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61 collocations for  twitches

61 collocations for twitches

" Sir Beverley's thin lips twitched a little.

I would have stopped, but Miss Havisham twitched my shoulder, and we posted on,I feeling shamefaced embarrassment.

"Things here are not what they seem," Jeff murmured to his horse, who twitched an intelligent ear, as if he, too, was well aware that this was no home of squatter or miner.

In his large, brown eyes an expression of moving melancholy was established; a nervous tremulousness almost twitched his refined lips, which, to my surprise, were not concealed by the universal moustache,indeed, the smooth chin and symmetrically trimmed mutton-chop whiskers, in the orthodox English mode, showed that the man shaved.

But the curate made her kiss his hand, he twitched her nose and patted her cheeks, he joked with her, winking and laughing, and laughing he pinched her.

" "No fader,"growled Nick, at the serjeant's elbow, twitching his sleeve, at the same time, to attract attention.

The prisoner looked at Joyce with his inscrutable eyes, and occasionally twitched his face at him, but never opened his mouth.

A something had before twitched my frock two or three times, so slightly I had scarcely noticed it; a little head now peeped round, and looking up in my face said, "She is not miss Lesley:" it was the young Augustus; he had been sitting at my feet, but I had not observed him.

" Mr. Styles was a thin, querulous, and withered-looking little man, who twitched his eyebrows as he spoke, and spoke in short, jerky phrases.

" "You do not know what you are saying, Berkley"Colonel Arran choked; turned gray; then a spasm twitched his features and he grasped the arms of his chair, staring at Berkley with burning eyes.

At last he rose, and twitched his mantle blue: To-morrow to fresh woods and pastures new.

"Well, Cuffe," said this uninviting-looking personage, twitching the stump of the maimed arm, "I see you are out of the flock; are you all ready for sailing?"

Long-bodied and lithe, small-headed and merciless, steel-muscled and chisel-clawed, the big cat in silhouette twitched its restless tail back and forth nervously, and from snarling jaws sent forth its almost human call to cut across vast, still distances.

In a few days' time the patient begins twitching the foot of the wounded leg; it is the fracture aching as it grows together.

He, in his turn, it seemed to Donnegan that the motion was slow, twitched up the muzzle of his weapon and fired once more from his hip.

They recognized the hatless, squat figure of their father at once, even in the dark, with the wind twitching his beard sideways.

After this Annie got into bed; the mother began to twitch her arms and legs, and seemed in great pain.

They wake me up, twitching my elbows, nearly every night.

Never may I forget the sickening horror of the moment when, creeping out amidst the rocks, Dawson twitches my hand, and points down through the clear water to something lying white at the bottom.

But I did not twitch this pillow off; I drew it aside slowly, as though held by the restraining clutch of some one behind me.

Thereupon he twitched the weapon deftly from out the Sheriff's hand, "Here, Stutely," he cried, "the Sheriff hath lent thee his sword!

He stood looking at Mrs. Wayne under his lowering brows; he had stopped swinging his elbows, and was now very slightly twitching his cane, as an evilly disposed cat will twitch the end of its tail.

He began to move slowly and silently down the branch until he was over the foe, slumbering, twitching his limbs, and making little sounds that told of dreams of the chase, or, more likely, dreams of tormenting a helpless Bear cub.

Saltash helped himself, the smile still twitching the corners of his mouth.

Sitting up like a gentleman, he has his hands free to scratch his ribs or twitch his moustache.

As Lubberkin once slept beneath a tree, I twitched his dangling garter from his knee; He wist not when the hempen string I drew.

When she was not twitching my sash straight, she was running about after me with dry shoes and stockings, and a chair, for fear "madame was getting too tired"; and when she was not doing that she was clapping my big garden hat on my head, for fear "madame would get a sunstroke."

here is one," continued the Doctor, as he twitched out a feather from the Sparrow's back.

" "Sure, I can see it plain enough from here," cried Juliana, and with a sudden deft movement she twitched the document out of her mother's hands.

Take holy water, cross your dark skin white; Round your proud eyes to foolish kitten looks; Walk mincingly, and smirk, and twitch your robe: Unmake yourselfdoff all the eagle plumes And be a parrot, chained to a ring that slips Upon a Spaniard's thumb, at will of his That you should prattle o'er his words again!

