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145 collocations for tumbles

The chancellor defended himself for some time; and they had both of them liked to have tumbled off their horses in the street, when Becket, after a vehement struggle, let go his coat; which the king bestowed on the beggar, who, being ignorant of the quality of the persons, was not a little surprised at the present

The old owl hoots mournfully, the frogs bellow hoarsely along the reedy shore, while the tree toads are quavering from among the branches of the scrubby trees that grow along the rocky banks; the whippoorwill pipes shrilly in the forest depths; the breeze murmurs among the foliage of the tall old pines, while the everlasting roar of the waters, as they go tumbling down the rocks, is always heard.

A pretty girl tumbled down the stage steps and nearly choked Betty with the fervency of her embrace.

They tumbled the mountains high up, and on end, Piled glaciers where streams ought to be, And swamp land was placed in the desolate waste That stretched from the hills to the sea.

He pranced with his legs, and tumbled his hair, and twitched at his whiskers more than ever, as he said, "My dear," (and the boy had called her Mamma; so, then, it must be a fancy sketch, after all,) "my dear, no doubt the gentleman is more a cosmopolite than yourself, and blessed with more facility in adapting himself to circumstances.

After a stiff climb we came out upon a mossy tableland, intersected by several deep gulches, down which tumbled rapid glacial streams from many perpetual snow banks.

The superabundant display of vitality, which takes the form of knocking, hammering, and tumbling things about, has proved a daily torment to me all my life long.

Further conversation was interrupted by the avalanche of boys which came tumbling down the front stairs, as Tom, Dick, and Harry shouted in a sort of chorus, "Sy, my balloon has got away; lend us a hand at catching him!"

cried Tom, nearly tumbling off his perch, as he waved his hat, and pointed out Joe Collins.

There is a curious similarity between a passage in this letter and in one of Byron's, written in 1814: "I have been swimming, and eating turbot, and smuggling neat brandies, and silk handkerchiefs ... and walking on cliffs and tumbling down hills.

[Illustration: "WHY MUST YOU WAIT, DARLING?"] I fairly tumbled off my seat, and my book dropped with a bang, as I ran forward.

He found himself in a fair sized chamber with a bear at the other end, and a lucky shot tumbled the animal at his feet.

But until men come to understand that Style is an art, and an amazingly difficult art, they will continue with careless presumption to tumble out their sentences as they would lilt stones from a cart, trusting very much to accident or gravitation for the shapeliness of the result.

nothing so frequent as for them, for a month or two months together, to tear and tumble this doctrine!

" "Out here we wait on ourselves," he replied when he had tumbled the trunk into the wagon.

After examining the different articles, with pleasure, for a minute or two, she went, with a quick impetuous movement, to the basket, tumbled all its contents on the table, until she reached the scarf, which she tossed towards the major, saying, with a faint laugh "There, unbelieverheathenis that nothing?

She was for a fleeting second in her pareu only, her tunic raised above her head to pull on, and her enravishing form disclosed from her waist to her piquant face, over which tumbled her opulent locks.

[Illustration: "They tumbled the tall ghost over."

But at last, out of a hut half buried in verdure on the edge of a little clearing, there tumbled the quaintest little old black man, cutlass in hand, and, without being asked, went on ahead as our guide.

Half a dozen quick thrusts and there tumbled down upon their heads a mass of light snow that for a few moments completely buried them.

His master and the constable followed; but as soon as they were on the ladder, Ben's wife cut the cord that held it, and they tumbled heels over head upon the shed.

He had the full account in the newspaper, and had begun reading it, when my father uttered a low moan and tumbled off his chair to the floor.

She went fast asleep in the sermon, and nodded her head back till it almost tumbled off her head, and Ipse thought if I would put out my hand and just give a tiny, weeny pull at the ribbon, it would come right off!' Nancy clapped her hands.

Just then out tumbled his eight children, making such a racket that Unc' Billy clapped both hands over his ears.

Stephen'd just heaped the fire, and the great blaze was tumbling up the chimney, and Miss Mimy lowered her head and looked over her great horn-bowed spectacles at me.

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