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9796 collocations for  taking

9796 collocations for taking

I looked from side to side, and found that I could still see each piece of furniture; but in a strangely unreal way, more as though the ghost of each table and chair had taken the place of the solid article.

I was greatly delighted with his improvement, and also with the natural kindness of my sister's heart, in taking such good care of him, in spite of her condition of mind.

One dinner was for Prince Alexander of Battenberg, just as he was starting to take possession of the new principality of Bulgaria.

what happiness I enjoyed in these interviewsin seeing Veenahin gazing on her lovely featuresin listening to her sentiments, that were sometimes gay and thoughtless, sometimes serious and melancholy, but always tender and affectionate,and now and then, when not perceived, in venturing to take her hand.

When I took leave, she let me back down the whole length of the room, not half turning away as so many princesses do after the first few steps, so as to curtail that very inconvenient exit.

Still, she took not any notice.

The Brahmin and I took advantage of the confusion, to withdraw unnoticed by the bystanders.

For perhaps a minute I stared at the creature; then as my nerves steadied a little I shook off the vague alarm that held me, and took a step toward the window.

I have begun, in these later days, to take a growing interest in that great and ancient book.

Now he that is judge of the shades underground Once ruler of fivescore cities in Crete, Must yield to his better and take a back seat.

It was such an entirely different world from any I had been accustomed to that it took me some time to feel at home in my new milieu.

As I ate, my glance roved about the room, taking in its various details, and still searching, though almost unconsciously, for something tangible upon which to take hold, among the invisible mysteries that encompassed me.

Upstairs, I heard a door bang, loudly, and I knew that she had taken refuge in her room.

He had contented himself with standing aloof, but I took pains to seem to confer with him, so that the men might suppose that I, as mate, was engaged in carrying out his directions.

My sister had taken charge of him since his wound, to nurse him, for it had proved more severe than I had thought, and I was pleased to note that, in spite of her state of mind, she had looked after the old dog, carefully.

No one dreamed of talking to me about my past lifeor America, or any of my early associationsyet I was a strangerone would have thought they might have taken a little more trouble to find some topics of general interest.

There was a long line of diplomatic and official carriages, and we must take our chance with the rest.

"You may not take arms," said Mary.

Philosophy, psychology, ethics, history, literature, sociology, language, natural science, and archaeology are all bound up in an old creed and must be looked into, ere a new statement can take form.

His being a Protestant was rather a help to him; he could take an impartial view of things.

In these he evidently took great pleasure, and by their means he acquired some of the knowledge by which he so often excited their admiration.

Immediately after dinner the men all smoked everywhere, in the drawing-room, on the terrace, some taking a turn in the park with Bismarck.

If a man, for some reason or another, hasn't the courage of his opinions, he mustn't take any position where that opinion would carry weight.

And without looking at me, he took up his hat and cane and hurried out.

It seemed quite strange and very pleasant to take up my old life again after two years of public life.

She withdrew her hand, and had not courage to let him take another look.

he asked, in great agitation: "must I take the oath of Loyalty; or am I required by Yankee philanthropy to marry a negress?" At the sound of his voice, Mr. BUMSTEAD left the shoulder of Mr. SIMPSON, upon which he had been leaning with great weight, and, coming forward in three long skips, deliberately wound his right hand in the speaker's neck-tie.

There was an idea that the Right were going to take most stringent measures, arrest all the ministers, members of Jules Simon's cabinet, many of the prominent Liberals.

He took up a bookof course one of her books, something she had lent him.

He was always present on the opening day, and at the prefet's dinner, and took that opportunity to make a short speech, explaining the foreign policy of the Government.

As the gros mobilier was already there, we only took over personal things, grand piano, screens, tables, easy chairs, and small ornaments and bibelots.

I wish some one would take me prisoner, and continue to own me, and keep me in bondage as long as I lived!

We have heard that Mr. Ay means to favour the public with an account of his travels, under the title of 'Lunarian Adventures;' but we would take the liberty of recommending, that for Lunarian, he substitute Lunatic.

