107 collocations for wager

Pepper was asleep; but woke, as I entered, and wagged his tail, in recognition.

Word comes to Jupiter that a stranger had arrived, a man well set up, pretty grey; he seemed to be threatening something, for he wagged his head ceaselessly; he dragged the right foot.

You sit with committees and stroke your profound chin, or you spend your talent in the market, or run to and fro and wag your tongue in persuasion.

"My lord," says Benedict, wagging mailed finger.

Little by little the incensed gentlemen gave it a hearing, now two words and now three, interrupting it to rip out long, rasping maledictions, and wag their forefingers at each other as they strode ferociously about the apartment.

My father, being unaccustomed to the ways of such rough people, acted very cautiously; and as they were all very anxious to bet on their own horse, he could not be induced to wager a very large sum on Little Gray, as he was afraid of foul play.

"Why look ye, brother, I am not what I was aforetimenon sum quails eram I was bred a shaveling, a mumbler, a be-gowned do-nothingbrother, I was a monk, but the flesh and the devil made of me a bowman, heighoso wags the world!

These are vain, absurd and ridiculous wishes not to be hoped: all must be as it is, Bocchalinus may cite commonwealths to come before Apollo, and seek to reform the world itself by commissioners, but there is no remedy, it may not be redressed, desinent homines tum demum stultescere quando esse desinent, so long as they can wag their beards, they will play the knaves and fools.

Rougon wagged her chin.

It might be that the big fellow had regained his nerve and was stealing up for a second attempt; but Donnegan would have wagered his soul that George Washington Green had his first and last lesson and that he would rather play with bare lightning than ever again cross his new master.

"I'd have wagered my last dollar he wouldn't do that for any voice on earth.

"Hard to say," said the person addressed; but, thinking hard: "Would you like to see me wag my ears?"

Each man was filled with enthusiasm and each was ready to wager his next year's pay on the outcome of each event.

ye won't take it, won't ye?Here, Poker!" Poker sprang forward, wagging the stump of his tail, and turned his head to one side, as if to say, "Well, what's up?

The very night before he went away, In my own house I put into his hand A bible, and I'd wager house and field 295 That, if he be alive, he has it yet.

I wagged my body a little, and I would gladly have said something to help her out of her difficulty, but I couldn't.

I don't bet, but I'll wager you a box of cigars to nothing that Holymead gets Birchill off.

" Then the merry King laughed again, for he dearly loved goodly jest; so he said, amidst his laughter, "I will wager thee ten tuns of Rhenish wine, ten tuns of the stoutest ale, and tenscore bows of tempered Spanish yew, with quivers and arrows to match.

When I did not notice him he would plant himself straight before me and stand wagging that bud of a tail, and looking up, with his head a little to the one side.

Every one that passeth by her shall hiss, and wag his hand.

I'll wager the coffee-pot was even with you, if I may judge by the presentment that it offers of my own countenance.

I wager a hat, they'll leave in the first steamer for Naples.

"You may as well forbid the mountain pines To wag their high tops, and to make no noise When they are with the gusts of heaven.

I suppose there are flowers on those velvety lawns; and the interior, I'll wager my life, matches the exterior.

Mr. Smithson had promised Lady Kirkbank, sportively as it were, and upon the impulse of the moment, as he would have offered to wager a dozen of gloves, that were he so happy as to win her protégée's hand he would find her an investment for, say, a thousand, which would bring her in twenty per cent.; nay, more, he would also find the thousand, which would have been the initial difficulty on poor Georgie's part.

107 collocations for  wager
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