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202 collocations for  wanders

202 collocations for wanders

For a little while, I paced, tremulously, between the window and the table; my gaze wandering hither and thither, uneasily.

Are his intellects sound, or does he wander a little in his conversation.

She rose one morning while all were asleep, and having wandered some distance from the lake, discovered that she knew the district.

Thus it was No. 2 who with the most casual air had wandered up Regent Street, drawn by the slender chance of meeting a woman with red roses in her hat; and it was No. 1 who had to pay the penalty.

And now, dear B. B., the sun shining out merrily, and the dirty clouds we had yesterday having washed their own faces clean with their own rain, tempts me to wander up Winchmore Hill, or into some of the delightful vicinages of Enfield, which I hope to show you at some time when you can get a few days up to the great town.

And, lastly, in like manner, when you say, 'Lead us not into temptation, but deliver,' &c., you are not only entreating God to lead you, but you are honouring and praising Him, you are setting forth His glory, and declaring that He is a God who does lead, and a God who does not leave His poor creatures to wander their own foolish way, but guides men, in spite of all their sins, full of condescension and pity, care and tender love.

"I've wandered all my life," he said.

Nothing else seemed so important, yet I was not without anxiety for the lovely and delicate woman wandering the snow-covered roads in the teeth of a furious gale, any more than I was dead to the fact that I should never forgive myself if I allowed the man to escape whom I believed to be hiding somewhere in the rear of this house.

" Spenser speaks of it in the same strain: "Yet euphrasie may not be left unsung, That gives dim eyes to wander leagues around.

Then let us wander the country about, this sweet day, and see what befalls each of us.

To recognize the Indian ownership of the limitless prairies and forests of this continentthat is, to consider the dozen squalid savages who hunted at long intervals over a territory of a thousand square miles as owning it outrightnecessarily implies a similar recognition of the claims of every white hunter, squatter, horse-thief, or wandering cattle-man.

It has got into a moral world, where it has no business, from which it must needs fall headlong; as dizzy, and incapable of making a stand, as a Swedenborgian bad spirit that has wandered unawares into the sphere of one of his Good Men, or Angels.

" The quotation is a reference to Lamb's sonnet, "I was not Trained in Academic Bowers," written at Cambridge in 1819: Yet can I fancy, wandering 'mid thy towers, Myself a nursling, Granta, of thy lap; My brow seems tightening with the Doctor's cap,

One day, when he was in one of his most despairing moods, he went out quite early in the morning, determined to wander the day through, to exhaust himself pitilessly with fatigue, and then see if he could not rest without dreaming of Madaline.

or art thou enacting ROVER (as we would gladlier think) by wandering Elysian streams?

But the Jews had to wander forty years in the wilderness; and Christendom has had to wander too, in strange and bloodstained paths, for one thousand eight hundred years and more.

It saved him also from having to wander weary and solitary miles at midnight.

Mr. H., who had fallen behind the caravan, came up after we had encamped, and might have wandered a long time without finding us, but for the good-natured efforts of the inhabitants to set him aright.

That careless wind no more came back; He wanders yet the fields, I deem; But on its melancholy track Complaining went that little stream, The cheated stream, the hopeless stream, The ever murmuring, moaning stream.

Then, while I wandered up the huddling rill Brightening with water-breaks the sombrous ghyll, 1820.

The construction trains of the first Pacific Railroad were frequently interrupted and delayed by wandering buffalo herds.

The days were like golden horns of plenty, spilling out sunshine, wandering perfumed airs, and the heart-quickening aroma of the new season.

Alas, he is condemned To wander lone in that dark world, contemned And from the Light of Happy Fields is barred!

Planets and wandering stars last a much longer time.

I was already a haunter of old battle-fields, that thread of heredity, from a line of forbears very martial in their humble way, asserting itself in whatever lands I wandered.

"It is melancholy to reflect," says Boswell, "that Johnson and Savage were sometimes in such extreme indigence that they could not pay for a lodging; so that they have wandered together whole nights in the streets.

You shall have all of us To wander the world over, where You stand At all the crossways, and on lonely hills, Outside the churches, where the lost ones And the wayfaring men, and thieves and wolves And lonely creatures, and the ones that sing!

