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74 collocations for  telephoning

74 collocations for telephoning

I again asked leave to telephone my conservator.

He telephoned directions for the firing and through glasses watched the bursting shells.

And the doctor bent and kissed his wife before going in to telephone the message to be sent his nephew that night, a message bidding him and the little stranger welcome, whenever they cared to come to the House on the Hill.

Her aunt telephoned mother last night while we were at the movies.

I telephoned the house, but they'd evidently driven somewhere else before going home.

"But for heaven's sake don't forget to telephone Madame Cerise.

I knew her identity before Dicky, after pointing out in detail every article of which he was so proud, said hesitatingly: "I wish, Madge, you would telephone Miss Draper and ask her to run over tomorrow and see the room.

I'll telephone Mrs. Bates that we missed this car but will come out on the next Limited.

One of our party went on ahead, and at a nearby camp we telephoned Mr. Hill, superintendent of the power company, of our predicament.

Her mother had telephoned the emergency hospitals!

This is like that awful afternoon we telephoned Mencken.

He telephoned the office of the steamship line: and, in the name of Henry Hull, secured a cabin.

Now will you telephone Prescott, or shall I?

He then telephoned to General Nivelle the necessary permission for us to enter Verdun.

I'm going to telephone my resignation.

She was one of those persons whom telephones never quite convince.

"Howells must have telephoned his suspicions to the district attorney.

we've jest come from, an' we telephoned ter Quogue Station from thar.

"Betty, will you deliver our message and perhaps you can telephone the answer?" "No Shadyside girl is allowed to telephone Salsette Academy," announced Miss Prettyman, with grim satisfaction.

But he had sent Petrak ahead of him to listen at the door in case I telephoned the company to verify the first message; Petrak had heard me ask the company for the sailing time and was about to report to Meeker when I opened the door upon him.

" He changed the subject, and would not go back to it; and after a few minutes he telephoned Adelaide, ordered a cart, and set out to take her for a drive.

I'll telephone David at once..

(confidentially) Couldn't you telephone your uncle?

I telephoned the desk, they told me the number of your room andhere I am!"

"Betty, will you deliver our message and perhaps you can telephone the answer?" "No Shadyside girl is allowed to telephone Salsette Academy," announced Miss Prettyman, with grim satisfaction.

I have telephoned the theatre.

He telephoned Strong his acceptance, and asked if he might meet him at the restaurant.

"You wanted to telephone Mrs. Kinch not to worry?"

Her mother had telephoned Mildred Carter, that hateful, hateful, thrice-hateful Mildred Carter; had confessed that Gloria had gone out with Mr. Gratton; was gone all night, no one knew where; Mildred Carter who was as good as married to Bob Dwight of the Chronicle!

They would probably telephone their instructions.

I wanted to commit suicide before I'd finished telephoning all the C-o-h-e-n-s in the world.

Then returned to his hotel and telephoned Katie.

Dawson Bobbs, the ponderous constable, went to the trouble to telephone Mr. Cicero Throgmartin, for whom Tump was working, cautioning Throgmartin to make sure that Tump Pack was in the sleeping-shack every night, as he might get wind of the wedding and take a notion to bolt and stop it.

" A reply was telephoned General Shafter from Admiral Sampson, through Lieutenant Stanton, which said the Admiral had bombarded the forts at the entrance of Santiago and also Punta Gorda battery inside, silencing their fire, and asked whether he (Shafter) wanted further firing on the Admiral's part.

Half an hour before the dinner, his wife had telephoned Lucile to ask if he might bring a guest of his own, a certain Monsieur LaChaise, who was one of the conductors at the Metropolitan and was to have the direction of the summer opera out here at Ravinia this year.

After he had telephoned police headquarters in the county seat and had summoned Doctor Groom, a country physician, she sat without words, huddled over the library fire.

I will call upon him, and then telephone you his exact condition, telling you if he needs anything.

