81 collocations for wafting

He wafted her a joyous kiss, pretending not to see the tears falling down her cheeks.

Racks and fagots soon waft the soul to God, stern messengers, but swift.

Had she willed it, she had sate At peace in heaven, and wafted thee, and all Amyclae with thee, under Ilion's wall.

They could hear the rush of the Little Bill in the wood behind them and a soft breeze stirred the pines and wafted their fragrance to the nostrils of the new arrivals.

Outside there were sweet lilies of the valley and violets and pansies, and the roses wafted long breaths of fragrance to her through the trellis work of the porch, while the morning glories hung their heads and blushed under the ardent kisses of the sun.

Then the cool morning breezes swept freely through our dwelling, now and then wafting the perfume of sweet grasses from newly burnt prairie.

There wafts across the fetidness of blood an undefined scent of patchouli.

It was too dark to distinguish individuals; but, even as we looked, the silent air wafted to our eager ears a low-voiced word of command: "Mind, not a sound till I give the word.

It was a calm evening in the early part of June, as Charles and Matilda sauntered forth to inhale the sweet fragrance of the evening breeze that fanned the leaves of the trees, and wafted the odors of many flowers upon its downy pinions, and rippling the now quiet waters of the Sandy river that lay in peaceful repose, its glassy surface reflecting the mild radiance of the setting sun.

He sails in the most propitious season of the year, and is aided by steady trade-winds which waft his ships gently through the unknown ocean.

The wind which wafts away the leaves of the rose and the laurel, will be no less cruel for the political leaves.

The wind would waft the melancholy sound back to the village.

And the breast heaves with full untrammell'd ease, Drinking the life-draught of the fragrant breeze, That wafts its soul-sighs to another sphere.

Or on the Raven's Pinions rise: Ye Storks, ye Swans, a moment stay, And waft a Lover on his Way.

First I beheld him hovering in the air, And then down stooping with an hundred gyres: His feet he fixed on Mount Cephalon; From whence he flew and lighted on that plain, And with disdainful steps soon glided thither: Whither arrived, he suddenly unfolds A gorgeous robe and glittering ornament, And lays them all upon that hillock: This done, he wafts his wand, took wing again,

Thus have I pass'd the beating billows of the sea, By Ithac's rocks and wat'ry Neptune's bounds: And wafted safe from Mars his bloody fields, Where trumpets sound tantara to the fight,

We have, however, abundant proof that the sacred fire of the love of Art and Letters was smouldering in France, Germany, and Englandand when the inspiring breath of the Renaissance was wafted beyond the Alps a flame burst forth which has burned clearer and brighter with succeeding centuries.

Silence, culprit!" Here Saccharissa moaned, and wafted a slight flavor of musk to me from her cambric wet with tears.

Each of these groups was, of course, accompanied by an officer guideseveral were detailed at the Quartier for this special dutywhose complex and nerve-racking task it was to answer all questions, make all arrangements, report to each local commandant, pass sentries, and comfortably waft his flock of civilians through the maze of barriers which cover every foot, so to speak, of the region near the front.

And as the wind-gusts waft The sea-foam brightly, So the loud laugh of scorn, Out of those lips unshorn, From the deep drinking-horn Blew the foam lightly.

And a Matron sage is she; From thence oft at Curfew is wafted a fume, She says it is Rosemarie, She says it is Rosemarie; But there's a small cupboard behind the back stair, And the maids say they often see Margery there.

Oh, with the freed one, to the rocky isle Where dwells the god, waft us, propitious gales.

When she said she must go, he skipped upstairs for his hat, and wafted the gods their kiss.

We could not see each other, and when silence fell upon us I had a horrible sensation that the choking, depressing darkness of the place was wafting Edith Herndon away from me.

And this feeling will increase rather than decrease in proportion as religion is recognized as having its shrines and oracles not only in Jerusalem, or in St. Peter's, but wherever Nature has erected her altars on the hills or wafted her incense through the woodlands.

81 collocations for  wafting