But I wandered up the valley

Let this be some recompense for the privations you have encountered, while, like Aeneas, you have been wandering an exile from your native, captured, prostrate Troy.

The fourth is, a want of determination to any employment or business, whence comes wandering passion.

At his feet wandered a path, rankly matted with burnt weeds, and bordered with green bottle-ends, the "dimples" choked with discs of mud.

He is describing Lady Una, the fair representative of true religion, who has lost through enchantment her Guardian Knight, and who is wandering disconsolate in the forest: "...

Towards ten o'clock, wandering restless, I snatched up a book, which I had no wish to read, and went to the arbor where I had so often discoursed to Sylvia about children's cruelty to birds.

We arrived at the lower end of a narrow ditch full of rocks and mud, which wandered up the face of a hill as steep as the roofs of the Louvre or Chateau Chambord.

As if, since I have known his love, I at the window show my face, Or take another's hand in mine, Or seek the bull-ring, joust, or race; Or if my footsteps have been found To wander a suspected place, The prophet's curse upon me fall, Unless to keep the nuptial pact And serve the pleasure of my lord.

Also, the wall itself had been papered, at her own cost and providing, with a pretty pale-green hanging; and there were striped muslin curtains to the window, over which were caught the sprays of some light, wandering vine that sprung from a low-suspended terra-cotta vase between.

The moping owl does to the moon complain Of such, as wandering near her secret bower, Molest her ancient solitary reign.

I know his nature, and I know That of all who in my ministry Wander the great earth to and fro, And on my errands come and go, The safest and subtlest are such as he.

A beautiful black stallion wandered up-wind from the rest and another, younger horse, was on the other side of the herd.

"Acting upon the advice of Mr. Francis Howard, the police decided to let the anonymous tramp out of his safe retreat within the station, and to allow him to wander whithersoever he chose.

For 'tis by wandering eyes the foes Of constancy increase.

I wander through those deserted salas sometimes, and, as the tears blister my eyes, imagination and memory people the cold rooms, and I forget that the dashing caballeros and lovely doรฑas who once called Monterey their own and made it a living picture-book are dust beneath the wild oats and thistles of the deserted cemetery on the hill.

IV Here, bathed, Perfection, in thy purest ray, Free from the clogs and taints of clay, Hovers divine the Archetypal Man! Dim as those phantom ghosts of life that gleam And wander voiceless by the Stygian stream, Fair as it stands in fields Elysian, Ere down to Flesh the Immortal doth descend: If doubtful ever in the Actual life Each contesthere a victory crowns the end Of every nobler strife.

A preoccupied mind and wandering attention tends to a tangled line, a snarled leader, and all sorts of aggravating complications.

Visionary hills will haunt him, Rising from the glassy sea, And his thoughts will wander homewards Unto Ida and to me.

Through the shady streets of this lovely town wander our soldier invalids in their blue and grey hospital uniforms, along the well-paved roads, neat boulevards, immaculate gardens and avenues of mangoes and feathery palm trees.

He must have wandered a long whiletwo hours, maybe more through the familiar paths, but unaware that he was choosing them.

Verginia was more fortunate after her death than in her lifetime; her shade, after wandering through so many houses in quest of expiatory penalties, at length found rest, not one guilty person being now left.

It is a region aboriginal in savagery, grand in the aspects of untrammelled Nature; where forests extend in uninterrupted lines over scores of miles; where we may wander a good day's journey without meeting half-a-dozen human faces; where stately deer will bound across our path, and bears dispute our passage through the cedar-brakes; where, in a word, we may enjoy the undiluted essence, the perfect wildness, of woodland life.

Her only consolation was in the vernal flowers, which, springing from the dark earthly mould, seemed to her to be "heralds from the dreary deep, Soft voices from the solemn streams," by whose shores, veiled in eternal twilight, wandered her sad child, the queen of the realm of Dis, with its nine-fold river, gates of adamant, and minarets of fire.

The discontented shades of slaughtered hosts, That wandered on her banks, her heroes' ghosts, 60 Hoped, when they saw Britannia's arms appear, The vengeance due to their great deaths was near.

