182 collocations for tenderest

Sir Robert Peel did not feel himself strong enough to carry out his project in the face of such opposition in the Cabinet itself, and he tendered his resignation to the Queen.

Then, by skilfully manipulating the other crank, he can produce from it strains of such mellifluous harmony that the very telegraph-poles will throng around him, as erstwhile did the trees of the forest around ORPHEUS, and tender their services for the transmission of his melting music to all the beautiful places on Earth.

Many originally appeared in periodicals, as will be found indicated in the annotations which the recondite character of some allusions has rendered it desirable to append, and which further provide an opportunity of tendering thanks to many friends for their assent to republication.

To tender money as an equivalent, would have been to repeat the outrage with the intolerable aggravations of supreme insult and impiety.

170 To tender offices and pensive thoughts

I, therefore, tender my hearty congratulation to those who have announced their resignations of candidature or honorary offices, and I hope that their example will prove infectious.

" Isaac D'Israeli also tendered his advice.

Lanyard tendered his cigarette case, and then a match, wondering what next.

The company controlling the line between New York and Boston tendered to him the use of one of their fine steamers to Rhode Island, where every social honor was publicly given him.

He landed at Southampton; and knowing the influence of superstition over the minds of the people, he hastened to Canterbury, in order to make atonement to the ashes of Thomas à Becket, and tender his submissions to a dead enemy.

I tender the brother-hand of Hungary to the German people, because I am convinced that it is essentially necessary for the freedom and independence of my country.

All three girls being present, Beth tendered Old Hucks two dollars, saying it was intended as a slight mark of her appreciation of his attention.

" Accordingly, Christians were required, without respect of persons, to do each other justiceto maintain equality as common ground for all to stand uponto cherish and express in all their intercourse that tender love and disinterested charity which one brother naturally feels for another.

In conclusion, permit me to tender Your Excellency my acknowledgments for the readiness with which you have acceded to my various suggestions in carrying out the arrangements of the Expedition since the passing of the vote of money in aid by the local legislature.

I must have waited quite a long time, though the golden minutes sped unreckoned, for when my two colleagues arrived they tendered needless apologies.

Now upon this crocodile infirmity of his I planted an easy opportunity for tendering my homage to Miss Fanny.

I cannot tender allegiance to God and Satan at the same time.

Overpowered at last by open force, they had recourse to stratagem; and, to distract the attention of the Presbyterians, tendered to the assembly a plea for indulgence to tender consciences; while their associate, Cromwell, obtained from the lower house an order that the same subject should be referred to a committee formed of lords and commoners, and Scottish commissioners and deputies from the assembly.

The King stooped to kiss the Pope's foot, tendered the oath to be an upright protector of the Church, received from the Pope the kiss of peace, and was adopted by him as the son of the Church.

Rochester ran up and tendered his aid; Etherege did the same; and in a few moments the flag was forced from its position.

Finally Andy got to the front and tendered the card Mr. Harding had given him.

"The undersigned, American chargé d'affaires, gladly improves this very pleasant occasion to tender to your Majesty the expression of his high and most distinguished consideration.

She was not clever; you might have said she had no mind at all; but so wise and right and tender a heart, that it was as good as genius.

According to the Washington special despatches to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the President has tendered a Cabinet appointment to several distinguished members of the Union League of that city.

Then he must either kill the Spaniard or take him prisoner: and the officer tendered his sword.

182 collocations for  tenderest
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