Mary took the little money she had and bought supplies at Duke Town.

W. E. GLADSTONE, to his bed-post, at his home in Spring Gardens, London, after a hot night's debate at St. STEPHEN'S. Our reporter concealed himself in the key-hole and took verbatim notes.

Twice, I left the tower, and took a walk through the house; but everything was silent.

" "It'll take a man long time to carry down all your things, Perfessor.

Now, as you are on private land, you had better take the nearest way to the public road.

Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.

He takes a word here, a word there, common words that everybody knows.

Often when C. was sleeping or tired, I would take my book and establish myself in the garden.

My gun leant up against the wall of the house; for, since the advent of that strange thing in the gardens, I had deemed it wise to take precautions.

Corrected EDITIONS of our eBooks replace the old file and take over the old filename and etext number.

Now, as I stooped, I took my breath, shortly.

I suppose perhaps we may take the children to Westgate for Whitsuntide, and that's about all.

If they must have an outlet for their ribaldry, let them take PUNCHINELLO'S advice and select such instances as that recently furnished in Sacramento, where a hen took charge of a nest of kittens, and resolutely maintained it against the parent cat.

Then, having dusted yourself of crumbs, you take the road again.

Shaking off a momentary sense of fear, I call to the dog; but he takes no heed, and, after calling once more, I throw a small stone into the kennel.

she cried in alarm, "what is the matter?" He took a letter from his pocket and held it toward her.

After a while, he got tired of dashin' back and forth, under the log, and took a stand two or three rods off, and as he eyed us, shook his great horns and stamped with his big hoofs, as much as to say, 'very well, gentlemen, I can wait, don't hurry yourselves, take your time; but I shall stay here as long as you stay up there.

He could not always take his wife with him, as the districts he explored were so wild and savage.

Mrs Mitchell had taken an immense fancy to Edith and showed it by telling her all about a wonderful little tailor who made coats and skirts better than Lucile for next to nothing, and by introducing to her Lord Rye and the embassy man, and Mr Cricker.

The old soldier of sixty-five replied that he could go the same evening; and on the very next day, Sunday, he was on his way to take command of the British army in India.

But, postponing every consideration to the last one that swayed me, I took delight in following my unruly passion, and having made myself meet, all at once, for such slavery, I became its thrall.

I tried, with more success, to beguile the time by making notes in my journal; and after having devoted about an hour to this object, I returned to the telescope, and now took occasion to examine the figure of the earth near the Poles, with a view of discovering whether its form favoured Captain Symmes's theory of an aperture existing there; and I am convinced that that ingenious gentleman is mistaken.

He can construct our machine at home, and we must take our departure from that place in the night.

There was much excitement, especially when the furniture was sold and the Slessors with their remaining possessions took the train to Dundee.

Henshaw bowed and took the chair the other indicated.

He took the lead, not only in the exercises within the school, but in all the sports and pastimes out of it.

Almost immediately after the opening of the exposition, the project took shape, and it was decided that France should participate in the Congress and send three representatives.

"And take the risk of getting a hole punched in our pretty paint, with her running amuck that way?

I insisted on his now taking some rest.

Edith took the paper and read: 'TRAYS OF CHARACTER trays of character will always show threw how ever much you may polish it up trays of character will always show threw the grane of the wood.

I have friends who never take their horses to the country.

We each took two glasses of the cordial diluted with water, and carefully putting back the fragments, again turned our thoughts to the planet we had left.

For it is evident that to find the whole time, we must add to the 380 years the time that the vanished portion of the trunk lay in the ditch before being burned out of the way, plus the time that passed before the seed from which the monumental fir sprang fell into the prepared soil and took root.

Edith and Bruce were to take up their abode in their little country house at Westgate next day.

W.'s ministry came to an end on the famous 16th of May, 1877, when Marshal MacMahon suddenly took matters in his own hands and dismissed his cabinet presided over by M. Jules Simon.

