2164 collocations for  teached

2164 collocations for teached

Then Sir Samuel sent a detachment out of the fort, and set fire to the king's divan and to the surrounding huts to teach the people a lesson for their treachery.

We have myriads of Sabbath-school teachers, but how many men or women really know how to teach a little child?

She continued to teach school and hold worship services on Sunday.

dreaming of teaching him such things!

I would tell her how happy I am that her daughter has come to teach my people about God."

As a pedagogical mechanism it endeavored to teach students to persuade an audience.

Is there a man whose judgment clear Can others teach the course to steer, Yet runs himself life's mad career Wild as the wave?

Since then, what the sage has done is to teach men to see, read, write, think, count, and to work; to love ideals, to love mankind and relate his work to human progress.

Love teaches more art than all the schools.

"I want to teach a class in our mission," said Mary.

Then, hastily following up his advantage: "He's been taught English by the Jesuits at the mission forty miles above us, on the river.

You'd think no fools disgraced the former reign, Did not some grave examples yet remain, Who scorn a lad should teach his father skill, And, having once been wrong, will be so still.

That in the neighbouring kingdom of Siam he had formed an intimacy with a learned French Jesuit, who had not only taught him his language, but imparted to him a knowledge of much of the science of Europe, its institutions and manners.

" In the guilty conflict in his mind Angelo suffered more that night, than the prisoner he had so severely sentenced; for in the prison Claudio was visited by the good duke, who in his friar's habit taught the young man the way to Heaven, preaching to him the words of penitence and peace.

It will teach him the truth of the adage that 'there is many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip,' and in the future he will not be so foolish as to look forward to anything."

She engaged the best "Gawayyas" to teach her music, the best "Kath-thaks" to teach her dancing, the best "Ustads" to teach her elocution and deportment, and the best of Munshis to ground her in Urdu and Persian belles lettres; so that when Imtiazan reached her fifteenth year her accomplishments were noised abroad in the bazaar.

I do not fancy, of course, that Aristotle taught Alexander any Natural History.

He recalled a sentence or two from "Maria Monk," which said something like this: "Give us a child until he is ten years old, and let us teach him our doctrine, and he's ours for evermore."

Oh, thou'rt a puny Sinner!I'll teach thee Arts (so rare) of Sin, the least of them shall damn thee.

This school taught the boys and girls of Calabar many trades.

"It is not often a great people go to war for an idea, but we are taking up the gage of battle to teach our inferiors manners."

I told pa I had only been teaching the monk manly tricks, and pa said: "Well, you have overdone it."

He descanted on the advantages of this manual, and ocular mode of teaching the science of numbers, and gave us practical illustrations of its efficacy, by examining his pupils in our presence.

In short it cannot be too emphatically pointed out that the work of Greece was not to consolidate, but to separate, to teach the value of each individual man.

"I wonder if I could bring myself to teach little kids one, two, and one, two, three, in a select dancing class?

How to Teach Reading.

Such misguided men must be taught their duty to their native land.

He, too, went to work, and, being an excellent prospector, he was of great service in teaching the newcomers the principles of prospecting and mining for goldprinciples not abstruse, yet not likely to suggest themselves at first thought to men entirely ignorant of the business.

"As to thy first question, sir smith, 'tis no matter for that, but as for thy second, to-day am I come to teach thee the use and manage of horse and lance, it being so my duty.

As if Ilbrahim's sweetness yet lingered round his ashes, as if his gentle spirit came down from heaven to teach his parent a true religion, her fierce and vindictive nature was softened by the same griefs which had once irritated it.

You can discharge your trainer, and I will teach them a lot of new stunts."

He is taught the great laws of morality; the religion of his sect; so much history and geography as will tell him where the great countries of the world are, what they are, and how they have become what they are.

She enjoyed teaching the girls very much.

Used to teach numskulls Latin and mathematics in the Las Palmas High School."

But I'll have to teach you business methods, my dear.

No good riding master will teach a pupil to cluck or will permit the practice to pass unreproved, and riding-school horses do not understand it, and are quite as likely to start at the cluck of a rider on the other side of the ring as they are when a similar noise is made by the person on their own backs.

But throughout the South it is criminal to teach a slave to read; throughout the South, no book could be distributed among the servile population more incendiary than the Bible, if they could only read it.

Who shall teach us wisdom, and in what manner may we be wise?

"We teach our men the old great game of warwit against witcourage against couragelife against life.

" The late Mr. WILLIAM COBBETT teaching his sons to shave with cold water.

In a depressed sort of way Mac was openly teaching Kaviak his letters, and surreptitiously, down in the Little Cabin, his prayers.

She is teaching the world that the ultimate court of appeal is observation and experiment, and not authority; she is teaching it to estimate the value of evidence; she is creating a firm and living faith in the existence of immutable moral and physical laws, perfect obedience to which is the highest possible aim of an intelligent being.

"Then the people ought to be taught some trades.

She cut out clothes for the people and taught the women how to sew.

He is taught elementary mathematics, that he may understand all those relations of number and form, upon which the transactions of men, associated in complicated societies, are built, and that he may have some practice in deductive reasoning.

He consequently collected all their families together, and settled them at Palermo, supplying them with the means of exercising their industry with profit to themselves, and inducing them to teach his own subjects to manufacture the richest brocades and to rival the rarest productions of the East.

And it came to her mind, she could not tell how, that it was best not to ask questions, but to wait until the beloved one should come, who would teach her the first words.

She and Master Harry, I must tell you, would spend hours together, she making pretence of teaching him French, although he was so possessed with a passion of love that he was nigh suffocated with it.

Yes, the bluebird, the Owaissa, Envious, said, "O Chibiabos, Teach me tones as wild and wayward, Teach me songs as full of frenzy!"

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