451 collocations for toss

As he approached the shore, he bounded upon the island, and tossing his head from side to side, as if looking for a place of concealment or escape.

Their enthusiasm was excited beyond bounds, and the more impulsive of the two, a young Scotchman, dashed ahead, shouting and gesticulating and tossing his arms in the air like a madman.

and, immediately and thickly inarticulate, made a tremendous feint at clearing his throat, tossed up his hat and caught it; rolled his eyes.

" "I want to be a missionary; too," cried Mary, tossing her red hair about.

The Colonel tossed his hands wildly in the air, rushed forward a step or two, and giving one fearful scream of agony and fright, fell forward on his face in the path.

And then Donnegan skirted around the room and came to the table of Jack Landis at the very moment when the latter was tossing a gold piece to the waiter and giving a new order.

She turned her head stealthily for a last glimpse of the portico where a laughing girl tossed a ball to a young fellow on the terrace below.

"So thus do I wed need with want," nodded Beltane, tossing him the coin.

" He tossed aside a book he had been holding in his left hand.

Her own fear had gone, and in that place of plunging hooves and tossing manes she was as calm as in a summer garden.

Could the apprentices have known in what a borrowed majesty he walked, would they not have tossed their caps in mirth and pointed their dusky fingers at him?

This is the cow with the crumpled horn, That tossed the dog, That worried the cat, That killed the rat, That ate the malt That lay in the house that Jack built.

" Louis rose and tossed the paper carelessly to his mother, who had been an amused listener to the discussion.

If you happen to go driving with him, he willif the horse is of the kind that distends his nostrilson a sudden toss you the reins and leave you to guard him while he dispatches an errand.

The place was Dadendal, I was informed, and the proprietor of the place, when I entered and tossed off a liqueur-glass of cognac, pointed out to me a row of granite buildings fallen much to decay as the ancient convent.

Above, the boundless expanse of blue sky, with fleecy little white clouds passing here and there, looking like islands in a sea of azure; below, an unending sea of tossing waves, with perhaps not even a fishing vessel in sight.

Yet amid this alpine suppression the Mountain Pine bravely tossed his storm-beaten branches on the ledges and buttresses of Red Mountain, some specimens being over 100 feet high, and 24 feet in circumference, seemingly as fresh and vigorous as the giants of the lower zones.

"Somebody's got to take care of you-all, and I just love to be the one." Laurella Consadine, commonly called in mountain fashion by her maiden name of Laurella Passmore, scrambled to her feet and tossed the dark curls out of her eyes.

He tossed this bundle to Godwin, who accepted it with a faint oath; and Donnegan stepped calmly and swiftly into the clothes of his victim.

Marina grew faint and wide-eyed for terror, but they could not soothe her by word or touch; she sat with clasped hands, gasping for breath, listening to the low, long boom on the shores of the Lido, like muffled thunder, ceaselessly recurringthe terrible noise of the great waves beating against the sea-wallsbeating and breaking in fury, tossing their spray high in air and whirling it in clouds, like rain mists, far across the lagoon.

"But 'twas really fine to be rich for a day, and toss the money around as if I didn't have to dress ten heads of hair in ten hours to earn my bread and butter.

One boy tosses pennies, and loses his quarter by gambling.

Like a sudden flurry of wind, tossing loose ends of things, they broke into her quiet morning hour and threw her groping thoughts into greater chaos.

And its wave sweeps by Just a great wave of the air, Tossing the leaves in its sea, And foaming under the eaves of the roof That covers me.

"Here's success to the play," he exclaimed, "and good luck to all of us!" He tossed off the contents of the glass and they all followed his example.

451 collocations for  toss