an extraordinary and horrid machine!...
  • Rinse in tub of cold water, gently swishing the leaves around to remove any dirt or grit; repeat (if necessary) until water is clear.
  • He had lifted his emptied coffee-cup and he swished the lees gently to and fro.
  • He took a sip and swished his mouth with it, then swallowed.
  • "Swish your pans so they can hear the oats," whispered Bill.
  • She saw Billy just in the act of swishing his quirt down on the flanks of Barney so that the horse almost cleared the creek in one bound.
  • As you walk along the main street which runs parallel with the river, an angler is busy "swishing" his rod violently in the air to "dry" the fly, ere he essays to drop it over the nose of one of the speckled fario which abound; so be careful to step down off the path which runs alongside the stream, in case you should put the fish "down" and spoil the sport.
  • Her nimbleness with griddle-cakes belied the thought: And once, when the wind had swished her skirts, manifestly she was whole and sound.
  • Parker scored with a stick-back to take back the lead at 48-47, and junior guard Chidera Oti came off the bench to swish two free throws for a 50-47 lead.
  • They swish a bludgeon to try their hand.
  • She swished the whip, smiling.

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