41 collocations for toppling

Moreover, it is fast becoming the condition to-day, a fact indicated by the almost universal demand for a revolution in social ethics, the foundation to which, for some reason, has become awry, threatening to topple down the structure erected upon it.

And this what knight soever be in field Lays claim to for the lady at his side, And tilts with my good nephew thereupon, Who being apt at arms and big of bone Has ever won it for the lady with him, And toppling over all antagonism Has earn'd himself the name of sparrow-hawk.

Landscape occupies the main part of his compositions, made up by a strange amalgam of the most eccentric detailsrocks toppling over blue bays, sea-caverns, and fantastic mountain ranges.

The next book, a thin one, had toppled over sideways and was bridging the vacancy at an angle; several other similar thin books filled up the remainder of the shelf.

It is the gentle laugh, not violating, but just humanising, that very solemn kiss; the quip that just saves passion from toppling over the brink into bathos, that mark the skilful lover.

"Safe, by the great horn spoon!" roared the captain, fetching Andy Bowles a slap on the back that almost toppled the small bugler into the water.

Above the wall bulged out full of fissures, ragged and rotten shelves, toppling columns of yellow limestone, beaded with quartz and colored by wild flowers wonderfully growing in crannies.

He toppled crags from the precipice, And whatsoe'er was built by day

As far as the ascent of the Pyramid was concerned, I am not sure but that I was sometimes tempted to follow his example, when I found how great was the effort required to mount up, in the hot air, the huge blocks of granite, and the unpleasantness of feeling every now and then with what facility one might topple downwards.

I saw nothing distinctly, for my whole being reeled and toppled drunken, like a spinning-top in desperate death-struggle at the moment when it flags, and wobbles dissolutely to fall; but the very instant that my eyes met what was before me, I knew, I knew, that here was the Sanctity of Sanctities, the old eternal inner secret of the Life of this Earth, which it was a most burning shame for a man to see.

Tarun Bharat's strategy to topple existing market leader Gomantak by investing in people and technology makes an interesting case study in the newspaper business.

He toppled his "grannie" into a rocking-chair and started away.

On and on he winged his way, among toppling icebergs and over frozen billows and through air which the sun never warmed, and at last he came to the cavern where the three Gray Sisters dwelt.

They had waited here before, like this, through moments tense and increasing, for the supreme, toppling instant of their joy.

I topple the king from his golden throne, I smash old idols of brass and stone, I am not hampered by yesterday.

He strutted up and down, and narrowly escaped toppling over the ledge through attempting a cake dance as a grand finale to the insane actions prompted by the successful manner in which he had engineered the landslide.

To give the last decisive push to those who are already toppling over the border-line that divides England from Rome, to reap and gather-in the harvest already ripe for the sickle, is a useful, a necessary, and a charitable work; one that calls for a certain kind of patient skill not to be underestimated; but there is a wider and perhaps more fruitful field whose soil is as yet scarcely broken.

" He took a broken branch as a lever and with Jimsy's assistance toppled the log down into the cañon.

Alcatraz saw one solid old bay topple her offspring with a side-swing of her head.

After one blow, which toppled his opponent through the ropes, Shere Ali clapped his hands.

With a roar half the house toppled outwards into the street, blocking it completely.

What delight to topple him overto see his heels rise in the air, and disappear with rest of his body at other side of Woolsack!

Hotheadedness topples capable players.

They ran swiftly for a moment and then disappeared into dark caverns under toppling porticoes.

Those of us in the counterculture saw in the internet an opportunity to topple the storytellers who had dominated our politics, economics, society and religion - in short our very reality - and to replace their stories with those of our own.

41 collocations for  toppling