127 collocations for vanquishing

I have fought In many a battle, vanquished many a foe; By Feridún's commands I girt my loins, And his advice has ever been my guide.

"It is now, Gúdarz, thy turn to vanquish the enemy."

He also vanquished the army of the pretender at Stoke, in June, 1487.

O chief of herd-owners, bring thou back the kine after vanquishing the Kurus, and consume thou their troops with the terrific energy of thy arrows.

The Athenians vanquish the Spartan fleet under Callicratidas, at Arginusae.

At last, Balarama vanquishes the demon hosts, 'as a white elephant scatters lotuses.'

Why doth not thy wrath blaze up at sight of that Arjuna in exile, who, on a single car, hath vanquished celestials and men and serpents?

O that we three who, in the sun's arise Were, like the three Triumviri of Rome, Guides of an host, able to vanquish Rome, Are now alone, enclos'd with enemies!

[-16-] Let no one wonder that Lucullus, who had proved himself of all men most versed in warfare, and was the first Roman to cross the Taurus with an army and for hostile operations, who had vanquished two powerful kings and would have captured them if he had chosen to end the war quickly, was unable to rule his fellow-soldiers, and that they were always revolting and finally left him in the lurch.

"If spiritual pride have not entirely vanquished humility.

They calculated upon the terror they should inspire; and judged that if they could not succeed in vanquishing the Grand Prince, they should, at all events, be enabled to secure their own terms.

But who was this man Lincoln, who had so bravely vanquished the Little Giant?

Their plan was to vanquish the British and French, if possible, before the United States could transport a sufficient number of men to France to turn the tide of numbers in favor of the Allies, and enable them to take the offensive with good prospects of success.

And then, sure of her victory, she threw caution to the windsas older and wiser women have done too openly in vanquishing stronger and more masterful men.

I had quickly vanquished every Glutton in Company but one, who was such a Prodigy in his Way, and withal so very merry during the whole Entertainment, that he insensibly betrayed me to continue his Competitor, which in a little time concluded in a compleat Victory over my Rival; after which, by Way of Insult, I ate a considerable Proportion beyond what the Spectators thought me obliged in Honour to do.

He, however, paid no attention to this and invaded the country of the Chatti, advancing as far as Suebia, conquering the territory traversed not without hardship and vanquishing the troops that assailed him not without bloodshed.

It was said of a Wit of the last Age, Sedley has that prevailing gentle Art, } Which, can with a resistless Charm impart } The loosest Wishes to the chastest Heart; } Raise such a Conflict, kindle such a Fire, Between declining Virtue and Desire, That the poor vanquished Maid dissolves away In Dreams all Night, in Sighs and Tears all Day.

"I vanquished many a valiant knight Who on his shield the lilies bore; And on Vandalia's plain subdued Of Red Cross warriors many a score.

Now that he had vanquished all forces under arms he poured out upon the unarmed all the wrath he had nourished against them during the previous period.

He who had now won that success had even then vanquished her heart, 'had caused her to die' to all else but the thought of him"(!)

But Sinclair vanquished Le-Ard, and by a large sum procured the investiture from Hakon in 1379, and we know from history, that he remained earl in 1406, and was likewise possessed of Shetland.

Garry Grayson's double signals; or, Vanquishing the football plotters, by Elmer A. Dawson, pseud.

Pavanarekha is dismayed but the demon tells her that he has given her a son who will 'vanquish the nine divisions of the earth, rule supreme and fight Krishna.'

First came the mist of mythology, in which we discerned the new St. George, serene, impeccable, moving through an orchard of ever-blooming cherry-trees, gracefully vanquishing dragons with a touch, and shedding fragrance and radiance around him.

Do you think that war or money, or lust of any kind, shall destroy us now, in this modern rousing hour, with woman at last coming into her ownwhen they have never yet in the darkest hour of the world, vanquished a single great dream of a pure woman?

127 collocations for  vanquishing
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