24 collocations for untwisted

She sat nervously twisting and untwisting her fingers.

Wutzler doffed his coolie hat, slid out of his jacket, tossed both down among the oil-jars, and stooping over the dead man, began to untwist the scarlet turban.

Eric, deeply vexed, kept twisting and untwisting a bit of paper, without raising his eyes, and even Barker thoroughly repented his short-sighted treachery; the rest were silent and miserable.

They hurried up, and to their delight found him-untwisting the cotton strands from the wings of a brownish-black bird, which had entangled itself in them during the night.

With a steady hand she untwisted the wire fastening of the chain, slipped the ring off, and, bending her head, placed it reverently on the ring-finger of her left hand;brief, but potent ceremony; and over without preface or comment, but over for all time.

If we could only keep from untwisting the morning-glory, only be willing to let the sunshine do it!

I was too tired to untwist my hair, and I pulled and dragged at my dress, which seemed to have a hundred fastenings.

While the other tugged and strained, he, quietly yielding his lithe lissome frame to every effort, tried hard with obstinate endeavour to untwist the hands that held him firmly locked.

It was not a pretty sight, and the only thing that redeemed its ugliness was the way in which all those medical men were devoting themselves to the almost hopeless task of untwisting the contorted limbs of those victims of the war spirit, and restoring the shape of man botched by the artists of the death machines.

" Mr. Cowan was untwisting the lines from the plow handles preparatory to making another round.

In fact, it was a genuine Welsh musical medley, and the daring genius who would have occupied himself in "untwisting all the links which tied its hidden soul of harmony," would have had about as difficult and distressing a task as he who tried to make ropes out of sea-sand.

I care not much if I untwist my committee-man, and so give him the receipt of this grand Catholicon.

Ev'n light itself, which every thing displays, Shone undiscover'd, till his brighter mind Untwisted all the shining robe of day; And from the whitening undistinguished blaze, Collecting every separated ray, To the charm'd eye educ'd the gorgeous train Of parent colours.

Are we forever to be twisting and untwisting the same rope, forever on the same track, forever at the same pace?"

In a half-hour she came slowly down the stairs, untwisting a long string of her mother's abandoned pearls, great pear-shaped things full of the pale lustre of gibbous moons.

"Even allowing that he had no news until this mail got in, Tom, he'd get off a whole lot easier that I'll ever be able to, and so could catch a boat, while I kept untwisting the army red tape.

Here is what he says," and she untwisted a second telegram and read it to him.

Even the deaf-and-dumb gardener had untwisted his surly temper, and as Abraham entered the dining-room, looked in at the east window with a conciliatory grin and nod which said as plainly as words: "'T is a welcome sight indeed to see one of my own kind around this establishment!"

In a half-hour she came slowly down the stairs, untwisting a long string of her mother's abandoned pearls, great pear-shaped things full of the pale lustre of gibbous moons.

What beauties dost thou open to the sight, Untwisting all the golden threads of light!

Maybe to see our wheat burn would untwist that twist in his brain and make him American.

'The poet valued highly the small slender twigs, as associated with so much that was interesting, and he untwisted the basket and planted one of the branches in the ground.

Then Peter untwisted the wire and entered.

They caught hold of him firmly and endeavored to untwist his beard from the line, but in vain; they were too tightly entangled.

24 collocations for  untwisted