61 collocations for vomits

Wounds, mortal wounds, were unheeded so long as the man still had strength to stagger on; I have seen a sergeant with a great fragment of common shell through his lungs run forward for several hundred yards vomiting blood, but still encouraging his men, who, truth to tell, were as eager as he.

Woe to that Aetna, vomiting this fire!

People who are seasick some hours after a meal vomit undigested food.

Arsenic: Paris green, Intense pains in Vomit patient repeatedly, Rough on rats, stomach and bowels; give hydrated oxide of iron White arsenic, thirst; vomiting, with magnesia, usually kept Fowler's solution, perhaps with blood; by druggists for emergencies; Scheele's green.

Before any one of its pernicious effects is fully dilated a thousand others appear; the hydra still shoots out new heads, and every head vomits out new poison to infect society, and lay the nation desolate.

They arre and bark at night against the moon, For fetching in fresh tides to cleanse the streets, They vomit flames and blast the ripen'd fruits: They are death's messengers unto all those That sicken, while their malice beareth sway.

We did not perceive that the Pic was constantly covered with snow as some voyagers affirm, nor that it vomits forth lava of melted metal; for when we observed it, its summit seemed intirely destitute of snow and of volcanic eruptions.

The tall factory chimneys of Malaga, vomiting forth streams of black smoke, marred the serenity of the sky; but the distant view of the city is very fine.

It was one-eyed, and vomited smoke, and it snorted with exceeding loudness.

I don't know how he managed it, but when he spoke to us, his words put fire into our hearts; and in order to show him that we really were his children, and not the kind of men to shrink from danger, we used to march right up to great blackguards of cannon which bellowed and vomited balls without so much as saying "Look out!"

The scenes that I have witnessed are enough to harrow up the soul; but could the slave be permitted to tell the story of his sufferings, which no white man, not linked with slavery, is allowed to know, the land would vomit out the horrible system, slaveholders and all, if they would not unclinch their grasp upon their defenceless victims.

The hill-side opposite seemed suddenly to vomit men.

Again the earth vomited the demons forth.

" "Let them alone," said Gabriel, laughing; "they have not yet digested their new ideas, and are vomiting follies.

Angrily a boiler-shop clatter of machine-guns vomited useless frenzy.

For even sheep do not vomit up their grass and show to the shepherds how much they have eaten; but when they have internally digested the pasture, they produce externally wool and milk.

Whose stony lips once open vomit out Such uncouth horrors.

I've missed it!" "Try again," remarked Tom with a quiet smile, as the whole cliff vomited forth an innumerable host of birds, whose cries were perfectly deafening.

Maybe vomit lots!" "Waugh!"

Then they brought him into the house and washed his feet; and gave him hot rice-water to drink; and on drinking this he vomited up lumps of clotted blood.

The business men starting out for America confided to him their stupendous plans:rivers turned from their courses, railroads built across the virgin forests, monstrous electric forces extracted from huge waterfalls varying in breadth, cities vomited from the desert in a few weeks, all the marvels of an adolescent world that desires to realize whatever its youthful imagination may conceive.

Mothers are sometimes frightened when their children, seemingly in perfect health, vomit masses of curdled milk.

Whereupon the snake vomited up all the milk which it had drunk and died on the spot.

This my bow-string will constitute the catapults and cannons for vomiting forth missiles on the besieging host.

"Not I alone, but Rome herself must vomit out that monster.

61 collocations for  vomits
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