But Tommy had not brains to work off an overnight's surfeit by ten o'clock next morning, and unfortunately, in he wandered the other morning drunk with last night and with a superfoetation of drink taken in since he set out from bed.

They were wandering shades craving at my hands a burial, and I determined to put them where Banquo's ghost would not go,down.

"I've wandered farI've wandered wide" "Ananias!" said Mintie.

After wandering a long while I turned into a path.

" CHAPTER XXV APPROACHING THE FINISH Pendleton spent the night at Ashton-Kirk's; and after breakfast he wandered into the library, a newspaper in his hand and an inquiring look on his face.

Nothing wandered in her thought but love; a wandering love indeed, and cast away, but turning always to her father.

It's like sailing with Columbus.' They wandered aboutvoluble, amazed, and happy, for they were getting off at Port Said.

Now during the time that Sir Tristram abode thus unknown at the court of Tintagel, he was allowed to wander thereabouts whithersoever he chose, and no one hindered him either in going or in coming.

His letter had wandered to yet another addressan address she had left at the club weeks ago, the only address they had.

A Jehovah's Witness had wandered up the mountain to proselytize.

But 'all things do end,' and so did this; and the silence of the hounds also; and a faint but knowing whimper drove St. Francis out of all heads, and Lancelot began to stalk slowly with a dozen horsemen up the wood-ride, to a fitful accompaniment of wandering hound-music, where the choristers were as invisible as nightingales among the thick cover.

The wicked stepmother, however, on whose account the children had wandered forth into the world, had supposed that long ago the Sister had been torn into pieces by the wild beasts, and the little Brother in his Fawn's shape hunted to death by the hunters.

For a month or two after the completion of peace, some thousands of released captives from the military prisons of the North, natives of all parts of the South, passed through the city of New York, sometimes waiting farther transportation for days, during which interval they wandered penniless about the streets, or lay in their worn and patched gray uniforms under the trees of Battery, near the barracks where they were lodged and fed.

The position was held one season in spite of all opposition; but the Deacon did not prosper in the end, for after wandering about the streets of New York a miserable outcast, he naturally drifted on to the editorial staff of the Sun.

Each lonesome gorge and sombre dell had tales no more of tricky fauns and dryads, but of those restless, wandering demons who, having lost their own immortality of blessedness, constantly lie in wait to betray frail humanity, and cheat it of that glorious inheritance bought by the Great Redemption.

Around the splendid palaces wandered hundreds of mendicants, who made of their mendicity a horrible trade, and even went so far as to steal or mutilate infants in order to move compassion by their hideous maladies.

But Kundry cried in bitter agony, And wailed in fear and anguish at his feet; While Klingsor asked her in deep thunder tones: "Where hast thou wandered since I used thee last?

He wandered over the swamps and marshes, the moss-grown jungles, and the forests of the Gulf states, and spent the winter of 1541 near the Yazoo River.

Though these sounds did not reach the men, busy with the snow-shack, they did reach listening earsa great white bear, wandering the floes in search of some sleeping seal, stood first on all fours, then on his haunches, to listen.

My brain was in such a way, that it was several days before the perfectly obvious means of finding my way to London, since I wished to go there, at all occurred to me; and the engine went wandering the intricate railway-system of the south country, I having twice to water her with a coal-bucket from a pool, for the injector was giving no water from the tank under the coals, and I did not know where to find any near tank-sheds.

The salt breath of the sea, wandering up the dusty avenues, called the children of men to new adventureshinted of far countries across the world, of men going down to the sea in ships, of traffic and merchandise in fairer climes, of dripping forest gloom and glittering peaks, of liquid-lisping brooks and the green scenery of the open earth.

"The contemporary historian of the Earls of Sutherland records, that (after the defeat of Invercarron) Montrose and Kinnoul 'wandered up the river Kyle the whole ensuing night, and the next day, and the third day also, without any food or sustenance, and at last came within the country of Assynt.

Add to these, That having gain'd a virtuous maiden's love, One fairly priz'd at twenty times his worth, He let her wander houseless from his door To seek new friends and find elsewhere a home.

And that town Stands as the will of other towns, a score, That make us wandering poor the things we are!

