217 collocations for treads

The Master's answer was, "Give a foremost place to honesty and faithfulness, and tread the path of righteousness, and you will raise the standard of virtue.

Thus the quadrupeds, that are formed to tread the earth in common with man, are muscular and vigorous; and, whether they have passed into the servitude of man, or are permitted to range the forest or the field, they still retain, in a high degree, the energies with which they were originally endowed.

Morning and evening, winter and summer it was his custom ever to tread this painful way, wetting the stones with the blood of his atonement.

The same emotion as that which speaks in this letterso far, at least, as it can be shared by those who had no part in the grim scene itselfheld us, the first women-pilgrims to tread these roads and trampled slopes since the battle-storm of last autumn passed over them.

For there was one who could make or mar all fortunesthe absolute owner of street and houses and passers-byone who owned the patent and dispensed the right to tread that soil, to breathe that air, to be glorified in that sunlight and amid those snow crystals.

Not that I doubted your statementswhich, indeed, are handsomely supported by familiar statistics,but certainly there is a charm in treading the ground once trod by Greatness, breathingwell not the same air, I hope, but some of the same kind,viewing the identical scenes, and being swindled by the self-same parties, that had just occasioned your animated comments.

Bag-pipes are not unknown in the Musalman quarters of Bombay; and not infrequently you may watch a crescent of ten or twelve wild Arab sailors in flowing brown gowns and parti-coloured head-scarves treading a measure to the rhythm of the bagpipes blown by a younger member of their crew.

Thus it happened to Israel: for their sin they were sent back again by the way of the Red Sea; and I am made to tread those steps with sorrow, which I might have trod with delight had it not been for this sinful sleep.

" "... With the hoofs of his horses shall he tread down all thy streets.

But Tacitus pursues his victim with the patience of a sleuth-hound; he seems to find a ruthless satisfaction in stripping the soul of its coverings; he treads the floor of hell and watches with equanimity the writhings of the damned.

Notwithstanding, at the time of reaping, that ground so trodden bare more corn and better than any other fields beside, not trodden, did.

The cold and calculating German "MEPHISTOPHELES" treads the stage where once tripped the light feet of Parisian beauty.

He skimmed beneath the green waters; he floated on the rolling wave-tips; he trod water; he turned heels over head in the emerald depths; and thus, gamboling like an Infant Triton, he passed out beyond the breakers.

Think you to finish before the Queen comes? FLAT-FOOT (nodding as she treads the wheel).

It is the foot that treads the carpet which makes one to differ from another.

I tread his deck, Ascend his topmast, through his peering eyes Discover countries, with a kindred heart Suffer his woes, and share in his escapes; While fancy, like the finger of a clock, Runs the great circuit, and is still at home.

ROME REVISITED O sovereign Rome, still mistress of the heart, As of the world in thy majestic prime, Grand in thy ruins, peerless in thine art, Rich in the memories of a past sublime, Is thine the fault or mine that thou art changed, And that I tread the new Tiberian shore Convinced, alas!

A tragic ghost, he feels like one who treads alone some banquet-hall, not, indeed, deserted, but filled with another company, and that is so much drearier.

he cried, 'What star did at my birth preside? Am I for life by compact bound To tread the wheel's eternal round? Inglorious task!

My tale in any place would force a tear, But calls for stronger, deeper feelings here; For whilst I tread the free-born British land, Whilst now before me crowded Britons stand, Vain, vain that glorious privilege to me, I am a slave, where all things else are free.

But though Ilbrahim uttered no complaint, he was disturbed by the faces that looked upon him; so that Dorothy's entreaties, and their own conviction that the child's feet might tread heaven's pavement and not soil it, had induced the two Quakers to remove.

The part was given to Westwood, a professional actor, and Otway never essayed to tread the boards again.'

everyone must fear to tread the maze with certainty and must often fall back gratefully on the labours of the compilers of the Ordo which he follows.

The indifference of Buffalo so disgusted Douglass's companions that they shook the dust of the city from their feet, and left Douglass, who was accustomed to coldness and therefore undaunted by it, to tread the wine-press alone.

I tread the fields where thousands sleep, The blood-soaked fields that freed the slave; What precious memories still they keep For hearts that mourn and eyes that weep!

217 collocations for  treads