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2753 collocations for  threw

2753 collocations for threw

Steadily, the star increased in size and brilliancy, until it showed, fully as large as half a full moon; and, as it grew greater and brighter, so did the vast crescent throw out more and more light, though of an ever deepening hue of green.

Pursuing my lonely way down the valley, I turned again and again to gaze on the glorious picture, throwing up my arms to inclose it as in a frame.

He threw back his head and roared forth a volume of sound toward the dim stars.

I threw out my hands in a comic gesture of surrender.

Shaking off a momentary sense of fear, I call to the dog; but he takes no heed, and, after calling once more, I throw a small stone into the kennel.

"Very well, then," he said, throwing open the door and standing aside for Henshaw to pass out; "I will go alone.

Holding it above my head, and grasping my gun, firmly, I began to move on, slowly, throwing my glances in all directions.

It is reached, through a huge, arched entrance, on which I observed strange, fantastic carvings, which threw queer shadows under the light of my candle.

He had already taken the last preliminary movementhe had swung himself to the right side a little and, lightening his left foot, had thrown all his weight upon the rightin fact, his body was literally suspended in the instant of springing, catlike, when the shadow which was Donnegan came to life.

He must do something for a living, and he thought that throwing dirty water was as good an occupation as any other.

An all-night drug-store, the modern sort of emporium where the capsule and the herb have become side line to the ivoritus toilet-set and the pocket-dictionary, threw a white veil of light across the sidewalk.

John threw off coat and vest, and, rolling up his sleeves, led the exhausted horse to the currying ground.

Mark threw up his hat, and hollered, and shouted, and swore, till the last wolf disappeared into the forest, and then shoulderin' one of the dead kritters, and WESTCOTT the other, started on home.

Enter Phillis in the Balcony, throws 'em Money.

He did not weep loudly or throw things about as many boys might have done.

"These here Indian clubs always throw a man if he ain't got muscle in his arms; and this here little Chivalry has got arms like a couple of canes.

My brain had before that time teemed with ambitious projects of distinguishing myself; sometimes as a priestsometimes as a writer; and occasionally I thought I would bend all my efforts to rouse my countrymen to throw off the ignominious yoke of Great Britain.

Do you mean to tell me you don't understand the danger, that you try to throw our two lives away in this fashion!' To this, she replied nothing; only trembled, violently, gasping and sobbing, as though in the last extremity of fear.

We pass the door-keeper, who, as is the custom of his kind, frowns malignantly at us, and evidently asks himself"How much longer can I refrain from tearing up the tickets of these impudent pleasure-seekers, and throwing the pieces in their infamously contented countenances?"

They threw the doctor's body in the surf.

Cady did not know whether to throw the ball or hold it, and the general exhibition of speed on the bases which was made by New York was characteristic of the team's dash in the race for the championship of the National League, and a system which the Boston players could not fathom.

Suddenly he checked, cast back, and threw the book wide open.

Perhaps it would be better to throw away one's stick lest it make a show of violence.

If he commits a robbery he always first establishes marvelous alibis and throws the blame toward someone else; if it is the case of a killing, it is always the other man who is the aggressor.

On the afternoon of the second day his new playfellows all threw off their little skin cloaks and plunged into the stream to bathe; and Martin, seeing how much they seemed to enjoy being in the water, undressed himself and went in after them.

We have made up our minds on account of certain circumstances to throw in our lot together, and we are starting for Australia today.

" "Why not?" "Because I'm not going any further, with this foot" He threw down the sled-rope, and limped after wood for the fire.

At that, I jumped back, in sudden fright, and threw my gun forward, in readiness; only to laugh, nervously, as Pepper reappeared, chasing an unfortunate cat.

Then, throwing the paper aside, he asked, coldly: "Why should you ask me what it means?

Day after day, and month after month, glided on in this gentle, unvarying current, for more than three years; during which period he had occasionally thrown out dark hints that the time would come when I should be restored to liberty, and that he had an important secret, which he would one day communicate.

We threw out a trolling line as we passed up the lake; but we caught no trout.

Meha, who had been at all these pains to throw dust in the Emperor's eyes and to conceal his true strength, no sooner saw how well his stratagem had succeeded, and that Kaotsou was rushing into the trap so elaborately laid for him, than by a skilful movement he cut off his communications with the main body of his army, and, surrounding him with an overwhelming force, compelled him to take refuge in the city of Pingching in Shensi.

The Boy went to meet her, throwing over his shoulder, "You'd better stick to me, Anna, as long as I'm here.

One result of his spasmodic confidences was to throw a doubt upon their accuracy.

"Hang it all!" exclaimed the latter, throwing down a handful of playing cards upon the table, and pushing back his chair.

