9796 collocations for taking

I looked from side to side, and found that I could still see each piece of furniture; but in a strangely unreal way, more as though the ghost of each table and chair had taken the place of the solid article.

I was greatly delighted with his improvement, and also with the natural kindness of my sister's heart, in taking such good care of him, in spite of her condition of mind.

One dinner was for Prince Alexander of Battenberg, just as he was starting to take possession of the new principality of Bulgaria.

what happiness I enjoyed in these interviewsin seeing Veenahin gazing on her lovely featuresin listening to her sentiments, that were sometimes gay and thoughtless, sometimes serious and melancholy, but always tender and affectionate,and now and then, when not perceived, in venturing to take her hand.

When I took leave, she let me back down the whole length of the room, not half turning away as so many princesses do after the first few steps, so as to curtail that very inconvenient exit.

Still, she took not any notice.

The Brahmin and I took advantage of the confusion, to withdraw unnoticed by the bystanders.

For perhaps a minute I stared at the creature; then as my nerves steadied a little I shook off the vague alarm that held me, and took a step toward the window.

I have begun, in these later days, to take a growing interest in that great and ancient book.

Now he that is judge of the shades underground Once ruler of fivescore cities in Crete, Must yield to his better and take a back seat.

It was such an entirely different world from any I had been accustomed to that it took me some time to feel at home in my new milieu.

As I ate, my glance roved about the room, taking in its various details, and still searching, though almost unconsciously, for something tangible upon which to take hold, among the invisible mysteries that encompassed me.

Upstairs, I heard a door bang, loudly, and I knew that she had taken refuge in her room.

He had contented himself with standing aloof, but I took pains to seem to confer with him, so that the men might suppose that I, as mate, was engaged in carrying out his directions.

My sister had taken charge of him since his wound, to nurse him, for it had proved more severe than I had thought, and I was pleased to note that, in spite of her state of mind, she had looked after the old dog, carefully.

No one dreamed of talking to me about my past lifeor America, or any of my early associationsyet I was a strangerone would have thought they might have taken a little more trouble to find some topics of general interest.

There was a long line of diplomatic and official carriages, and we must take our chance with the rest.

"You may not take arms," said Mary.

Philosophy, psychology, ethics, history, literature, sociology, language, natural science, and archaeology are all bound up in an old creed and must be looked into, ere a new statement can take form.

His being a Protestant was rather a help to him; he could take an impartial view of things.

In these he evidently took great pleasure, and by their means he acquired some of the knowledge by which he so often excited their admiration.

Immediately after dinner the men all smoked everywhere, in the drawing-room, on the terrace, some taking a turn in the park with Bismarck.

If a man, for some reason or another, hasn't the courage of his opinions, he mustn't take any position where that opinion would carry weight.

And without looking at me, he took up his hat and cane and hurried out.

It seemed quite strange and very pleasant to take up my old life again after two years of public life.

9796 collocations for  taking