139 collocations for whistling

Breakfast done, I whistled a tune for him before he went to work, curious to see how he would be affected by it.

I sang and whistled more than a dozen airs, and as the music changed his eyes sparkled, and he turned his head quickly from side to side, but made no other response.

It is fun to go riding along, Singing and whistling a right merry song.

she asked, "Whistling Dan?" "Yes," he said, "I saw him do some very nice shooting.

" Uncle John whistled a few bars of an ancient tune.

Down in some lonesome valley, down in some lonesome place, Where the wild birds to whistle their notes to increase, I think of pretty Saro whose waist is so neat

It was worth one's while to note the expression upon his countenance as he stood there and as he finally stalked away, whistling Yankee Doodle, with perhaps, a slight lack of precision, but with tremendous spirit and significance.

He whistles as he goes, light-hearted wretch, Cold and yet cheerful; messenger of grief Perhaps to thousands, and of joy to some, To him indifferent whether grief or joy.

The horse that could whistle Dixie, and other stories.

Phebe had been doing her best all unconsciously to herself to help her hosts entertain, but when the singing began she stole away to the nearly empty piazza, and stood leaning by the window, enjoying the cool air and softly whistling an accompaniment to the song; and there Mr. Halloway found her.

" "Whew!" whistled Joe.

In the midst of his struggle, strangely enough, he began to whistle the music he had learned from Dan Barry, the song of The Untamed, those who hunt for ever, and are for ever hunted.

He had got a butterfly net from somewhere and was lying flat on his tummy and whistling seductively an alleged imitation of Philip's usual remark.

ew!" whistled several lads, and then they all cried together: "Goodness, how the wind blows!"

Judith had been giving a report of Lawrence's condition, and Sylvia was just finishing an account of what had happened at home, when the gate in the osage-orange hedge clicked, and a blue-uniformed boy came whistling up the path.

The river here contains a fine reach of deep water, upon which was a large quantity of whistling ducks and other water-fowl.

"Whew!" whistled the newspaper man.

" "Your uncle whistles a great deal," said Mrs. Wood.

" Hymbercourt whistled his astonishment.

If left to himself, he would have whistled life away in perfect contentment; but his wife kept continually dinning in his ears about his idleness, his carelessness, and the ruin he was bringing on his family.

But when to-morrow came he was up with a bright face, and built the kitchen fire for her, and brought in all the water, and helped her fry the potatoes, and whistled a little about the house, and worried at her paleness, and so she said nothing about it.

Awkwardly, with her gloved hands, turning over the pages of a book in which the slip-proof had been carelessly left hidden, Hilda, from her bedroom, heard Florrie come whistling down the attic stairs.

what happens to whistling girls?" said Nat, who was a little provoked at her success.

In my great-grandmother's home, however, the tradition of the Asian sprite with her string of amber gods was handed down like a legend, and, no one knowing what had been, they framed many a wild picture of the Thing enchanting all her spirits from their beads about her, and calling and singing and whistling up the winds with them till storm rolled round the ship, and fierce fog and foam and drowning fell upon her capturers.

His man, a guileless young Englishman, came in from mowing, gaily whistling the refrain the Yankee band had been playing at intervals all afternoon.

139 collocations for  whistling