We disturbed all the forest life as we galloped alonghares and rabbits scuttled awaywe saw their white tails disappearing into holes, and when we crossed a bit of plain, partridges a long distance off would rise and take their crooked flight across the fields.

The officer takes a piece of whipcord and makes a double running knot: he ties one noose round the wrist of the prisoner, whose hand is then placed in his trousers pocket, the cord is lashed round the body like a belt, and brought back and slipped through the noose again.

Now, our National Taxidermists ought to take a lesson from their original.

He took out a letter-case.

I had now taken courage enough to reject him uncompromisingly; I forbade him ever to speak to me again, and, as after that he disappeared from the village, began to flatter myself that I had got rid of him.

There are parents who mean no wrong, and yet who make no scruple of deceiving them in reply to their simple questionings, forgetting, or regardless of the fact, that a false answer to their innocent inquiries put in good faith, and in the earnest pursuit of truth, may plant an error in their minds, which may take years of experience, and often a painful amount of ridicule to eradicate.

Many people asked when they could come and see mewould I take up my reception day again?

When it came to his turn, he had an ever-recurrent struggle with himself not to take the lion's share.

He fired six shots from this weapon at buffaloes only twenty feet away from him, but as he shot wildly, not one of his bullets took effect.

Abnormally, unpleasantly sharp and suspicious; with a cleverness which takes no account of tact or politeness, he questions you as though you were in the witness-box and he a criminal barrister trying to trap you.

Sir Andrew was not indifferent to fees; on the contrary, he rather took a pride in telling how much he earned.

They, two by two, take up the marching line.

He was educated at Aberdeen and Edinburgh, and at the former place took his degree.

"But what I was going to tell you is, that Hank and I were down at Plattsburgh last fall, and a big fellow who had taken quite as much red eye as was for his good, undertook to pick a quarrel with Hank and give him a beating.

"Reckon I'm in the kind of a fix when a man's got to take orders.

The circle was whiter and more distinct, where the Gulf Stream runs parallel to the American coast, and gradually grew fainter as it passed along the Banks of Newfoundland, to the coast of Europe, where, taking a southerly direction, the line of the circle was barely discernible.

Silently flying through the darkened air, swirling, glinting, to their appointed places, they seem to have taken counsel together, saying, "Come, we are feeble; let us help one another.

My universal labor is interrupted: I cannot be happy until I can take up this larger work again.

We took a different road home from the way we had come, and had not walked far, before we met a number of small boys, each having a bag on his back, as large as he could stagger under.

Two travellers were there, who had just left Benares, and had taken up their quarters for the night.

When engaged in the active business of life, struggling with its cares, and fighting its battles, he always took half an hour in the morning, and as long at evening, to smoke his pipe and read the news of the day.

Why, if I thought May Scully and a set-up in business was the thing for you, Jimmie, I'd say to her, I'd say, if it was like taking my own heart out in my hand and squashing it, I'd say to her, I'd say, 'Take him, May.'

They always took revenge.

Ronleigh having won the toss and elected to go in first, the Wraxby men strolled out of the pavilion to take the field.

I live not far from here with my mother and brothers, and if madame likes, we can all take shelter under my humble roof.

It was, however, a chance too good to be ignored; and, taking aim, I fired at the one directly beneath.

Then I took the waters in the Assembly Room.

She was very amiable, a little embarrassed, took a cup of teasaid the marshal was very sorry to part with W., he had never had any trouble or disagreement with him of any kind, but that it was impossible to go on with a cabinet when neither party had any confidence in the other.

" From the morning following their return to Ronleigh the Triple Alliance had been kept in a continual state of uneasiness and suspense, wondering what action Noaks would take regarding his discovery of their visit to The Hermitage.

Very few men took tea.

After this he went to Bristol, and seeing many poor children uncared for laid the matter before God; and, believing it to be His will that he should try to provide some place of rest for these little ones, he took a house large enough to contain thirty girls.

" I took the gun and felt better.