Will you see for yourself, sir?" He threw back the window and invited Henshaw to look down.

She threw the reins to the servant who answered her call and went slowly into the house.

Yes; but could she throw suspicion upon her father by writing to strangers, and of necessity exposing the sinister secrecy of her father's action.

" The double lines of cavaliers who led the jousting train Threw down upon the open square the spear of idle cane; Then swiftly seized the lance of steel and couching it for fight,

We therefore hastily threw our clothes, papers, and eight casks of silver, into the long-boat; and before we were fifty yards from the ship, we saw her go down.

You throw worried looks in all directions as if you were afraid that this perfectly solid meadow were a dangerous pond into which your little brood might fall and lose their lives.

He threw out his legs beneath the table and sat back, hands deep in pockets, and a toothpick hanging limp from between lips that were sagging.

Looking back after all these years, it seems to me that the moderate Royalists (centre droit) threw away a splendid chance.

I threw my huntin' cap at him, but he pitched into it, and if he didn't trample it into the ground, as if it was a human, you may shoot me.

He threw his rifle to the beach and danced on it in an ecstasy of rage.

The shadows crept up the mountain peaks that stand up like grim giants away off in the East, and twilight began to throw its grey mantle over the lake; still he was alone.

Arrived there, he speedily arranged the matters in dispute, and was entreated by the governors of that province and of Santiago to accept of an escort on his return; he was besought to avoid Cรณrdova, to avoid Buenos Ayres; he was counselled to throw off the mask of subservience, and to rally his numerous adherents in La Rioja and San Juan;but remonstrance and advice were alike thrown away upon him.

This discovery removes all objections to the existence of living Globigerinoe at great depths, which are based upon the supposed difficulty of maintaining animal life under such conditions; and it throws the burden of proof upon those who object to the supposition that the Globigerinoe live and die where they are found.]

Late at night he got so close to Tahta from the north that he threw bombs at our sangars, but he was driven off.

The biggest mortars threw 13-inch 224-lb shells to a great distance.

Next I threw aside my favorite works of imagination and feeling, and for two years read scarcely a book which did not severely task my mind.

Lister threw away his cigarette.

I had informed North at about what time we would be on Deer Creek, and it was agreed that he should appear in the vicinity with some of his Pawnees, who were to throw their blankets around them, and come dashing down upon us, firing and whooping in true Indian style; while he was to either conceal or disguise himself.

Indeed, by all means in his power, he always threw obstacles in the way of the advancement of Cimon's family, representing that by their very names they were aliens, one son being named Lacedaemonius, another Thessalus, another Elius.

Yet we would not rashly throw the other word away.

I saw a boat laden with men, the greater number of whom were unarmed because of having thrown away their weapons during the flight, push off in company with several others; but the oarsmen of this particular craft were clumsy, and she drifted down the shore until beyond range of the remainder of the force.

It was the coachman's fault, Jervis said, who allowed the horses to make a step forward when Lady Mary was getting out, and kept her exposed, standing on the step of the carriage, while he pulled them up; and it was Jervis's fault, the footman said, who was not clever enough to get her lady out, or even to throw a shawl round her when she perceived how the weather had changed.

In their private diaries they accuse one another, each throwing on his neighbour the responsibility for crimes committed.

Moreover, there are thousands of exemplary housekeepers who throw up the eye of horror to their whitewashed ceiling at the thought of a foreign person's personal habits, who do not know what is inside their mattress and never think of looking to see from year's end to year's end.

This was the exuberant style of mediaeval rhetoric, whereas by temperament and scholarly training Jonson threw his influence in favor of the classical rhetorical style of the best period.

"It was you who succeeded, by throwing the guard into the water, in abducting her from the castle," he remarked.

Wishing himself fathoms under-ground, ashamed of his book, still more ashamed of himself for his shame, he had to sit there ten physical seconds, or spiritual years, while the colonel solemnly returned him the book, complimenting him on the proofs of its purifying influence which he had given the night before, in helping to throw the turnpike-gate into the river.

Simcoe was a good officer who threw himself heart and soul into the work of settling the new province.

Marching in the dark hours when a refreshing air succeeded the heat of the day, the troops halted as soon as a purple flush threw into high relief the southern end of the Judean hills, and they hid themselves in the wadis and broken ground; and on one unit vacating a bivouac area it was occupied by another, thus making the areas in which the troops rested as few as possible.

When poor people throw into it a few flowers, it becomes immediately full, while some very rich people, wishing to make offering of many flowers, might not stop till they had thrown in hundreds, thousands, and myriads of bushels, and yet would not be able to fill it.

