90 collocations for thrashing

" Then he thrashed the man who had annoyed Patricia Stapylton.

He said that he had been "a villain, a gambler, a drunkard, and a Sabbath breaker"we expected hearing him say, as many of his class do, that he had often abused his mother, thrashed his wife, and punished his children, but he did not utter a word on the subject.

He is the sweetest tempered child I ever knew, but he knew when to fight, and thrashed a boy a head taller than himself; and the trustees turned him out.

[Illustration: A Man thrashing Corn.]

Well, the amount of it is that Charley Morgan and a lot of his particular friends have been organizing a company for the purpose of thrashing the Hillers, and making them stop robbing hen-roosts and orchards and cutting up such shines.

They had spread a large cloth upon the ground, and were thrashing out the grain upon it.

So he prepared a great whip and with it he severely thrashed the trees.

Let a vulgar fellow come to me with a questiona man with an emptyish headI may thrash out with him the matter from end to end, and exhaust myself in doing it!" "Ah!" exclaimed he once, "the phoenix does not come!

" Children delight in carrying out the processes involved in the making of flour, and they can easily thrash a little wheat, then winnow, grind between stones and sift it.

All he asked was that his grandson should "thrash" somebody, and he could not be made to understand that the modern drama of divorce is sometimes cast without a Lovelace.

The other two danced on the guddee, sweeping and thrashing the air, the cushion, and their clothes, with their cummerbunds, in the vain effort to free themselves of their angry assailants.

"I've thrashed bigger fellows than he," he said to himself.

" "But they lose their independence," Jack was arguing quietly, as if he would thrash out the subject.

My affinity might be Delilah, and Samson's your beautiful self; but I'll tell you, on my own responsibility, that if I had caught Samson hanging about your father's house during my palmy days I'd have thrashed the life out of him, whether his hair was short or long, and don't you forget it, Mrs. Upton.

Sagastao rushed into the arms of his mother, and without the slightest idea of having done anything wrong began most dramatically to describe how "our Jack and Cuffy thrashed those naughty Eskimo dogs" that chased Minnehaha and him upon that great pile of logs.

The next moment he rose to the surface with arms extended, thrashing the water like the paddles of a side-wheel steamboat, and making a noise not unlike the first attempt of a young mule to bray.

His hands felt cold, and he was compelled at times to get up and thrash both arms about to induce circulation in his extremities.

Wherever there was quarrelling, he rushed in, and commenced thrashing the combatants, threatening them with his teeth, and making a muttering sound, upon which they immediately separated.

come, deliver, or by Zenacrib & the life of king Charlimayne, Ile thrash your coxcombe as they doe hennes at Shrovetyde.

The noise got on Katherine's nerves to such an extent that she was tempted to use her whip to the dog, and only refrained because it seemed so cruel to thrash a creature for just being miserable.

He could thrash Dave, of course, but Treadwell did not expect to do it easily.

Who rides him will never return again, Were he as strong, O were he as brave As Fin-mac-Coul, of whom they'll tell He thrashed the devil and made him yell.

I am not sorry I thrashed Dickie.

[Footnote 29: to thrash (ding).]

And to thrash a doglike that!

90 collocations for  thrashing