28 collocations for tolled

He did, and we went in,in through the vestibule, where I first had seen this man, tolling the bell for his mother's death,up the aisle, where I had gone the day I saw the thirsty, hungry, little mouse.

The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, The lowing herd winds slowly o'er the lea, The ploughman homeward plods his weary way, And leaves the world to darkness and to me.

But then of a sudden the chapel bell tolled out the hour.

They were silent a moment, and then the same musical voice tolled out the words like a low bell: "But with all your journeying, my son, you will come to no Continuing City.

Accordingly, as the loud bell tolled its first note, the immense assembly fell prostrate on their knees.

And I trembled at the sound of the church bell tolling the Angelus.

At fifteen minutes to ten the bell in the steeple of the colored church tolled a single stroke.

They chanted as they went, their sepulchral voices echoing through the vaulted piazza, while the bell of St. Peter's, tolling a deep bass drone, seemed a fitting accompaniment for their hymns.

After tolling the Indian some little distance and coming to a turn in the road, Clark let his horse out and did not slacken his speed until our camp was reached.

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After tolling the Indian some little distance and coming to a turn in the road, Clark let his horse out and did not slacken his speed until our camp was reached.

But when the clock has tolled the death of the old and announced the birth of the New Year, one would think that Pandemonium was let loose.

It tolls likeOh, well, well!

Three times more the distant bell tolled forth its mysterious message and when the last echoes had died away the old man's arms dropped beside him and he turned again to Captain Plum.

The custom of tolling the Curfew is still retained in the town of Sandwich, to which place your correspondent, Reginald, no doubt alludes, as the sea-shore is distant about two miles; hence is distinctly visible the red glare of the Lighthouse on Ramsgate Pier, as also the North Foreland.

It was pleasant up here in the frosty morningold houses, archways, and courts, and the bells tolling people to church.

" "Well, then, as we are friends, and I have faith in thy discretion, Annina, thou shalt know the truth to the extremity, for I find the bell has only tolled the quarters, which leaves me yet a moment for confidence.

[He is interrupted by the great bell of the church, which tolls the Sanctus.

Clear and loud The village clock tolled sixI wheeled about, Proud and exulting like an untired horse That cares not for his home.

Thou'rt on thy couch of wither'd leaves, The surly blast thy breath receives, In the stript woods I hear thy dirge, Thy passing bell the hinds are tolling Thy death-song sounds in ocean's surge, Oblivion's clouds are round thee rolling, Thou'lst buried be where buried lie Years of the dead eternity!

It also tolls its story at the first glance, though, like all beautiful works, it gains by study.

and between that exclamation and his first stunned cry it seemed as though bells had been tolling a thousand years.

...But was it not the practice of the times, for other makers, like the bees tolling from every flower the virtuous sweets, to gather from the thistles of the law the sweetest honey?

We can see him looking with twinkling eyes at the Miller, "tolling thrice"; at the Monk, "full fat and in good point," hunting with his greyhounds, "swift as fowl in flight," or smiling before a fat roast swan; at the Squire, keeping the nightingale company; at the Doctor, prescribing the rules of astrology.

As all the bands played at once, and as loud as they possibly could, the noise was tremendous, and the cathedral bell helped, by tolling its deepest tone as the procession passed.

28 collocations for  tolled