111 collocations for usurp

Here we have the yellow used merely as a lining to the green, or employed in the lower, or less honorable, part of the dress;an inversion of propriety, and intimating how a favorite had usurped the place of the rightful wife and thrust her down.] ~In

This new Emperor had been permitted by Frenchmen to usurp his power largely because of the military repute of his great namesake; and he felt that to hold his place he must justify his reputation.

On the death of Artaxerxes I, his son, Xerxes II, succeeds him as ruler of Persia; he reigns only forty-five days, being slain by his brother Sogdianus, who usurps the throne.

I cannot yet discover any proof sufficient to convict him of having usurped the authority of first minister, or any other power than that accidental influence which every man has, whose address or services have procured him the favour of his sovereign.

Flack had so little professional pride that he was pleased at meeting a gentleman who usurped the functions of a detective without having had any police training, and who could beat the best of the Scotland Yard men like shelling peas, as he confided to his wife that night.

They sent him a favourable answer; but, by means of an ambush, they made forty of his cavalry prisoners, alleging that they had come unwarrantably to usurp the government which belonged to another.

But a Hildebrand and a Becket had not arisen to usurp the prerogatives of their monarchs.

These acts of violence, exercised against the nearest connections of the late King, prognosticated the severest fate to his defenceless children; and after the murder of Hastings, the Protector no longer made a secret of his intentions to usurp the crown.

"One of the fathers tells us that an excommunication is null when it would usurp over citizens the right of their prince.

How long our merchants were plundered, our sailors enslaved, and our colonies intimidated without resentment; how long the Spaniards usurped the dominion of the seas, searched our ships at pleasure, confiscated the cargoes without control, and tortured our fellow-subjects with impunity, cannot but be remembered.

This entailed a long minority, with all its dangers, and the apprehensions regarding these were not fanciful, inasmuch as Lodovico Sforza, uncle of the baby Duke, usurped the position under pretext of acting as regent.

Courtesans usurped the privileges of wives, and with unblushing effrontery.

Under these circumstances we cannot be surprised to find the principal performers in the May pageants passing the one into the other,to find the May King, whose occupation was gone when the gallant outlaw had supplanted him in the favor of the Lady, assuming the part of the Hobby-Horse, Robin Hood usurping the title of King of the May, and the Hobby-Horse entering into a contest with the Dragon, as St. George.

Its institution was peculiar and unique; a great spiritual government usurping the attributes of other governments, as predicted by Daniel, and, at first benignant, ripening into a gloomy tyranny,a tyranny so unscrupulous and grasping as to become finally, in the eyes of Luther, an evil power.

His son, Mahomet Almoateded, having subdued Southern Andalusia, became the ally of Mahomet, son and successor of Gehwar on the throne of Cordova; but he betrayed the latter under pretence of aiding him against his enemies, and usurped the sovereignty.

C.B. Jonesthe man who usurped the rooms intended for you.

But times are altered; trade's unfeeling train Usurp the land and dispossess the swain; Along the lawn, where scattered hamlets rose, Unwieldy wealth and cumbrous pomp repose, And every want to opulence allied, And every pang that folly pays to pride.

False tidings and idle rumours may for an hour clamorously usurp attention, because they are believed to be true; but the cheat is soon discovered, and the rumour dies.

Then, ere despair usurp his vanquish'd heart, Is there a power, whose influence benign Can bid his head in pillow'd peace recline,

If she does not return, I am not your brother, but an intruder, usurping the share of affection and comfort that ought to fall to her.

It was not till the preacher was silenced by the magistrates of his own city, that he seems to have rebelled against the papal authority; and then not so much against the authority of Rome as against the wicked shepherd himself, who had usurped the fold.

But we are close friends of young Mr. Jones and have no desire to usurp his island kingdom or seize his pearls.

Restore to me that little spot, With grey hills compassed round, Where knotted grass neglected lies, And weeds usurp the ground.

He resolved in his wagon that night, that when the time came for another miracle, he would not selfishly usurp the honour of performing it.

But liberty at present seems to be in an undefined state; and until our rulers shall have determined what it is, the matter will continue to be settled as it is nowby each man usurping as large a portion of tyranny as his situation will admit of.

111 collocations for  usurp