25 collocations for totalling

I should say the exodus of refugees from the city must have totaled 200,000 men, women and children of all ages, or very nearly that vast number, out of a population which in normal times is 321,800.

All the forest land now in the United States including culled, burned and cut-over tracts, totals 463,000,000 acres.

At the time when the population of what became the Wei territory totalled 29,000,000 the capital with its immediate environment had over a million inhabitants.

It, therefore, peculiarly vexed me to find so total a deficiency of clear and sound instruction in the New Testament, and eminently in the gospel of John, on so vital a question.

These figures are very unequally distributed geographically, the divisions ranking as to total deposits in the following order: the Eastern Middle, New England, Middle Western, Pacific, Southern, and Western divisions.

These allowances totaled about three hundred gallons yearly.

Else there is an 'x' in the Father which is not in the Son, a 'y' in the Son which is not in the Father, and a 'z' in the Holy Ghost which is in neither: that is, each by himself is not total God.

But as the waiting grew longer, and the dragging minutes totaled the quarter-hour and then the half, he began to perspire again.

Thereupon Philip passed from partial action to total inaction, and notwithstanding all the complaints of Hannibal, who vainly tried to breathe into such a halting and shortsighted policy his own fire and clearness of decision, he allowed some years to elapse in armed inactivity.

Full details were given to Admiral Mayo of the proposed North Sea Barrage on a line totalling 230 miles in length, which was divided into three parts, Areas A, B and C, of which Area A only would be dangerous to surface vessels.

This town is growing rapidly in size and importance; the export of coal has greatly increased since the harbour was so much improved by Sir Matthew White Ridley, and now totals some millions of tones a year.

His absence from the room totalled a little less than three minutes, and when he held the glass to the lady's lips he was out of breath with his exertions.

Res., about 1,800 Oklahoma Fort Sill 26,880 South Dakota Fort Meade 5,280 Wyoming Fort D.A. Russell 2,541 Total 68,557 National Parks in the United States Montana and Wyoming Acres.

How total a privation of all sounds, Sights, and familiar objects, man, bird, beast, Herb, tree, or flower, and prodigal light of heaven.

He was wounded in the head by Crispin, a gallant Norman officer, who had followed the fortunes of William [a]; but, being rather animated than terrified by the blow, he immediately beat his antagonist to the ground, and so encouraged his troops by the example, that they put the French to total rout, and had very nearly taken their king prisoner.

This is a chance which is common to limited and to total secession, but which is still more unavoidable in the last.

When one looks back from the brink of it, one wonders that so total a subversion can take place at so easy a price.

In addition we have other lists totaling about 32,000 suffragists whose names are not on our books.

The reserve prices totalled the respectable sum of 2,050,000 francs!

By 1753 her ships in the slave traffic numbered eighty-seven, totaling about eight thousand tons burthen and rated to carry some twenty-five thousand slaves.

" End of Project Gutenberg's Against The Grain, by Joris-Karl Huysmans [Transcriber's Note, to forestall future queries: This translation, as printed, omits two sections: chapter 6 entirely, and a few paragraphs near the end of chapter 9 (totalling 2500 words, or about 4%).

I never witnessed so total a wreck in so short a space of time.

We could have totaled a square yard of skin, no doubt, and a bushel of bruises (if that is the way you measure them) but mine was the only knife-wound.

7. Under these circumstances we total abstinence.

[Footnote 2: Over a period of 22 years (1886-1908) 850 journalists were charged, 367 of whom were Rumanians; the sentences totalling 216 years of imprisonment, the fines amounting to Fcs. 138,000.]

25 collocations for  totalling