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53 collocations for thickening

In thickening this gravy, melt 3 oz. of butter in a stewpan, add 2 oz. of flour, and stir till of a light-brown colour; when cold, add it to the strained gravy, and boil it up quickly.

Clear soups must be perfectly transparent, and thickened soups about the consistence of cream.

Then add some chopped parsley and thicken the sauce with flour, mixed in 1/2 cup of milk.

Chop the cabbage very fine, thicken the water with oatmeal, put in the cabbage and butter, or dripping; season and simmer for 1-1/2 hour.

" The Colonel was sitting there among them, solacing himself by adding to the smoke that thickened the stifling air.

And, truly, so they may: one lichen is already used as a blessed medicine in asthma; and another to thicken milk, as a nutritive posset.

They anoint their skins with goats tallow, mixed up with the juice of certain herbs, which thickens the skin, and defends them against the cold, of which they complain much, although their country is so far to the south.

Piece by piece she had drawn the odious thing from her caller, who was by no means inclined to spread and thicken the shadow of an evil tale.

Sufficient,A dessertspoonful will thicken a pint of gravy.

Then wet a teaspoon of cornstarch with a very little cold water, and add also a teaspoon of butter and when the boiling mixture has thickened remove from the fire and let it cool.

The dressing may be prepared, and after the sugar is dissolved, a very little lemon juice (just enough to thicken the cream slightly, but not sufficient to curdle it) may be added if desired.

TOMATO GRAVY.Heat to boiling one pint of strained stewed tomatoes, either canned or fresh, and thicken with a tablespoonful of flour rubbed smooth in a little water; add salt and when thickened, if desired, a half cup of hot cream.

200 Some educate the young, or hatch the seed With vital warmth, and future nations breed; Whilst others thicken all the slimy dews, And into purest honey work the juice; Then fill the hollows of the comb, and swell With luscious nectar every flowing cell.

Browned flour may be used to thicken the dressing if preferred.

Time.1-1/2 to 1-3/4 hour to boil the macaroni, 5 minutes to thicken the eggs and cream, 5 minutes to brown.

The history was thisI took the 56 portraits and sorted them into two groups; in the first of these were 20 portraits that showed a tendency to thin features, in the other group there were 36 that showed a tendency to thickened features.

Again and again they were read, till every word became engraved within her, and the spirit they breathed thickened the film before her eyes, and deafened her ear to every loudly-whispered reproach.

Take three or four large beast pallets and boil them very tender, blanch and cut them in long pieces the length of your finger, then in small bits the cross way; shake them up with a little good gravy and a lump of butter; season them with a little nutmeg and salt, put in a spoonful of white wine, and thicken it with the yolks of eggs as you do, a white fricassy.

Conscious, persistent wrong may harden and thicken the gauze to a quilted armor, but even through that the sound of its teeth may wake up Don Worm, the conscience, and then is the baser nature between the fell incensed points of mighty opposites.

Dark came suddenly and when he landed a hot, clammy fog thickened the gloom.

he said, "How pierce the gloom which thickens round my head; Burthen'd, on foot, a dreary waste in view, Where shall I bend my steps,

I may say here that the Patent Barley is must useful for thickening any kind of soup, stock, or gravy.

Remove the grease and thicken the liquor with a little browned flour braided with thin cream.

Strawberries, cherries, gooseberries, and other juicy fruits, that lose so much of their flavor in baking, may be lightly scalded, the juice thickened a little with flour if desired, sweetened to taste, and filled into such a crust.

452 Italian, brown 453 white 454 Leamington 459 Lemon, for boiled fowls 457 for fowls and fricassees, white 458 for sweet puddings 1358 Liaison of eggs for thickening 461 Liver and lemon, for poultry 462 parsley 463 Lobster 464 Maigre maître d'hôtel (hot) 467 Maître d'hôtel (hot) 466 Mango chetney (Bengal recipe)

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