96 collocations for symbolizes

It cannot strictly be said to symbolize life itself, but always some manner of life.

Octavius by putting them behind him symbolized his position as chief citizen of the State.]

There is no mention made of even hisses or groans, as the colors that symbolized arbitrary power were proudly borne up King Street.

The leopard beast of Rev. 13 can be shown to be identical with the eleventh horn of the fourth beast of Dan. 7, and hence to symbolize the papacy.

While her wild contour symbolized The Unity of Hope's Despair! 2.

Besides these disconcerting color effects Marcella enacted a brief but pithy drama in which she touched a lighted match to a tablespoonful of alcohol, to show the true nature of the stuff and to symbolize the fate of its votaries.

Since man, as to his soul, presents himself in three states: the sensitive, intellectual and moral; and in his organism in the eccentric, concentric and normal states; a priori, you may conclude that nature has three colors to symbolize the three states, and experience will not contradict you.

It symbolized the starting-point of a new life, of a recommencement unhampered by the vestiges of grief and error.

All parts symbolize the passion of Christ.

To symbolize our love with flowers is not enough to do; We must be brave as they were brave, and true as they were true.

This symbolizes the crude belief of the Alaskan Indians regarding the way man was created.

The hand is a symbol of human actions; pure hands symbolize pure actions, and impure or unclean hands symbolize impure actions.

The odd number of the stairs was therefore intended to symbolize the idea of perfection, to which it was the object of the aspirant to attain.

The dying meteor, in this simile, must represent the Splendour; the wreath of moonlight vapour stands for the pale limbs of Adonais; the cold night may in a general way symbolize the night of death.

With its air of violent frenzy, the picture is typical of Basohli painting at the end of the seventeenth centurythe girl's wide-flung legs and rushing movements symbolizing the frantic nature of passionate desire.

Clavel very ingeniously remarks, that it is evident, in reference to the legend, that as Balder symbolizes the Sun-god, and Lok, Darkness, this search for the mistletoe was intended to deprive the god of Darkness of the power of destroying the god of Light.

It is impossible, however, after reading what is left of that famous trilogy, to suspect that the Greek poet symbolized any thing whatever by the person of Prometheus, except the native strength of human intellect itselfits strength of endurance above all othersits sublime power of patience.

To think of calling this sinister adjunct of warfare a dove, which among modern peoples has always symbolized peace, seemed a most terrible bit of sarcasm.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, with the command not to eat of it, apparently symbolizes temptation.

"In China," said Pan-Chao, "it is not the bullfinch but the mandarin duck that symbolizes fidelity in marriage.

What do you think of the ideathat lily which symbolizes triumphant purity, and those thistles, the plants which spring up among ruins, and which symbolize the sterility of the world, at last deserted, again won over to the only perfect felicity?

Let a row of equidistant dots on a sheet of paper symbolize the concepts by which we intellectualize the world.

Collectively, they represented the four elements of the universe; and, in passing, it may be observed that this notion of symbolizing the universe characterized all the ancient systems, both the true and the false, and that the remains of the principle are to be found everywhere, even at this day, pervading Masonry, which is but a development of these systems.

How that brief voyage symbolized for me the mysterious movement of humanity!

At one level, his departure symbolized 'the dark night of the soul,' the experience which comes to every devotee when, despite the most ardent longing, the vision fades.

96 collocations for  symbolizes