An' then we wandered alone through them ruined cloisters and subterraneal halls, an' old tombstones of the past, till I felt I don't know how.

and, almost for lack of resolution to withdraw it, wandered down its paragraphs, step by step.

Colonel Rondon states thatexcepting on one occasion, when Mr. Landor, wandering off a beaten trail, immediately got lost and shortly returned to his starting-point without making any discoverieshe kept to old, well- travelled routes.

"Not just yet," Joe said and wandered down aisles of tin cloth pants, wax impregnated jackets with wool liners, vests, and virgin wool sweaters.

From lurking dangers may ye rest secure, Secure from prowling weazel, or the tread Of steed incautious, wandering 'mid the flowers? Secure beneath the fostering care of her Who warm'd you into life, and gave you birth; Till, plumed and strong unto the buoyant air, Ye spread your equal wings, and to the morn, Lifting your freckled bosoms, dew-besprent, Salute with spirit-stirring song, the man Wayfaring lonely.

O'er hilly path, and open Strath, We'll wander Scotland thorough; But, though so near, we will not turn Into the dale of Yarrow.

The chief nerve of respiration; also called the vagus, or wandering nerve.

Oh! those waving Woods of Wytham Ceased she thus to hover near Radiant from her happy sphere, Like sunshine to glorify them, Never would I wander nigh them Madly weeping should I fly them, Till their memory e'en grew sere.

But he made an effort to conceal his chagrin, and said, with apparent calmness: "You must admit it was an unaccountable freak to start for the plantation in the evening, and go wandering round the grounds in that mysterious way.

There can, indeed, be little to tempt them to wander thither; for there are neither kangaroos nor wallabies, and but few birds.

Through the woods in the direction of the cottage wandered Petrik, Ondrejko, and between them, Palko.

The Princess Augusta asked Lord Walsingham for a frank; he wrote one for her in such detestable characters that, at the end of a week, after having wandered half over England, it was opened, and returned to her as illegible.

" ...the raven wandered Swart and sallow-brown; the sword-flash stood As if all Finnsburg were afire.

Blithe spirits of her own impel The Muse, who scents the morning air, To take of this transported pair A brief and unreproved farewell; 600 To quit the slow-paced waggon's side, And wander down yon hawthorn dell, With murmuring Greta for her guide.

Followed a couple of Muhammadan Kasais driving a small flock of sheep, dyed pink and blue in patches, which they urged forward in approved Native fashion by driving the fingers into the base of the hindmost animal's spine; and after them wandered a Syed in a faded green silk robe and cap, carrying the inevitable peacock feather brush, which plays so large a part in exorcism and divination.

And o'er the years that follow soon, So all unlike the dreams, Wander their odours, gleams their moon, And flow their winds and streams.

She wanders lowing here and there,

Little Red Riding Hood wandered from her path and was stooping to pick a flower when from behind her a gruff voice said, "Good morning, Little Red Riding Hood."

I wandered out one summer night, 'Twas when my years were few, The wind was singing in the light,

" Then the eyes of St. Luc left Robert and wandered ever the audience, which was now deeply engrossed in talk, although the Livingstons and the De Lanceys kept zealously away from one another, and the families who were closely allied with them by blood, politics or business also, stayed near their chiefs.

When we have lived our little lives and wandered all their byways through, When we've seen all that we shall see and finished all that we must do, When we shall take one backward look off yonder where our journey ends, I pray that you shall be as glad as I shall be that we were friends.

Instead of returning to his hotel he wandered aimless and miserable along the river front.

Lourdes looked very charming under such auspices, and Miss Blunt availed herself of the balmy air of the morning to wander round the stables and garden with a speckled pointer and a Pyrenean puppy, between which and the mountains her attention was divided, though the last named had certainly the least of it.

By his own choice he is wandering in a forest all but pathless, ubi passim Pallantes error recto de tramite pellit; and a forest not of sixty days' journey, like that old Hercynian forest of Caesar's time, but a forest which sixty generations have not availed to traverse or familiarise in any one direction....

Then, while I wandered up the huddling rill Brightening with water-breaks the sombrous ghyll, 1820.