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99 collocations for unfastened

Acton, as head of the school, kept the key, and having unfastened the door, summoned his followers inside to hold an impromptu council of war and discuss the situation.

Then she sank into a chair, and with trembling fingers unfastened her dress.

Ahmed unfastened the breast-strap, then remounts and departs.

" The man stooped down and unfastened my chain, grumbling to himself because I had not been put in another car.

She leaned forward and unfastened her mother's bonnet-strings.

Windham unfastened the rope, and told him to get home, and if ever I saw a dog run, that one did.

And with a tender strength holding the sobbing girl Katie unfastened her collar and began taking off her dress.

He unfastened the bolts without haste.

Therein I will set a knot, and make this covenant with you, that never will you put your love on dame or maiden, save only on her who shall first unfasten this knot.

He slipped off his jacket and vest and began to unfasten his collar-button as the train gained speed.

" And Rafael, who was flattered by the idea of taking his love publicly down the river, through the slumbering countryside, unfastened his boat at midnight under the bridge and rowed it to a canebrake near Leonora's orchard.

She rose and without apparent reason began to unfasten the cords of the blind with trembling hands.

" "By the great elm," exclaimed Pamela, who had unfastened the shutters with Josiah's help; "see, the branches overhang the roof just here, and I think there are some pieces of the bark on the ground below."

A human thief entering the window would have disturbed this arrangement, and would scarcely risk discovery by attempting to replace it, especially a thief in so great a hurry as to snatch the brooch up without unfastening the pin.

He unfastened his coat and threw it open, glaring at her a little. 'Whome?

The sergeant-major came to a halt just before reaching the gate, and, hidden by the hedge, unfastened his parcel and shook out his wife's best nightgown.

" Marjorie followed her into the front parlor and began to unfasten her veil.

But if anyone had been about late that night, long after the aviators who had quarters at the hotels in town had quitted the field, he would have seen three figurestwo girls and a boy, steal across the field from an auto which had driven up almost noiselessly, and unfasten the formidable padlocks on the doors of the Nameless's dwelling place.

Markham smiled and glanced up at the smiling heavens, unfastened Clarissa's pack, and brought out a roasted chicken cold, a loaf of bread, a new tin pot, and a bag of coffee, which he brought to the fireside.

The portent of this was simple enough: If any man sought to fire on the soldiers below he must first unfasten a window and expose himself in the light; and after he fired admittance would be made easy for those who came searching for him to kill him.

He unfastened his cloak and threw it over them like a net.

When she had unfastened his wraps, her hands trembling the while with nervousness, she found that he was pot-bellied, with small legs and arms.

But when, in trying to unfasten her collarhe longed to be doing some little thing for her comforthe took his hand from hers, she started up in alarm and he had to put it back, reassuring her, telling her that she was not alone, that nothing could ever harm her again.

"This is the Snap," she said, unfastening the cover, and producing from within a paper parcel.

Early the next morning Kara got up and unfastened the cow and began to lead it away, but the cow would not follow him; then he saw that it had been changed and he called his host and charged him with the theft.

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