128 collocations for vented

A meddling old lady, who used to visit his mother and was possessed of a curious belief in a future transmigration to our satellitethe bleakness of whose scenery she had not realizedhaving given him some cause of offence, he stormed out to his nurse that he "could not bear the sight of the witch," and vented his wrath in the quatrain.

Feeling ran high; and higher still when, a few weeks later, the civil magistrates vented their rage on several redcoats by imposing sentences exceeding even the utmost limits of their previous vindictive action.

He vented his anger most frequently upon John, the sight of whose superb strength goaded the unhappy man into a frenzy, and John's forbearance was tried to the utmost, but there was a sweet patience growing in his soul which made it possible to endure in silence, however capricious or unreasonable the commands of his master might be, and Reginald, watching him critically, marvelled at the mysterious inner strength of his friend.

On the other hand, they vented their spleen and sharpened their English on the American financier, who had no relations and scarcely any friends to stand by him, and was, moreover, in a foreign country, which always seems to be regarded as an aggravating circumstance when a man gets into any sort of trouble.

They vented their feelings against Pericles as the cause not merely of the war, but also of all that they were now enduring.

"Perhaps that fellow thinks he's going to vent his spite on me in a lot of petty ways," murmured Dave.

Smarting under a sense of shame which was entirely unmerited, every boy sought eagerly for some object on which to vent his indignation; it became necessary, to use the words of the comic opera, that "a victim should be found," and suspicion fell on Kennedy and Jacobs.

He means by his calumnious stories either to vent some passion boiling in him, or to compass some design which he affects, or to please some humour that he is possessed with: but is any of these things worth purchasing at so dear a rate?

And closing her eyes as the brougham rolled along, she poisoned her mind by ruminating all these things, scarce able to refrain from venting her fury by throwing herself upon that young woman Charlotte, well-loved and fruitful spouse, who sat beside her.

Soon afterward he broke out into open opposition to his father, who had complained of this undutiful and impetuous son to the states of the provinces, venting his grief in lamentations instead of punishing his people's wrongs.

The Duchess vented her displeasure on the unfortunate architect, whom she never credited with doing anything right.

Squire Clamp retreated to the street, took sight each way to be sure he was off his antagonist's territory, and then vented his cautious resentment in such well-considered phrases as a long course of experience had taught him were not actionable at law, nor ground for discipline in church.

" "What!" exclaimed Adam, and vented his great laugh again, "well, if that ain't a good 'un, sir!

True Sir: and holds set counsels, to vent their braine sicke opinions with presagements what all states shall designe.

Like the brilliant Ovid, when he was banished to the frozen wilds of Tomi, Seneca vented his anguish in plaintive wailing and bitter verse.

"You thought, sir!" says the great man, willing to vent his vexation on some one.

He had considerable difficulty in refraining from venting his temper on the poor, dumb furniture; in fact, he did give a kick to a pretty little writing-table.

It is probable that his purpose in forcing the Pammenes referred to, who had been in his prime in the reign of Gaius, to compete in spite of his age, was that he might overcome him and vent his dislike in abuse of his statues.

Then, all of a sudden, she began to talk, venting her thoughts aloud.

Unfortunately, few of the men sent on this exploring expedition were imbued with the peace-making spirit of their chief, and most of them seemed glad to have a chance of venting their hatred of the poor Indians on this unhappy wretch, who, although calm, looked sharply from one speaker to another, to gather hope, if possible, from the tones of their voices.

And thus he nimbly vents his heat: 'Who meets a fool must find conceit.

After tapping many topics, to which I made as dry answers as an unbribed oracle, he vented his errand.

Gone, depend upon it, To vent some fancy in his brainsome whim, That will not let him rest till it's a sonnet.

and I must vent my crossness on somebody, so let it be Peggy.

"Dull wretch!" exclaimed Virgil, "keep to thine horn, and so vent better whatsoever frenzy or other passion stuff thee.

128 collocations for  vented