24 collocations for wends

There was a solemn sort of feeling stole over me, as this lonely hunter wended his way into the deep solitudes of the prairies, to be alone with nature, communing only with himself and the things scattered around him by the great Creator.

I still hope, therefore, that with the change of the monsoon we may be wending our way homewards.

On approaching the Moravian chapel we observed the negroes, wending their way churchward, from the surrounding estates, along the roads leading into town.

Below the fort, was a ruinous mill, in a gloomy dell, through which the river wended its silent course.

H. Then wend ye to the greenwood merrily, And let the light roes bootless from ye run.

Take him up again and wend Graveward, nor weep: There's a trumpet that shall rend This Soldier's sleep.

As thou hast said, I soon will here return; The earth cannot withhold me from this bourne, And soon my time allotted there will end, And hitherward how happy I will wend!"

How infinitely preferable the existence of the poor countryman, even though times be hard, to that of the misguided being of whom it may be said: "Through life's dark road his sordid way he wends An incarnation of fat dividends "!

And I will wend and work so much by force, As I will master false Mithridates. LEPIDUS.

These my companions still with me must wend. ACADEMICO.

An electric motor-car wends the streets of New York every day with thirty-five or forty sightseers on its broad back, while a groom in whipcord blows an incongruous coaching-horn in the rear.

"Down below the Weir Brake Journeys end in lovers' meeting: You and I our way must take, You and I our way will wend Farther on, my only friend Farther on, my more than friend My sweet sweeting.

FAUST Thou dost forgive my boldness, dost not blame The liberty I took that day, When thou from church didst lately wend thy way?

A great concourse of young men and women in vehicles and on horseback, and in expectation of great fun, were wending their way to Yabtreenearly every trap containing a fiddle, concertina, flute, or accordion in readiness for the fray.

he lays them aside, an apprentice released; ye may wend unafraid.

935 Calm is the well-deserving brute, His peace hath no offence betrayed; But now, while down that slope he wends, A voice to Peter's ear

Homeward from the tasks of day, Through the greenwood's welcome way Wends the wanderer, blithe and cheerily, To the cottage loved so dearly!

Your Lordships can wend your way homeward as far West as Kensington, or as far North as Highbury, without meeting the casual footpad.

Winson, Coln Rogers, Coln-St.-Dennis, and Fossbridge all lie below us as we wend our way westwards.

She climbed into the vehicle, and we wended a winding road, and forded several streams until we came to Puforatoai, having gone through Hatiti and Maora.

" "You was in dad shob of 'Sieur Frowenfel'?" "I wend ad 'is shob to pay doze rend.

From Ida woods now wends the shepherd's boy, That in his bosom carries fire to Troy.

A barge hove in sight, wending downwards from Bursfield, and the children hid.

I woke,and like a bird that waits, Uncertain where to wend its flight, My spirit lingered at the gates, Which close upon that realm of light; Till, slowly, all around grew clear, And once again the light of day Convinced me that I still was here, Though all my dreams had passed away.

24 collocations for  wends