He visited a real-estate office, for one thing, and then telephoned Isham, Marvin & Co. and issued a string of orders in a voice not nearly so meek and mild as it was when he was in Patsy's presence.

They love to go to town with her, one of her first stipulations being that if I chose to include her in some of our long drives, well and good, otherwise she wished the liberty of telephoning the stable for horse and man, whenever she pleased, without my troubling myself about her movements.

He telephoned the Lawrence home and asked for Evelyn Rogers.

By telephoning Mr. Weldon she could give him the information that would lead to his coming for Louise, without anyone knowing who it was that had betrayed the secret.

Robinson had telephoned the New York police for a search.

As I do not understand English it would be impossible to telephone your dispatches."

She saw herself throning in a central panel at the spring exhibition, with the crowd pushing about the picture, repeating her name; and she decided to stop on the way home and telephone her press-agent to do a paragraph about Popple's tea.

I'll telephone Mrs. Harlandshe's in San Francisco till day after to-morrow.

An hour later, a restless hour it had been, she had telephoned Christabel and put her off so that when her other guest came he found just what he had expected.

And I ventured to telephone the Plaza to serve luncheon and dinner here for you" "You did?"

Better land," telephoned the Major.

He went into a shop, telephoned the club that he had been detained and would not be back to lunch.

"When you telephoned the maid an hour ago, the baby was all right, wasn't she?"

"I wonder," she said musingly, "if I drove on to a house in the road and telephoned your aunt that she would let you stay?" "You might try," said Hinpoha doubtfully.

"The thing for me to do," she said, "is telephone the Osbornes' chauffeur.

I wanted to commit suicide before I'd finished telephoning all the C-o-h-e-n-s in the world.

Spugg said he supposed he'd have to telephone his secretary in the morning to sell some bonds and cover it.

I wanted to commit suicide before I'd finished telephoning all the C-o-h-e-n-s in the world.

They telephoned a bulletin to their offices, and were assured of an hour's leeway in phoning in the balance of the story.

I asked Rawlins to drive me back, but he rushed from the courthouse, probably to telephone his rotund superior.

Volunteers frequently remained in the French trenches from which the rest of the French defenders had been compelled to retire, to telephone information about the advancing enemy to the French batteries, and some of the heaviest losses of the Germans occurred when they believed themselves successful in an attack.

Rawlins's words, moreover, suggested that Howells must have telephoned a pretty clear outline of the case.

I made my purchases and on my way back I stepped into the corner drug store and telephoned Jack.

Kent recalled the passing of the crisis, remembering how he had hastened to telephone the Argus editor to kill the exposรฉ at the last moment.

Major Pichon informed me that he had telephoned the Japanese general at Nikolsk describing the new situation on our front, and asking him to move up sufficient forces from Svagena to protect our right.

Meanwhile I carried out an assignment for the Star, and telephoned my story in so as to be sure of being with Craig at the crucial moment.

CHAPTER X After she had gone up-stairs, Mathilde went down again to telephone Pete that she had made her decision.

"You telephone Mr. Edgerton," she almost shrieked at Simmons, the butler, "that he should come right up here as fast as he can.

He telephoned Strong his acceptance, and asked if he might meet him at the restaurant.

" Aloud he promised to telephone Larry the moment the owner of the pearls crossed the threshold of Larrabee and Fitch and to hold her by main force if necessary until Larry could get there.

"You go and telephone anybody in town who has a car.

Eva telephoned his apartment when she knew he would be out, and asked his man if he expected his master home to dinner that evening.

On the morning of the ninth day Editor Hildreth telephoned Miss Van Brock to ask if she knew where Kent could be found.

Suppose you telephone Doctor Wood to look in this morning.

"I shall telephone the judge," Robinson answered, "and he can send them out, but I shan't wait for hours doing nothing.

Bowles telephoned the news to the chรขteau, and the occupants, in no little excitement, had their tea served on the grand colonnade overlooking the town.

If you will kindly wait here I will telephone your son to come and get you at once.