And yet, there was one other, for, chancing to raise his eyes to the minstrel's gallery, Bellew espied Miss Priscilla, who, meeting his smiling glance, leaned down suddenly over the carved rail, and very deliberately, threw him a kiss, and then hurried away with a quick, light tap-tap of her stick.

"When," said the noble-hearted patriot, "I shall have delivered the populations from the yoke that weighs them down, I will throw my sword at your feet, and will then obey you for the rest of my life."

The conflagration alluded to, rather than described, in the proceeding chapter, threw a gloom over the gaieties of New-York, if that ever could be properly called gay, which was little more than a strife in prodigality and parade, and leaves us little more to say of the events of the winter.

"Now you will think I am preaching, but indeed, indeed I am not, only, it hurts me so!" Louis laughed and threw away his cigar.

The rising sun behind the mountains threw long slant rays across into the bare tree tops, so that the shimmer of it dappled horse and man.

You throw the last bone across your shoulder.

Now you will either throw down those knives or die.

There was a moment's silence when Vanbraam had finished reading, and then, without raising his head, Colonel Washington signed, and threw the pen far from him.

They threw rocks at her and drove her out of the village.

A set of Imperialist junks set to work to fire at the town as we were leaving off, throwing their shot from a most wonderfully safe distance.

We made good use of this time by digging up the ground inside the barricade with our knives and throwing the loose earth around and over the mules, and we soon had a very respectable fortification.

Kunoujee Lal now got frightened, for the first time; and threw away the letter he had received, for fear of being taken, but Kavanagh kept his in his turban.

The gentleman threw out a small card, and bid him give that to his master, and calling to the post-boy to drive on, we lost sight of the old man in a minute.

By Yea and Nay, she'll throw her self on you, | The grand Inquest of Whigs, to whom she's true.

It may be noted that from a very early period the same antipathy has existed in regard to this plant, and it is recorded how a few mules laden with parsley threw into a complete panic a Greek force on its march against the enemy.

An English friend of mine threw down the gauntlet thirty years ago.

In the center of the open crackled a great fire, throwing a red glow on all around.

He threw the handkerchief in and closed the door.

And with that he threw a naming dart at his breast: but Christian had a shield in his hand, with which he caught it, and so prevented the danger of that.

They threw down a quantity of stones, which soon put an end to the existence of the formidable animal.

Next morning, Dolabella, Cicero's son-in-law, whom Cรฆsar had promised should be his successor in the consulship, assumed the consular fasces and joined the liberators; while Cinna, son of the old Marian leader and therefore brother-in-law to Cรฆsar, threw aside his praetorian robes, declaring he would no longer wear the tyrant's livery.

Without any apparent exigency of climate or soil, it remains near the ground, throwing out crooked, divergent branches like an orchard apple-tree, and seldom pushes a single shoot higher than fifteen or twenty feet above the ground.

The ruined gable looked due east, and in the present aspect of the sun the light streamed down through the door-way as our lantern had done, throwing a flood of light upon the damp grass beyond.

The sun broke out from the dull gray mountain of clouds and threw a yellow glare on the colorless field.

In a moment or so he threw his chest aboard an outgoing truck and departed.

Brutus threw another log on the fire, which gave off a brisk crackling from the bed of coals.

"How far that little candle throws his beams!

After losing two or three bets he threw down a fifty dollar bill and lost that also.

It was just at the instant when the latter, who had thrown his mind into his song with such a will that he scarcely heeded the interruption, silenced all whispers and inquiries by bursting into his third verse: "To-morrow is my working day, Simple shepherds all To-morrow is a working day for me: For the farmer's sheep is slain, and the lad who did it ta'en, And

But without drawing rein, Major Washington rode straight to the governor's house, threw his bridle to a negro, and ordered a footman to announce him at once to his master.

Lenore liked the even, nodding rhythm of the plodding horses, and the way Bill threw a pebble from a sack on his seat, to hit this or that horse not keeping in line or pulling his share.

We throw away time and strength, and years, and gold, and then weep that we are ignorant, and embeggared at the last.

I attached the mirror of a laryngoscope to my forehead in such a manner as to enable it to throw a strong reflection into one of my eyes.

After the other dishes were removed, some large fruit, of the peach kind, were set on the table, when the members of the family, having carefully paired off the skin, ate it, and threw the rest away.

Eating, drinking excessively of Denslow's costly wines, dancing to music which grew livelier and more boisterous as the musicians imbibed more of the inspiriting juice, and, catching scraps of the scandal, threw out significant airs, the company of young persons, deserted by their scandalized seniors, had converted the magnificent suite of drawing-rooms into a carnival theatre.