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358 collocations for « taps »

358 collocations for « taps »

  • Mrs. Pendomer's foot tapped the floor whilst he spoke.
  • Mademoiselle frowned and tapped an angry foot on the floor.
  • But, this time, after a moment's consideration, he tapped his forehead and added, in a tone of supreme relief: "No, the sitting does not take place before to-morrowand I am forgetting that I have to go to the railway station to get the consignment of which I was advised this morning."
  • The large woodpecker taps a hollow tree close by, his gorgeous plumage glistening like a mimic rainbow in the sun.
  • But strangely enough she did not think of this phase: and even when her father the next morning approached her in the hall and tapping her arm whispered: "Good girl!
  • If any of the children did not pay attention, Mary would lean forward and tap his head with the tamborine.
  • " He tapped his snuff box thoughtfully.
  • He tapped the table with his fingers, restlessly.
  • For patients, it could be tapping a button to contact the scheduling line.
  • One thing was certain; they did not announce to each other their business, but looked at their watches and tapped their boots, and knitted their brows as if each one of them had come on very particular business, which had nothing to do with the affairs of the general crowd.
  • Donnegan merely watched the colonel and tapped his bony finger against the point of his chin.
  • Abe," he tapped the old man's knee again, "dew yew know what yew need?
  • According to the sources, the states which have opted for borrowing intend to tap the market during the festive season.
  • He tapped his deerskin-covered chest.
  • His grey countenance was hard and thoughtful as he passed slowly along tapping the ground before him, for he was thinkingever thinkingof the declaration of his French visitor.
  • Sweetwater took out his ten; pointed to the snuggery, and tapped his breast-pocket.
  • So did the third visitor, Fawcett, the horse-breaker, who leaned back, his long, thin legs, with their boxcloth riding-gaiters, thrust out in front of him, tapping his protruding teeth with his riding-whip, with anxious thought in every line of his rugged, bony face.
  • Then you tapped your flattened palm rapidly against your mouth and released an intermittent uproar in order that the valley might he warned of the deviltry to come.
  • "Well, look at this," said Godfrey, and tapped the letter again.
  • In my pocket here," he tapped the breast of his coat, "are instructions I shall read to you before we leave.
  • Mrs. Scogin Bevins threw out her hands to Mrs. Burkhardt in a wide gesture, indicating her mother with a forefinger, then with it tapping her own brow.
  • "You've lost some of your roses," he said, and tapped his cheek.
  • The cliff was honey-combed with a labyrinth of subterranean passages which found vent in an opening midway between the pit and where the trench tapped the wall.
  • If you are talking to someone and you don’t share a language then you should tap the Conversation icon to enter conversation mode.
  • General Rochambeau tapped his snuffbox meditatively, like a man in two minds.
  • Under these conditions, it was necessary to tap new sources, and the plan has been formed of increasing the troops with native-born Algerians and Tunisians, in order to be able to strengthen the European army with them in event of war.
  • She fell to tapping the broad toe of her shoe, her light, dilated eyes staring above his head.
  • Beneath the tower, to the right hand, a double-tracked branch tapped a fertile country beyond the sand hills.
  • He stepped into the room and, tapping the steward on the chest with a confidential finger, backed him into a corner, and having got him there gave an expressive wink with one eye and gazed into space with the other.
  • Now and then one or another of the blind keepers of the camp will come across to where you sit gossiping, tapping her way among the kitchen middens, guided by your voice that carries far in the clearness and stillness of mesa afternoons.
  • But after four years, the four coal counties Carbon, Emery, Sevier and Sanpete have yet to initiate the process of tapping the fund, which is administered by the Utah Permanent Community Impact Fund Board, or CIB.
  • I do not wish to kill thee like a slave, That taps men in their cups, and broach[es] their hearts, Ere with a warning-piece they have wak'd their ears; I would not like to powder shoot thee down To a flat grave, ere thou hast thought to frown: I am no coward, but in manly terms And fairest oppositions vow to kill thee.
  • In a revulsion of feeling he leaned on his shovel, whereupon a besooted giant of the lower regions tapped his shoulder.
  • We were facing a stout door: a door that without doubt had been constructed for purposes of defence, and upon the centre of this our guide tapped softlythree times.
  • "Business, Wildwood," he spoke, briskly tapping the papers in his hand.
  • I tell you in the most emphatic manner at my command," she went on, turning to the official, and tapping the edge of his desk as if to accentuate her words, "it's impossible that anybody over there in Russia could have known of my arrangements with Mr. James Allerdykeutterly impossible.
  • While we were wringing our coy sprightlinesses for the Post, and writhing under the toil of what is called "easy writing," Bob Allen, our quondam schoolfellow, was tapping his impracticable brains in a like service for the "Oracle."
  • "You can't," says Orazio Franchi, tapping his heel upon the marble pavement.
  • He could tap the barometer, and wire to the bailiff in the field to be expeditious, for the mercury was falling.
  • There was no reply, and, with a view of arousing him, I tapped one sinewy hand as it gripped the wheel, and even tried to loosen it.
  • So they took cover in the ditches and opened fire, especially upon the German officer who was busily tapping our telegraph wire.
  • He examined his patient, looked at his tongue, felt his pulse and tapped his lungs.
  • He stood motionless, however, even when his dark cloak was adjusted to his shoulders, as though some matters were disturbing him; and then he tapped his sword hilt with a precise, even motion of his fingers.
  • He tapped the pencil against his teeth, musingly, for a moment, and then wrote down the amount.
  • If the cage door you tap.
  • He said that TAT was working overtime to help hotel businesses tap the potential of domestic tourism and maintain an occupancy of at least 30%, not so much to enhance business profitability, but rather to help maintain employment levels.
  • On 26th August they celebrated the anniversary of leaving England by cutting a Cheshire cheese and tapping a cask of porter, which proved excellent.
  • Dredlinton tapped a cigarette against his desk and lit it.
  • The General's finger-ends, softly tapping the desk, had the sound of far-away drums.
  • Master Brahmin was feebly tapping the earth with a kind of single-headed pick, and watching him, Moussa Isa saw that, in a quarter of an hour or so, he might plausibly and legitimately pass within a yard or two of this his enemy, as he went to and fro between the water-tap and the strip of flower-border that he was sprinkling....
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