58 collocations for thins

The tremendous heat of the country during the summer terribly thinned the ranks of his forces, and he lost over 400 men in eighteen months.

Sow, from the second week in May until the first week in July for succession, in rows 6 ft. apart, thinning the plants out to 1 ft. apart in the rows.

The winter rains had turned the land round their camp into a swamp, and lack of food left them more and more unable to resist the pestilential diseases which were rapidly thinning their numbers.

There had been no frost to thin the thick branches hanging low over their heads.

She began to hum, "Time has not thinned my flowing hair."

By Operations on the Horn of the Wall. (a) Thinning the Wall in the Region of the Quarters.

I thinned corn on my knees with my hands.

It was nearly one o'clock, and the ball had thinned a little, which made it all the better for those who remained.

Forbidding airs might thin the place, The slightest flap a fly can chase.

This may be done either by removal of part of the wall at the spot indicated, or by thinning the web of the shoe in the same position.

By thinning the woods and draining the land, the badness of the climate would be lessened.

Every foot of ground was wrested from him at an expense of life which thinned the innumerable hosts pressing onward to his destruction.

It is, perhaps, even better to thin the horn down to the sensitive structures for some little distance round the injury.

To obtain prime fruit, thin the fruit-buds out to a distance of 6 in.

When thinning cotton, we went mostly on our knees.

Waterton well says that, if we knew its utility in thinning the country of mice, it would be with us what the ibis was with the Egyptiansa sacred bird.

The sun shone with a pale, watery gleam, grey clouds were piled along the horizon, and a moaning wind crept through the pine trees, made the birch leaves quiver, and thinned the foliage of the alders at the foot of the rapids.

Remove from the stove and add enough stock to thin the mixture to the consistency of a cream soup.

Plague represents his rapid power, Who thinned a nation in an hour.

At this time, it is said by the old settlers that hog cholera thinned out the nobility a good deal, whether directly or indirectly they do not say.

" I began to ask him questions about Arizona, but I soon found how little he, too, had taken toll of the road he travelled: for he seemed to have brought back memories only of the texts he painted and the fact that in some places good stones were scarce, and that he had to carry extra turpentine to thin his paint, the weather being dry.

In 1792 he wrote to his manager: "I not only approve of your killing those Dogs which have been the occasion of the late loss, & of thinning the Plantations of others, but give it as a positive order that after saying what dog, or dogs shall remain, if any negro presumes under any pretence whatsoever, to preserve, or bring one into the family, that he shall be severely punished, and the dog hanged.

Some medical men thin the population, (so says Slander,) my master thinned nothing but his horses.

The foot is then prepared by slightly lowering the heelsleaving the frog untouchedand thinning the quarters in exactly the manner described above.

What havoc now shall thin our race, When every petty clerk in place, 40 To prove his taste and seem polite, Will feed on geese both noon and night!'

58 collocations for  thins
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