202 collocations for wanders

For a little while, I paced, tremulously, between the window and the table; my gaze wandering hither and thither, uneasily.

Are his intellects sound, or does he wander a little in his conversation.

She rose one morning while all were asleep, and having wandered some distance from the lake, discovered that she knew the district.

Thus it was No. 2 who with the most casual air had wandered up Regent Street, drawn by the slender chance of meeting a woman with red roses in her hat; and it was No. 1 who had to pay the penalty.

And now, dear B. B., the sun shining out merrily, and the dirty clouds we had yesterday having washed their own faces clean with their own rain, tempts me to wander up Winchmore Hill, or into some of the delightful vicinages of Enfield, which I hope to show you at some time when you can get a few days up to the great town.

And, lastly, in like manner, when you say, 'Lead us not into temptation, but deliver,' &c., you are not only entreating God to lead you, but you are honouring and praising Him, you are setting forth His glory, and declaring that He is a God who does lead, and a God who does not leave His poor creatures to wander their own foolish way, but guides men, in spite of all their sins, full of condescension and pity, care and tender love.

"I've wandered all my life," he said.

Nothing else seemed so important, yet I was not without anxiety for the lovely and delicate woman wandering the snow-covered roads in the teeth of a furious gale, any more than I was dead to the fact that I should never forgive myself if I allowed the man to escape whom I believed to be hiding somewhere in the rear of this house.

" Spenser speaks of it in the same strain: "Yet euphrasie may not be left unsung, That gives dim eyes to wander leagues around.

Then let us wander the country about, this sweet day, and see what befalls each of us.

To recognize the Indian ownership of the limitless prairies and forests of this continentthat is, to consider the dozen squalid savages who hunted at long intervals over a territory of a thousand square miles as owning it outrightnecessarily implies a similar recognition of the claims of every white hunter, squatter, horse-thief, or wandering cattle-man.

It has got into a moral world, where it has no business, from which it must needs fall headlong; as dizzy, and incapable of making a stand, as a Swedenborgian bad spirit that has wandered unawares into the sphere of one of his Good Men, or Angels.

" The quotation is a reference to Lamb's sonnet, "I was not Trained in Academic Bowers," written at Cambridge in 1819: Yet can I fancy, wandering 'mid thy towers, Myself a nursling, Granta, of thy lap; My brow seems tightening with the Doctor's cap,

One day, when he was in one of his most despairing moods, he went out quite early in the morning, determined to wander the day through, to exhaust himself pitilessly with fatigue, and then see if he could not rest without dreaming of Madaline.

or art thou enacting ROVER (as we would gladlier think) by wandering Elysian streams?

But the Jews had to wander forty years in the wilderness; and Christendom has had to wander too, in strange and bloodstained paths, for one thousand eight hundred years and more.

It saved him also from having to wander weary and solitary miles at midnight.

Mr. H., who had fallen behind the caravan, came up after we had encamped, and might have wandered a long time without finding us, but for the good-natured efforts of the inhabitants to set him aright.

That careless wind no more came back; He wanders yet the fields, I deem; But on its melancholy track Complaining went that little stream, The cheated stream, the hopeless stream, The ever murmuring, moaning stream.

Then, while I wandered up the huddling rill Brightening with water-breaks the sombrous ghyll, 1820.

The construction trains of the first Pacific Railroad were frequently interrupted and delayed by wandering buffalo herds.

The days were like golden horns of plenty, spilling out sunshine, wandering perfumed airs, and the heart-quickening aroma of the new season.

Alas, he is condemned To wander lone in that dark world, contemned And from the Light of Happy Fields is barred!

Planets and wandering stars last a much longer time.

I was already a haunter of old battle-fields, that thread of heredity, from a line of forbears very martial in their humble way, asserting itself in whatever lands I wandered.

202 collocations for  wanders