37 collocations for wage

It is a part of our civilization, an offshoot of the very progress of which you speak, a sort of necessity in practical results, at least, that men shall so live as to wage war against nature, and against themselves; that they shall hurry themselves, or be hurried by inevitable circumstances, into the grave at the earliest possible moment.

against whom night and day he waged incessant warfare.

* Gloria, too tired bodily and mentally to wage a winning battle against those black vapours which flock so frequently about luckless youth, had suffered and yielded and gone down in misery.

The whole scene was typical of life in the northern capital, where wealth wages a successful fight against climate.

There was certainly more curl in her hair than I could have wished; and Saccharissa's wiggy looks waged an irrepressible conflict with the unguents which strove to reduce their crispness.

His caliphs and chiefs were ordered never again to meet the enemy in masses, but to harass them in hanging on their flanks and rear, cutting their communications, attacking baggage and transports, and waging a contest of feigned retreats, ambuscades, and sudden sallies in order to bewilder and weary the foe.

It has of late been extended rapidly, as "industrial insurance" to wage earners, in policies never exceeding $1000, but averaging very much less, and often being for no more than enough to pay funeral expenses.

In what I am about to say of it, I hope I shall not give offence to any one, as I shall speak without the slightest malevolence towards those with whom he waged this controversy.

Deep in heart-wrung tears I'll pledge thee; Warring sighs and groans I'll wage thee.

In vain we wage perpetual strife, 'Gainst instincts dumb and blind desires Who leads must serve..

It is futile to say that without this one or that one the enterprise would have been a failure; that without his officers and his men the general could not have waged a successful campaign.

But have no int'rest in the cause For which th' engage and wage the laws Nor farther prospect than their pay Whether they lose or win the day.

Lastly, there are scattered throughout the play not a few graphic touches, as when Mercury at sight of Oenone exclaims: Dare wage my wings the lass doth love, she looks so bleak and thin!

The real war, the war in which by far the greatest loss was suffered by both sides, was that thus waged man against man.

So the winter of 562-3 passed, without Antiochus doing much more than sending letters hither and thither through Greece: he waged the war a Roman officer remarkedby means of pen and ink.

He did one prudent thing, however, out of timidity, when his ministers waged vigorous and offensive measures.

"As for those Sanganians and those Mallabars and professed pirates," wrote the Directors in 1699, "we see no cause why you should not wage an offensive as well as a defensive war against them when they fall in your way: but it is hardly worth the while to keep small vessels to look after them, for they are poor rogues and nothing to be got of them to answer any charge.

The painters of Italy waged a polemic against priestdom which was perhaps more effective than that of the Saxon theologian.

The treaty of Cateau-Cambresis, too, marked the termination of those wars of ambition and conquest which the Kings of France had waged beyond the Alps an injudicious policy, which, for four reigns, had crippled and wasted the resources of France in adventurous expeditions, beyond the limits of her geographical position and her natural and permanent interests.

If Semianoff and Kalmakoff can wage successful hired resistance to orderly government at the bidding of a foreign Power, why cannot we do so, to retain the land and property we have stolen and prevent the proper administration of justice for the crimes we have committed?

It may be convenient for our purposes to use these three definite words to mean the three definite thingsprices in the sense of prices of goods or commodities; wages the reward of labor or personal services; and rates (the English word is tolls) for the charges of what we should now term public-service corporations, or in old English law, franchises, or what our Supreme Court has termed "avocations affected with a public interest."

Yet in the same time the United States paid fifteen million dollars for Louisiana, and waged a series of successful and costly wars with the pirates of the northern coast of Africa.

For about ten years he waged a continual struggle against the Government, urging especially a limitation to the duration of Parliament and losing no opportunity of asserting its claims to independence, or of attacking the pension list, which under the system then prevailing grew steadily from year to year.

Everywhere society was in ambuscade, and waged civil warindividual against individualwithout peace or mercy.

Lastly, there are scattered throughout the play not a few graphic touches, as when Mercury at sight of Oenone exclaims: Dare wage my wings the lass doth love, she looks so bleak and thin!

37 collocations for  wage