92 collocations for trips

[Offers to strike; GLOSTER trips up his heels; shifts SKINK into his place.

Then, as she tripped up the porch steps, she shook a finger at Dorn.

The cold and calculating German "MEPHISTOPHELES" treads the stage where once tripped the light feet of Parisian beauty.

We have got some five or six of them fairly underweigh, as Jack would say, and hope the remainder will speedily trip their anchors and follow.

We Merricks never amounted to much, an' didn't hanker to trip the light fantastic in swell society.

He heard Blossy emerge from her room at the end of the passage and go tripping down the stairs.

AMONG the strange revelations about Tribune people elicited during the MCFARLAND trial, was the bit of gossip about Mr. GREELEY going to Saratoga to "trip the light fantastic toe."

One of the foremost, who met the captain's bullet, was carried stumbling his own length before he sank underfoot; as the Mausers flashed from between the sand-bags, another and another man fell to his knees or toppled sidelong, tripping his fellows into a little knot or windrow of kicking arms and legs; but the main wave poured on, all the faster.

Between them a small dancing faun in greenish bronze tripped a Bacchic measure with head thrown back in a transport of derisive laughter.

" She tripped gayly into the house.

" I say tripping tongue, for Charles Lamb stammered and spoke hurriedly.

The going here was difficult, for the thick moss was full of short, stiff brush that caught the webbed shoes and tripped the traveler.

Jimsy, with a dexterous outward thrust of his foot, tripped the fleeing man, who came down heavily in the center of the road and started howling for mercy.

Koogah, the Bone-Scratcher, retreated backward in sudden haste, tripping over his staff and falling to the ground.

that acting either part, The trifling head, or the corrupted heart; Fop at the hostel, flatterer at the board, Now trips a lady, and now struts a Lord.

"For God's sake get on parade and play the man this day," cried Colonel Dearman, as he hurried out to meet the General, scoring his right boot with his left spur and tripping over his sword en route.

Then they had it hot and heavy until at last the knight managed to get his blade entangled with the dragon's long tail, and tripped the creature up.

Over these I toiled with my bundle slung over my shoulder, plodding heavily through the loose sand, and tripping over the creepers, but forgetting my wet clothes and my numb hands as I recalled the many hardships and adventures which my ancestors had undergone.

I saw the bouncing Bellibone, Hey, ho, Bonibell! Tripping over the dale alone, She can trippe it very well.

The young, fair Spring, is tripping o'er the Earth, With feet that ne'er can know the lag of age; The Earth, her lover, conscious of her worth, Flings down all his rich treasures to engage That blushing wanderer: but she journeys forth Heedless of all his offerings.

This is a contemporary word-picture of the physical and mental charms of one of the most lovely girls that ever tripped merrily along the Lung' Arno Acciaiuoliin the footsteps of Beatrice de' Portinari.

The despised Belgian, that small boy who had tripped the giant and then hugged the giant's knees, delaying him on the road to Paris, was having a rest.

Right happy and joyous seemed now the fond crew, As they tripped 'mid the orange groves flashing in dew, For they were to hold a revel that night, A gay fancy ball, and each to be dight In the gem or the flower that fancy might choose, From mountain or vale, for its fragrance or hues.

Presently he came tripping in with a smirk and a bow, the inevitable little hat under his arm.

once only has thy tripping tongue Run o'er my heart, yet never has been left Impression on it stronger or more sweet.

92 collocations for  trips