46 collocations for unmasking

For my friend had suddenly unmasked his batteries and now threatened, like the Cheshire Cat, to dissolve into a mere abstraction of amusement.

He was as thoroughly imbued with worldly subtlety and cunning as if he had lived amid the grille of a city all his life; and Mr. Merrick was by no means sure of his own ability to unmask the man and force him to make restitution.

Now I will unmask you, villain!" "Forgive me, lady!" begged the terrified monk.

R96332, 13Jun52, W. Graham Scroggie (A) SEABURY, DAVID. Unmasking our minds.

Then Juanita unmasked her guns.

we unmask the hypocrite.

He connived, however, at the arrest of Bertomy, hoping that later on he might obtain great kudos for himself by unmasking the banker.

"Mine becomes the unhappy mission of unmasking two unworthy people whom you, in your innocence and trust, have cherished close to your heart.

Was he, she wondered, like herself, pretending friendship merely to unmask secrets for his government?

The Principle of Life must of necessity be Affirmative, and affirmative throughout, without any negative anywhereif we once realize this we shall be able to unmask the enemy and silence his guns.

Volumes of evidence about Mrs. Piper have been published by Dr. Hodgson, who unmasked Madame Blavatsky and Eusapia Paladino.

He took up an advanced position at Olhanka, reconnoitred the Uspenkie position the next day, and unmasked the Bolshevik formation, with a loss of two horses and a Cossack badly wounded.

Even after they unmasked Talbot I had neither the heart nor the inclination to turn him down.

The object was to unmask a suspected ambush.

He who had saved his country in unmasking the designs of its tyrant admitted by his silence his title to the hatred of the one and the gratitude of the other.

After many remarks directed to the passions, without proposing in specific terms a single provision of their newly projected Constitution, without laying their finger upon a single grievance, without urging a single argument tending to shew that a Constitution does not exist, the address unmakes itself-it unmasks the Convention-it unmasks these patriotic Delegates, and discovers the true cause of this Jacobinic meeting.

Not such is Ithuriel's magic spear, the very touch of which unmasks falsehood.

She set about to unmask his real intentions and to circumvent his hypocrisy.

"Hast thou aught more to urge, Antonio?" asked the judge, with the wily design of unmasking the fisherman's entire soul.

He only awaited an occasion to unmask his disloyalty, to have the right to do it, and everything told him that this opportunity was near.

Mrs. Skinner unmasked an eye at him as she led the way towards the barn.

whose eyes, like suns Too fierce for freshness and for dewy bloom, Have parched and paled the hues of tender spring, Cannot thy love unmask a youthful shape Deformed by tempests of the soul and sea, Fit to remind thee of a story old Which God has in his keepingof thyself?

He who would see the venerable features of Nature must not seek with the rudeness of a licensed roysterer violently to unmask her countenance; but must wait as a learner for her willing unveiling.

ITHURIEL, an angel whom Milton represents as sent by Gabriel to search for Satan in Paradise, who had found entrance by eluding the vigilance of the guard; he was armed with a spear, the touch of which could unmask any disguise, and by means of which he discovered Satan lurking in the garden in the form of a toad.

For the moment, the English mind, bending in a surprised deference to the stormy assault of the enthusiasts of the new school, partly carried away by its characteristic admiration of the heroism of their attack and the fiery eloquence of their champion, Ruskin, and perhaps not quite assured of its final effect, forgets to unmask its terrible artillery.

46 collocations for  unmasking