67 collocations for unpacks

" A heavy shower of rain was descending at this moment, and little Miss Honeyman, looking at her lodger, who had sat down and taken up her book, said, "Have your ladyship's servants unpacked your trunks?"

How many times that poor old woman packed and unpacked that box, nobody could dream.

They had just finished unpacking the things they had brought from Europe.

He has told no story; he has never unpacked his heart in public; he has never thrown the reins on the neck of the winged horse, and let his imagination carry him where it listed.

While Dick Varley felled and cut up firewood, Henri unpacked the horses and turned them loose to graze, and Joe kindled the fire and prepared venison steaks and hot tea for supper.

When you have unpacked your valise, and got to feel at home, come downstairs, and we will have a little conversation upon business.

Next day we proceeded to unpack our stores, and to try to make a hospital out of these empty rooms, and then only did we discover that an overwhelming misfortune had overtaken us.

On the following morning Nell was put to work at once, helping to unpack the chests and arrange the draperies in the exhibition rooms.

He was unpacking his bundle and arranging its contents on the table, where a servant had placed a lamp when he admitted this unusual visitor.

"I unpacked his bags and got his bedroom ready.

" They found a small auberge before which Hermia unpacked her orchestra and played.

McDougall he knew well by reputation, having heard about him from every Cummings man who unpacked samples in Delafield.

"When the carriers had gone I directed her to come to the museum and help me to unpack the cases, which she flatly refused to do unless supported by the cook.

In the later afternoon Lewisham, having unpacked his books to a certain extent, and so forth, was visible to all men, visibly in the highest spirits, carrying home Ethel's shopping.

He did not cease talking, but went on in the same strain while with the help of the servant he unpacked his portmanteau.

"A clean getaway, barring the little damage we've takenthis window, and Alden, and" "Better unpack your kit, and settle down," the Master dryly interrupted him.

He unpacked William and gave her the things he had brought for Injun Jim, and returned with his camp outfit to the spring to think things over while he boiled himself a pot of coffee and fried bacon.

I am sure it took Thomas, the man-servant, a whole day to unpack the awnings, the bootjacks, the game-bags, the cigar-boxes, the guns, the camp-stools, the liquor-cases, the bathing-suits, and other paraphernalia that these pleasure-seekers brought.

But on the fourth evening, just at sunset, when the sandwiches I had ordered in advance were all thoroughly stale and I had almost decided to unpack the small hand-grip and try to forget the whole affair, I noticed an Arab standing in the door of the hotel scrutinizing every one who passed him.

"Unpack the dynamite," he cried.

She was by no means to unpack an article, not even a bouquet.

He instructed me to receive and unpack the tomb-furniture on its arrival, and to store it, with the mummy, in a particular room, where it was to remain for three weeks.

He held his rifle in readiness, while Weyman unpacked his camera and got to work.

" Jarvis unpacked the manuscript and began.

From their canvas bags which served them for valises, they unpacked their regulation suits, worn when they were working on the freight steamers, on the schooners plying to Newfoundland, or on the simple coasting smacks.

67 collocations for  unpacks