378 collocations for undergoes

The machine, therefore, has undergone no change in its position or course; the change is altogether in our feelings.

Their personal traits continually undergo a process of chiselling and adjustment.

When the boy returned with the messenger Kemp was still in the witness-box, undergoing an examination at the hands of the judge.

"The whole history of the Western liturgy supports us in maintaining that these books received from the great Pope or from one of his contemporaries a form which never afterwards underwent any radical or essential alteration."

[Footnote 1: "The rishi," says Eitel, "is a man whose bodily frame has undergone a certain transformation by dint of meditation and asceticism, so that he is, for an indefinite period, exempt from decrepitude, age, and death.

Thomson has beautifully described the appearance of the sheep, when bound to undergo the operation of being shorn of its wool.

The learned men who collected the tales of the Berbers and Kabyles (who are identical in ethnical origin) underwent many hardships in gathering from half-savage lips the material for their volume.

I can give names to all the parts of that figure, and then if I take any segment of the body of the lobster, I can point out to you exactly, what modification the general plan has undergone in that particular segment; what part has remained movable, and what has become fixed to another; what has been excessively developed and metamorphosed and what has been suppressed.

The murderer was taken, and conducted to the metropolis, that he might undergo the punishment due to his crime.

The church itself was undergoing repair and restoration, which is but another name for change.

"The men were very much weakened," "unable to undergo any fatigue," even "to carry their knapsacks."

Jack was undergoing an ignominious trial for murderfor desertion!

The spirit of contradiction and the affectation of superiority, however, led him to reproach his rival with pusillanimity, and he went so far that at length he found himself committed to undergo the ordeal: merely stipulating that, in consideration of his being a foreigner, he should be permitted to elevate the right arm only.

He was a criminal by profession and had undergone several heavy sentences for burglary.

"A final word: Whatever tortures we may undergo, we do not wish for Peace except with the independence of our country and the triumph of justice.

I suppose that if such could be shown to be the limit of world-growth, we could put up with the allowance without feeling that our speculations had undergone any revolution.

Later on the French-English Treaty was approved by the House of Commons, the French-American underwent the same fate as the Versailles Treaty.

What followed even those who underwent the experience could never clearly describe.

On returning to Chatford after the summer holidays, they discovered that all three were destined to leave at Christmas and proceed to Ronleigh College, a large school in the neighbourhood, to which a good number of Mr. Welsby's former pupils had been transferred after undergoing a preliminary course of education at The Birches.

This party made off immediately, and, after undergoing much suffering, finally arrived, in safety, at Ocracoke Inlet, on the third day after the wreck.

We saw a multitude of minor "tremblers," and men undergoing electrical treatment for paralysis and stiffness of various limbs.

The regulations underwent a revision after a few years, and in April, 1840 ("Astronomische Nachrichten," No. 400), were republished as follows: "1.

Look at the class of men who, in all England, undergo the most fearful dangers; who know not at what hour of any night they may not be called up to the most serious labour and responsibility, with the chance of a horrible and torturing death.

At twenty they underwent the ceremony of capping, and were considered men.]

Sir Charles Lyell long ago suggested that the azoic character of these ancient formations might be due to the fact that they had undergone extensive metamorphosis; and readers of the "Principles of Geology" will be familiar with the ingenious manner in which he contrasts the theory of the Gnome, who is acquainted only with the interior of the earth, with those of ordinary philosophers, who know only its exterior.

378 collocations for  undergoes