83 collocations for underrate

Inspector Chippenfield was so astonished at this handsome compliment that he began to think he had underrated Rolfe's powers of discernment.

Now it has been done, and proved successful, many underrate its value, thinking that they also would have done precisely the same thing.

The English did not overrate the bravery of their troops or the abilities of their generals, but they did underrate the difficulties in conquering a population scattered over a vast extent of territory.

" "I'm not at all sure," Phipps observed, "that you don't underrate your nephew's ability.

"But when Mr. Westcote releases us, it will be en masse; and then, believe me, I shall come with an army, since I underrate neither the strength of the fortress nor the feeling of the country.

It seemed to me that they underrated the intelligence and the strength of the Republican party.

From Original made by Miss Emma F. Brigham in 1877] "This ignorance of the masses leads to a misconception in two ways; the little that a scientist can do, they do not understand,they suppose him to be godlike in his capacity, and they do not see results; they overrate him and they underrate himthey underrate his work.

" Let not the reader think for a single moment that we have no appreciation of the labors of a De Witt Clinton, or of a Livingston, that we at all underrate the services of the Eastern capitalists who render available the public-land grants of the West, whether to build ship-canals or railroads.

"I am going to deal with a hard fact, which your husband is afraid to tell you," said John, "because, in his tenderness for your womanly weakness, he underrates, as I venture to think, your womanly courage.

Contemplative men of studious habits and a philosophical cast of mind are apt to underrate the genius which sways a popular assembly.

Afterward he was to learn that he had underrated the gifts of the former mayor.

She had a true relish of all the little pleasures that promiscuous society affords, and did not underrate those talents which are better fitted for the drawing-room than the study."

It overrates speed, it underrates sureness; it overrates the new, it underrates the old; it overrates automatic efficiency, it underrates individual craftsmanship; it overrates rights, it underrates duties; it overrates political institutions, it underrates individual responsibility.

We ought not to reverence the blind recklessness which sits on the safety-valve during a steamboat-race, but the cool composure which neither underrates a danger nor shrinks from it.

First, he showed, by incontrovertible evidence, the utter falsehood of the charge, that he had underrated the merits of others and exalted his own.

No greater affront can be offered to a Sulu, than to underrate his dignity and official consequence.

'I had really underrated the disagreeableness of the English climate.

He expected this, and was even disappointed that his eyes could not command more, for he now saw that he had materially underrated the distance between the crater and the Peak, which must be nearer sixty than fifty miles.

" "Let me have the poor comfort of underrating my enemy, the thing above all others that a wise man shuns and a fool indulges.

I do not, as I have said, underrate the evils that really do arise from militarism and the military ethic.

Without any desire to underrate the exploits of the English or the Orangemen, I can safely say that the finest touches were added by soldiers trained in a tradition inherited from the horrors of the Thirty Years' War, and of what the old ballad called "the cruel wars of High Germanie."

It is very easy to underrate the feeling which for some time past has been growing throughout Europe against the colossal waste of armaments.

I'm not underrating good workit's fine in every way, but it can't always be written about.

Those who don't know him always underrate our French foe.

You underrate friendship when you say a thing like that.

83 collocations for  underrate
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