12 collocations for tail

The pastime of "tailing" a bull is somewhat singular.

There go the bombers to the center, and our place you said was on the left, tailing the whole bunch.

Twelve persons were packed into a box not large enough for a cow, and no cabinet-maker ever dove-tailed the corners of his bureaus tighter than we did our knees and nether extremities.

And as she lay upon the dirty ground, Her huge long tail her den all overspread, Yet was in knots and many boughts [folds] up-wound, Pointed with mortal sting.

* Cissie Dildine's contribution tailed out the one hundred dollars that Peter needed, and after he had finished his meal, the mulatto set out across the Big Hill for the white section of the village, to complete his trade.

Dey wa'nt good to us; when dey lef' we would allus sing dat leetle song what go lak dis: [HW: Song] 'Old Mister Yankee, think he is so grand, Wid his blue coat tail a draggin' on de ground!' "I stayed on wid

Then if one is making Green Gooseberry Jelly, top and tail the fruit very carefully, removing every tough or discoloured one.

Top and tail the gooseberries, which should not be very ripe, and pour over them some boiling water; then take them out, and plunge them into cold water, with which has been mixed a tablespoonful of vinegar, which will assist to keep the fruit a good colour.

Body one inch and five-eighths, head half an inch, tail two inches and a half long.

These was another bread used as a desert, known as potato bread, made by tailing potatoes until done, then mashing, adding grease and meal, this was baked and then it was ready to serve.

They were at the time back again in their appointed place, tailing the procession.

He supposed that the ship must feel the influence of the tides, so near the land, and was afraid she might tail the other way, and thus be brought again over the reef.

12 collocations for  tail