Now she turned swiftly to press her excited young ones back against the sheltering wall; now she whirled with a savage grunt and charged headlong at the wolves, which merely leaped aside and sat down silently again to watch the game, till the cubs raced out and hovered uneasily about with a thousand questions in every eye and ear and twitching nostril.

He pranced with his legs, and tumbled his hair, and twitched at his whiskers more than ever, as he said, "My dear," (and the boy had called her Mamma; so, then, it must be a fancy sketch, after all,) "my dear, no doubt the gentleman is more a cosmopolite than yourself, and blessed with more facility in adapting himself to circumstances.

But what twitched his very heartstrings was the dimple that came and went with that pathetic little twisted smile of hers.

He stood looking at Mrs. Wayne under his lowering brows; he had stopped swinging his elbows, and was now very slightly twitching his cane, as an evilly disposed cat will twitch the end of its tail.

In the first place, though an old and a gray-headed fellow, he twitched his skiff along as if it floated in air.

"Berkley, do you know me?" His lips twitched a voiceless affirmative.

They were quivering now, these ears, but because the entire little face was twitching back tears and gulp of sobs.

But whilst these things had been done, the senseless man beneath the mast had twitched his eyelids, had drawn a little gasping breath, and then finally had opened his eyes.

Maudie laid her hand on the Colonel's arm, and the diamond twitched the light.

The Indian, having the firmest hold, began to draw the knife further out of its sheath, when Morgan, suddenly giving his finger a furious bite, twitched the knife dexterously through his hand, cutting it severely.

I went with him to your attorneys" Like lightning the snarl twitched his mouth again; he made as though to rise, and controlled himself in the act.

Swift to the lock a thousand sprites repair, A thousand wings, by turns, blow back the hair; And thrice they twitched the diamond in her ear; Thrice she looked back, and thrice the foe drew near.

Fancy him baiting a great hook with pickled salmon, and, twitching up old Izaac Walton from the banks of the River Lee, with the hook through his ear.

" She defied her fears and that mocking, twitching vein with the words.

Miss Milligan, dressmaker in private life, with a discreet swiftness, twitched the blouse and skirt into place and deftly fastened it.

But Racey saw the pair at the same time, and said, twitching Peaches by the sleeve, "We'll turn off here, I guess.

When she is sewing she does not twitch her thread into knots, and when she is writing she writes slowly and carefully.

The royal visiter, standing behind him whilst he painted, first gently lifted, or rather twitched the collar of the gown, which Mr. Northcote resented, by suddenly turning and expressing his displeasure by a frown.

He twitched the lid aside.

Now, by the living God, He'd watch you standing on destruction's brink And never twitch his sword in your behalf, Or rescue you unless you gave command.

I" suddenly his gray face began to twitch againand he set his jaw savagely to control it.

Junior licked his fingers and twitched a fold of his mother's soiled skirt.

I will speak with thee again at refection," he said, twitching his head up at the Red Tower with suspicious glances, as if he feared unseen ears might be listening, and that some of its fearful magic might even descend upon a man so notably holy as a Bishop's confessor.

"Why don't you?" demanded Harry, vaguely, twitching Dorothy by the apron.

Howsomever, when we found no more was to be got from the wreck, and that, since the air had escaped by the hole we had cut, she was settling fast, we thought it best to get out of her: and sure enough we were none too soon, seeing that she went under just as we had twitched our jolly-boat clear of the suction.

It made nothing of twitching away books and balls.

He approached from a flank, deftly twitched the infant out of its cradle by the scruff of its neck, and commenced to plaster it with tender kisses.

The memory made Robert Macklin's lips twitch just a trifle, and Ronicky Doone saw it.

Ringan's sword played like lightning round the wretched youth, it twitched the blade from his grasp, and forced him back with a very white face to the door.

An irresistible flicker of laughter twitched his wrinkles and bubbled in his throat.

He was going along quietly with Oates when a dog frightened him: he flung up his head, twitched the rope out of Oates' hands and dashed away.