3308 collocations for  watches

3308 collocations for watches

We rested upon our oars, making no noise, and watching his movements.

Watching his mother's face he realised that she didn't regret this, so he said: 'Is Miss Townsend teaching anybody else?' 'I daresay she is, or she will, perhaps.'

After watching the video, different students at Fred's school say how awesome Fred and Bertha are (except Kevin, who claims the party was "lame").

Refreshments will be served shortly, and you may watch our in-flight movie if you wish.

No wonder then, that I watched the progress of these animal mountaineers with keen sympathy, and exulted in the boundless sufficiency of wild nature displayed in their invention, construction, and keeping.

"Why don't you watch the game?

And as I stared at him, I caught the glitter of his eyes as he watched the man working at the cabineta glitter not to be mistaken the same glitter which had so frightened me once before.... Godfrey drew me back with a firm hand and took my place.

An oft-told story is that of Madame von Marenholz in 1847 going to watch the proceedings of "an old fool," as the villagers called him, who played games with the village children.

Three of us, together with the watchman were watching TV when Bhushan, one of the boys said he had to go on a "call".

In the afternoon, I watched a very comic film called "Junior Shylock".

Afraid to face his schoolfellows, and having already received several intimations, from fellows passing the housekeeper's parlour, that a jolly good licking awaited him when he left his present place of refuge, Noaks had watched his opportunity, and when the boys were at tea had slipped out, and, as Maxton put it, "run away."

I soon found that Hircarrahs, in the pay of Balty Mahu, watched all my motions; and if I had attempted any scheme of vengeance, its execution would have been impracticable.

but he had only smiled and taken the hand, on which his ring was gleaming, into his, and settled his arm more securely upon the back of her chair; and John Randolph, sitting opposite with Dick and Miss Diana, had watched the little scene and drawn his own conclusions with a sigh.

Declaring they had 'Academy headache' before they had been through the second room, they sat down and watched the people.

" Watching narrowly its effect he swung off into one of the genuine old crooning voodoo songs, once so common down South, now so rarely heard.

and she lifted the box that her father might watch the tiny creature's play.

He stood with a smile upon his lips, beating time with his hand to the music, watching the figure of the dance.

The talk had wandered then to different subjects, and John Randolph listened to the soft play of Evadne's fancy and watched the light in her wonderful eyes.

True to his faith in natural impulse, Froebel watched children to see what playthings they found for themselves, or which, among those presented by adults, were most appreciated.

Edith was sitting in a becoming corner under a shaded light from which she could watch the door, when Vincy came up to talk to her.

About 11.63 million people watched the episode when it was first broadcast.

Kids with remotes aren't watching television, they are watching the television (the physical machine) playing 'television',

Sir Timothy serenades the newly-mated pair and is threatened by Bellmour, whilst Celinda, who has been watching the house, attacks the fop and his fiddlers.

He exercised and spent quiet evenings reading, watching the news, and thinking about the next day's work.

It is true that everybody has seen the same thing one hundred and fifty times, but this description of indulgence appears to grow by what it feeds upon, and the fascinated victim watches the operation of the workers with a gratification which knows no abatement.

Then I watched your eyes and your hands.

"I'll have you know, Josie Beemis, that if every girl in this store watched her step like me, there'd be a darn sight less trouble in the world.

Passing by the trees under whose shade Mike and Psmith and Dunster had watched the match on the previous day, he came upon the Head of his house in a deck chair reading a book.

Every day Martin ran down to the stream to gather flowers and shells; for many curious water-snails were found there with brown purple-striped shells; and he also liked to watch the small birds that build their nests in the rushes.

When not having sport on my uncle's property, I joined various parties in the neighborhood, not because Scotland at that time attracted me, but because I desired to watch events.

The first wild suggestion, that they should go in a body and carry Horace House by storm, was abandoned as impracticable; in hopeless inactivity they stood watching the long hand of the clock creep up from six till twelve.

To the other managers, who had been watching the work of the Cincinnatis it was apparent that sooner or later the break would have to come for the reason that, as the season progressed, better pitching would have to be faced by the Cincinnati club, while it was doubtful whether the Cincinnati pitchers could do any better than they were doing.

We sat in front of our tents, enjoying the delightful breeze that swept quietly over the lake, and watching the stars as they stole out from the depths.

Lovingly the dark eyes watched the engrossing process.

I wonder if he really will have the audacity to send it to Munsey's?" And now the door opened to admit Peggy McNutt, who had been watching his chance to stump across to the printing office as soon as Skim left there.

After her lord's return, Harry Esmond watched my lady's countenance with solicitous affection, and noting its sad, depressed look realised that there was a marked change in her.

I watched these clouds as I drove recklessly, desperately, over the winter roads.

"Phil," he said, and with a look of wondering apprehension on his face, watched my approach.

It enabled me to watch the course of events more safely, less exposed to the danger of recognition.

Under the shadow of the wide brim furtively he watched the girl.

We also watched a boy cleaning the station windows, and Dorothy said, 'Miss Beer, isn't it wonderful that you can see through glass?'

Then I shall sit back and watch results.

The man had been intently watching all these things as though deeply interested.

Unwilling to leave his work half done, the Major remained at Fair-Oaks for some time that he might watch his nephew's actions.

Finally, Bill resolved to have satisfaction and he proceeded to a town where the company was to play; he entered the theater and took a seat near the stage, and watched the performance until the bogus Wild Bill appeared.

With a white woman and an Indian boy, in a little room overlooking the water-front, Muckluck was working in the intervals of watching the crowds on the wharf.

There are many things to do in Carshalton like going to the Cryer Theatre and watching theatre shows.

I have been watching the enemy lines for a long time; they are held by Egyptians, and I tell you there are no English there.

J.W. watched the woman particularly.

Then he jumped up and went on again at a trot: this pace he kept up very steadily, only pausing from time to time to watch a flock of small white birds that followed him all the morning out of curiosity.