2753 collocations for threw

Steadily, the star increased in size and brilliancy, until it showed, fully as large as half a full moon; and, as it grew greater and brighter, so did the vast crescent throw out more and more light, though of an ever deepening hue of green.

Pursuing my lonely way down the valley, I turned again and again to gaze on the glorious picture, throwing up my arms to inclose it as in a frame.

He threw back his head and roared forth a volume of sound toward the dim stars.

I threw out my hands in a comic gesture of surrender.

Shaking off a momentary sense of fear, I call to the dog; but he takes no heed, and, after calling once more, I throw a small stone into the kennel.

"Very well, then," he said, throwing open the door and standing aside for Henshaw to pass out; "I will go alone.

Holding it above my head, and grasping my gun, firmly, I began to move on, slowly, throwing my glances in all directions.

It is reached, through a huge, arched entrance, on which I observed strange, fantastic carvings, which threw queer shadows under the light of my candle.

He had already taken the last preliminary movementhe had swung himself to the right side a little and, lightening his left foot, had thrown all his weight upon the rightin fact, his body was literally suspended in the instant of springing, catlike, when the shadow which was Donnegan came to life.

He must do something for a living, and he thought that throwing dirty water was as good an occupation as any other.

John threw off coat and vest, and, rolling up his sleeves, led the exhausted horse to the currying ground.

An all-night drug-store, the modern sort of emporium where the capsule and the herb have become side line to the ivoritus toilet-set and the pocket-dictionary, threw a white veil of light across the sidewalk.

Mark threw up his hat, and hollered, and shouted, and swore, till the last wolf disappeared into the forest, and then shoulderin' one of the dead kritters, and WESTCOTT the other, started on home.

Enter Phillis in the Balcony, throws 'em Money.

"These here Indian clubs always throw a man if he ain't got muscle in his arms; and this here little Chivalry has got arms like a couple of canes.

He did not weep loudly or throw things about as many boys might have done.

Do you mean to tell me you don't understand the danger, that you try to throw our two lives away in this fashion!' To this, she replied nothing; only trembled, violently, gasping and sobbing, as though in the last extremity of fear.

My brain had before that time teemed with ambitious projects of distinguishing myself; sometimes as a priestsometimes as a writer; and occasionally I thought I would bend all my efforts to rouse my countrymen to throw off the ignominious yoke of Great Britain.

They threw the doctor's body in the surf.

We pass the door-keeper, who, as is the custom of his kind, frowns malignantly at us, and evidently asks himself"How much longer can I refrain from tearing up the tickets of these impudent pleasure-seekers, and throwing the pieces in their infamously contented countenances?"

Cady did not know whether to throw the ball or hold it, and the general exhibition of speed on the bases which was made by New York was characteristic of the team's dash in the race for the championship of the National League, and a system which the Boston players could not fathom.

Suddenly he checked, cast back, and threw the book wide open.

Perhaps it would be better to throw away one's stick lest it make a show of violence.

If he commits a robbery he always first establishes marvelous alibis and throws the blame toward someone else; if it is the case of a killing, it is always the other man who is the aggressor.

We have made up our minds on account of certain circumstances to throw in our lot together, and we are starting for Australia today.

2753 collocations for  threw